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Prayers Answered? Rand Paul Thinking About Running For President

Sen. Rand Paul

Limited government constitutional conservatives who have been offering up prayers that Rand Paul (or another one of their number) would run for President and provide a real alternative to the secular liberal socialism of today’s Democrats and the big government corporate cronyism of establishment Republicans today got a “MAYBE” in answer to their petitions.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, Senator Paul said that he is contemplating a run for president in 2016 and that he will likely make an announcement on a decision shortly after the 2014 midterm congressional elections.

In CHQ’s presidential straw poll Senator Paul ranks third at 23 percent, behind frontrunner Sarah Palin who is at 31 percent and his fellow limited government constitutional conservative colleague Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who is at 25 percent.

According to a new survey by Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), Paul leads the pack of potential 2016 GOP candidates in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Paul’s 18 percent in the poll leads New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 16 percent, 15 percent for former Vice Presidential candidate and House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), 14 percent for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 11 percent for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), 10 percent for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), 6 percent for former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, 2 percent for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and 1 percent for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Paul told Breitbart’s Boyle he thinks the reason his popularity with voters is rising is because he is willing to take a stand against the establishment on both sides of the aisle. “I think Republicans are hungry for someone who will stand up to the president, stand up to Hillary Clinton, someone who will stand proudly and boldly for what Republicans should stand for: lower taxes, less regulations, balancing budgets,” Paul said according to Breitbart’s reporting.

But here’s the part of the interview that really got our attention, and why we put Rand Paul in our select group of conservative “boat rockers” who just might save this great nation from the destruction is has been suffering under the rule of big government Democrats and Republicans.

According to Matthew Boyle’s reporting, Paul said he thinks the grassroots of America from all parts of the political spectrum are on a different page than Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I think the thing is the real difference is the grassroots Republicans and, really for that matter, grassroots Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are in a much different place than where the Congress is,” Paul said.

“I think I can go to a national Democrat convention or a state Democrat convention and I can tell them what I tell every Republican audience," he explained. "Not one more penny to countries that are burning our flag. We’ve got needs at home, we need to do some nation-building at home."

"I’ll get a standing ovation from Democrats, Independents, or Republicans," Paul claimed. "If I give that speech in the Senate, I’ll get 10 votes, maybe 20 votes. But see, the people up here are out of touch.”


Paul told Boyle that while the forces of Washington, D.C. insiders often line up against him, he does not find it difficult to take a stand against the establishment.

If we are to establish a conservative government for America we have a huge task ahead of us; we conservatives must seize control of the Republican Party and make it an effective tool for electing conservatives and we must elect limited government constitutional conservatives at every level of government, not just in Washington. That is hard road, but the labor will be made easier if there is a principled limited government constitutional conservative leader calling grassroots conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers to the task. Senator Rand Paul’s comments to Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle are encouragement that at least one leader who fits that description is considering answering.

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A serious concern

Rand is a good fellow, but I am fearful he may reflect the naive isolationist views of his father.

Also, it is likely he would run against Hillary. I think Sarah Palin would eat Hillary and spit out the bones.

Paul Presidential bid is problematic

Rand Paul and his weak position on border security and internal immigration enforcement, and his 'free trade', rather than 'fair trade' positions would not generate the necessary support among core conservative voters. What would be required would be a comprehensive enforcement reform rather than amnesty, and a shift from allowing 'free trade' NAFTA style trade policies that offshore and out source American jobs, and a refocus on 'fair trade' where foreign countries would be required to purchase American exports at the same level as their exports to the U.S. market, this in principal and practice would wipe out the trade imbalances created by our current policies. Likewise, this would encourage trading partners to move production and manufacturing stateside, and end U.S. corporations short sighted reliance on 'cheap foreign labor' as the alternative to competing for American workers.

Great on the Issues

But still have some questions if he would be a great executive. The major positive is that he is taking the party away from the big government George W. Bush/Rick Santorum types toward a more free market and Constitutional direction.

