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BEAT LAMAR to Invite Challengers to Speak at Statewide Candidate Forums

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Co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy announced today that the BEAT LAMAR project will invite potential challengers to Senator Lamar Alexander to make their case to grassroots activists at BEAT LAMAR candidate forums in five locations across Tennessee beginning on August 31 and ending on September 28.

According to Leahy, “BEAT LAMAR will announce the names of the potential candidates who will receive invitations well in advance of the forums. We will conduct a straw poll at each forum, and endorse one of the potential candidates on September 30."

The schedule of candidate forums across the state, each of which will be co-hosted by tea party groups, is as follows:                        

  • Nashville---Saturday, August 31, co-hosted by a statewide coalition of Tea Party groups organized by Eric Stamper, co-founder of the Sumner United for Responsible Government. Location and time: TBD.
  • Memphis—Saturday,  September 7, co-hosted by the MidSouth Tea Party. Location and time: Jason’s Deli, 3473 Poplar Avenue, Memphis.  3 pm to 6 pm. 
  • Chattanooga—Saturday, September 14, co-hosted by the Chattanooga Tea Party. Location and time: TBD
  • Knoxville—Saturday, September 21. Location and time: TBD
  • Johnson City—Saturday, September 28, co-hosted by the Tri-Cities Tea Party. Location and time: TBD

BEAT LAMAR will conduct a straw poll at each forum, using a weighted voting system. Everyone who shows up will receive one vote. BEAT LAMAR volunteers will receive one additional vote for every 50 doors they knock on between July 10, 2013 and August 30, 2013. For example, a BEAT LAMAR volunteer who knocks on 200 doors during this time period will receive a total of 5 votes—1 for showing up, and 4 for knocking on 200 doors.

BEAT LAMAR will announce the name of the candidate it endorses, based upon the straw polls conducted in these five statewide forums on  Monday, September 30. Thereafter, its door to door independent expenditure activities will feature two messages: BEAT LAMAR and VOTE FOR OUR ENDORSED CANDIDATE.

BEAT LAMAR is a project of the Real Conservatives National Committee, the conservative ground game independent expenditure Super PAC.

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