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Rubio Banks No Votes In Presidential Straw Poll

Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio
Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, once the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, appears to be dropping out of contention for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination after failing to register any votes in the latest CHQ presidential straw poll.

Most observers attribute Rubio’s fall from grace directly to his out-front role as the face of S. 744, the outrageous “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill that was recently rammed through the Senate with the support of President Obama and Senate Democratic leaders, such as Majority Leader Harry Reid and New York’s fiercely partisan Democratic Senator Charles Schumer.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to lead the CHQ Republican presidential straw poll with 31% of the vote. Palin is followed closely by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 25% and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with 23% of the vote.

Two outspoken limited government constitutional conservatives, former Florida Congressman Allen West and Virginia’s Attorney General and Republican candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli, made the top twelve as write-in candidates – and in the process booked more votes than Senator Rubio whose name and photo actually appear on the ballot!

Undoubtedly, some will attribute Palin’s continued lead in our straw poll to her active community of online supporters – and there is no doubt that Governor Palin’s online network gives her an advantage in any net-based vote.

But that, in our opinion, is not why the feisty Alaskan continues to lead in our poll.

Plenty of the other potential Republican presidential candidates, such as Senator Rand Paul, have active online communities.

What many of the other candidates lack – even some of the candidates with otherwise impeccable conservative credentials – is Palin’s “tell it like it is” authenticity.

And in our opinion, it is that authenticity that keeps Governor Palin in the lead.

And that search for candidates with authenticity is in our opinion what got Cuccinelli and West their write-in votes and what separated Senators Cruz and Paul from Rubio.

Establishment Republican Party leaders and their sometime abettors in the establishment media would like to forget that the Tea Party rebellion of 2009 and 2010 was as much a rebellion against the entrenched GOP leadership as it was a rebellion against Barack Obama and his liberal agenda.

Tea Partiers and grassroots conservatives frustrated by the slow pace of change in the establishment GOP or its tendency to equate change with lurching to the left see in Palin, Cruz, Paul, West and Cuccinelli candidates who articulate their own frustration with big government Republicanism and the abandonment of the Republican Party’s support for the rule of law, limited constitutional government, fiscal discipline, Biblical marriage and other elements of the traditional values agenda.

We think this search for authenticity is going to be the determining factor in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries and what has likely already disqualified Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee in the eyes of most Tea Partiers and limited government constitutional conservatives.

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Rubio now outcast with true conservatives

While most will cite Rubio's prominence in the Senate's dangerously misguided comprehensive immigration amnesty bill as reason for his downfall, many more will consider his 'willingness to take one for the team', the old line, politically self serving Senate incumbents, as the more disturbing aspect that has disqualified Marco Rubio from orchestrating a viable run for the presidency. I daresay, these considerations may even have disqualified him for any future whatsoever in politics.