Some of the governors still might be good choices, but as of right not Paul has my vote.

Rand Paul

Sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops! Rand Paul is going to unite us all! Conservatives and Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats, Christians and atheists, pro aborts and prolifers -- we'll all just ditch our own deeply held convinctions and beliefs and unite under Rand Paul in the new big tent civil rights movement Glenn Beck is building for him. Can we get real here? There is NO vetting going on of this man, NONE, except for by conservatives like myself who know Rand Paul is a Libertarian through and through who has assumed a conservative identity to gain access to GOP voters. He admitted such in 2010, and a top staffer spilled the beans on him last week. Please vet people before you promote them as conservatives. I've lost respect for Mr. Viguerie and Conservative HQ fo embracing those who are on the same side of the culture war as the Democrats.

The culture war isn't the

The culture war isn't the defining issue of conservatism. Limited, constitutional government is what makes a conservative. Taft, Reagan and Goldwater are examples of conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

And as Reagan said "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism"

Rand Paul

I am in disbelief at how Conservative HQ is elevating and promoting for president in 2016 someone who does not see America as a moral enterprise but instead seeks to fundamentally transform her into a state by state hedonists' playground. Rand Paul is NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is a dyed in the wool Libertarian (as just revealed by a top staffer of his last week) who, like his dad before him, hitched his wagon to the GOP to work within the party as a faux conservative gradually introducing his Libertarian ideology to the constituency. He said back in 2010 that there is not much difference at all between himself and his dad but he needed to find a way to present his Libertarian views in a more palatable fashion to conservative voters in the GOP, that he needed to present himself as a conservative to get his message heard. Same strategy as the Communist Van Jones and even Barack Obama used to gain acceptance in and take over the Democrat Party: drop the radical pose for the radical end. Good luck finding the video of this as it, along with other videos of Rand's controversial remarks, has been scrubbed from the net. Rand "Iran with one nuke is not a threat to our national security" Paul, who openly told CBN news he bases his foreign policy and national defense on the words of Christ, has proven himself too naive and weak for any higher office. Does anyone seriously believe Jesus was issuing instructions for national leaders on how to conduct foreign policy and national security and defense? Additionally, Rand Paul was FOR the 1000+ page scamnesty bill before he was against it. He voted to advance the bill to the floor instead of blocking it, yet he gets off scot-free from conservative talkers and bloggers who are still euphoric over his blame-America, self-grandstanding, campaign-launching filibuster. There is NO vetting of this man. NONE. If you are going to continue to promote this faux conservative for president in 2016 you need to change the name of your organization. Rand = Ron - the kooky persona. Dig deep. Do your research. Vet ALL the candidates on their conservative bona fides. This man is still trying to decide who he needs to be, what he needs to say and do instead of just honest about who he really is and what he really believes and wants to do. The scrubbing of private videos of Rand from the net commenced the day after Romney lost as he seeks to remake himself into less a controversial politician than his dad. He isn't comprehensively qualified to hold the office of president. He does some good in the Senate and he may be a nice enough person; but the fact that in 2012 he joined his dad in targeting conservative Christian culture warrior Rick Santorum, not Barack Obama, as the biggest threat to our nation summed it up pretty much for me. Ninety-five percent of their attacks on the air were aimed squarely at Rick Santorum. Let that sink in while you hold Rand up as a stalwart of conservatism. Count me out.

Would Prefer Ted Cruz

I think Ted Cruz is a better candidate more in line with my overall views. Paul is a second choice.

Now if he had not recently

Now if he had not recently made a deal with the ONDCP to continue the Drug War... and the 50 Billion a year funding levels, perhaps I would have voted for him. As is, with selling out (I know, they all do to get the campaign Contribution funding and Management services the ONDCP provides), perhaps I would be fooled into believing he would not sell out to the Federal Reserve, or for that matter, like all recent Potus candidates, anybody else that will help him geet elected.
Different name, same policies.