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McCain And Neo-Cons Get Their War In Syria

Given then-Senator Barack Obama’s opposition to the George W. Bush administration’s war in Iraq, the announcement that now-President Obama is prepared to take the United States directly into the Syrian civil war should provoke the same outrage among those on the left who shared his views on Iraq that it has provoked among libertarians and non-interventionist conservatives on the right.
Sen. John McCain
Unfortunately, the left has been strangely silent about this dangerous foreign adventure, leaving libertarians and non-interventionist conservatives to oppose this folly on their own.

And make no mistake about it: direct U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war is a folly of potentially disastrous proportions.

Neo-cons, such as Republican war-promoting Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, readily admit that they have no idea which of the many anti-Assad factions the U.S. should back in this none-of-our-business war, because they have no idea which of the factions – if any – are free of anti-American Islamist influence.

But they are ready to take the U.S. into another Mideast war anyway.

Even worse, toppling Assad seems to be their only goal – there is no clear plan or even articulated idea about what comes next.

Yes, the Assad regime has been hostile to the United States; it backs terrorist groups (such as Hezbollah), fought a proxy war in Lebanon with our ally Israel and apparently used chemical weapons against the rebels.

But how do we know the successors to Assad won’t be just as bad or worse, inherit the capabilities of the Assad regime, and use chemical weapons against us?

The answer, of course, is that we don’t know that won’t happen.

And the only way to have any hope of preventing such an outcome will be to engage in a massive “nation building” effort better than the haphazard failures we conducted in Iraq and are now conducting in Afghanistan.

If the U.S. government even knows how to conduct such a “nation building” program, it has yet to show that capability, let alone the financial wherewithal to pay for it.

President Obama’s foolish statement that the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war would constitute a “red line” and grounds for U.S. military action in that country played directly into the hands of the those neo-cons in Congress who wanted to see American troops in action in the Middle East again.

Setting aside the potential for a wider war that American troops on Iran’s borders might provoke, the Syrian civil war has created an entirely new theater for radical Islam to recruit jihadis and to engage them in live fire training. Radical Islamists would like nothing better than to draw the United States into another Middle East killing ground that will sacrifice more American lives and further empty our Treasury.

Now it looks like Obama is going to grant their wish.

For most of the life of this Republic, our country’s leaders wisely chose not to try to spread democracy or remake the world at the point of a bayonet.

It is time for conservatives and libertarians to join forces – and welcome those liberals who have the spine to oppose the President they backed – to demand adherence to that sound national policy before Obama’s folly, and neo-con adventurism, put American “boots on the ground” in the Middle East once again.

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Ike warned us.

Perpetual state of war. Total surveillance of citizens. Unaccountable spending machine where anyone who dares to question it is targeted.

Eisenhower (who himself was part of the complex) tried to warn us over 50 years ago in his parting address to the nation.

We now reap what we sowed. They answer to no one, including a mere "President".


is poised to be another "spill the blood and guts of young Americans" to preserve the power and greed of the arm chair generals and the left and right old fools who call themselves our "representatives". McCain, and a whole lot of others, have lost their souls. Where the h*ll is the outrage "progressives"? These intelluctually challenged people need to think this is Bush and I bet the response would be resounding "let's sting the **stard up! Stay out of Syria and the entire middle east. Most of all, stop sending our tax dollars to aid and abet the enemy. That is treason!!!!


Mccain a neo con, that is hilarious, the fat dude is a RINO and is a expert on torpedoing decent legislation and slamming conservatives trying to bring fiscal responsibility to a government gone nutz...There is nothing good about communism, absolutely nothing.


May the Force be with the sane for a change! But, pessimistically, consider the two irrational senators specifically cited, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both are also pushing another amnesty for overwhelmingly Hispanic, lower socio-economic illegal aliens, who will naturally, rationally, and overwhelmingly favor democratic social welfare politics at the polls as soon as they are able to vote. Just like last time they granted amnesty. And what is McCain's and Graham's rationale for choosing this political suicide for the Republican Party? Because they think that if they don't cozy up, Hispanic voters will murder them at the polls in November. Political suicide before political murder. Profiles in Republicrat Courage!

Syrian civil war

We do not need to get involved in their civil war. We would be wasting the
blood of our servicemen along with our money and equipment for nothing. If we
want to get involved in the middle east, then send in all the aid that Israel needs to defend themselves and let them take care of business. Other than that, the US needs to butt out of any more wars overseas.

another proxy war in Syria? not on my dime

UGH !!! What a bunch of crap....if chemical weapons were used in Syria then they came out of Turkey and it wasn't Assad....why would he be so stupid when he doesn't have to use them??? --he is winning. That would be a ham handed move on his part and he doesn't appear to be that stupid to me....McCain, Graham and the rest are the ones that look like MORONS.

Do not be fooled into supporting another proxy war. You WILL BE SORRY if you do.

IF The whole premise for our intervention is to stop the killing????....the killing would have been stopped already if we weren't propping up terrorists....hells bells they aren't even Syrians....90% of them are from other countries. Yet our politicians piss and moan about Hezbollah and Iranians helping Assad.....look who we are helping....even worse terrorists scum!!!

Someone needs to call bullsh*t on these politicians who get up on TV and quote constantly about the 90,000 dead and how bad we need to interfere. We are just prolonging the agony and getting a lot of Christians killed in the process. MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS....that's the ticket.

Someone needs to stand up & say " YOU LIE "