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Cuccinelli Hammers McAuliffe In First VA Governors Campaign Debate

Cuccinelli and McAuliffe
Virginia’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli hammered Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe in the first debate between the two candidates for Governor of Virginia.

And he did it by talking about the one thing the American people, and the people of the Commonwealth keep telling Democrats and establishment Republicans they think is the most important issue in any political agenda – jobs.

Cuccinelli chose to lay out a positive vision for Virginia, and that vision stood in stark contrast with McAuliffe’s ideas and record on matters related to jobs and the economy. 

Simply put, Cuccinelli did a great job of letting Terry McAuliffe publicly admit that he wants to mirror the same economically destructive agenda pushed by the Washington elite and President Obama.

In response to Cuccinelli’s attacks rather than repudiate the unpopular Obama take-over of health care McAuliffe doubled down and championed Obamacare, despite its burden on  VA businesses.

McAuliffe said repeatedly that he believes growing Medicaid spending is a way to create jobs – even as that expansion is paid for in part by cutting Medicare at the federal level.

Most amazing (at least to conservatives) is that McAuliffe said in essence he believes the economy grows by increasing government spending, rather than by cutting government and growing the private sector.

Cuccinelli landed some of his toughest blows to McAuliffe for, as Newsmax put it, “stiff-arming some of Virginia's most destitute regions” and planting a new electric-car factory in a Mississippi suburb of Memphis, Tenn., instead of Virginia when he was chairman of GreenTech Automotive.

"The only candidate in this race who has chased business out of Virginia is you. It's Terry, not me," Cuccinelli said. He noted that McAuliffe, in his failed 2009 gubernatorial bid, had lamented the 20 percent unemployment rate in Martinsville, Va., yet given the chance to locate GreenTech's MyCar plant there, he went elsewhere.

"You walked right over the people of Martinsville on your way to Mississippi. Instead of putting Virginians first, you put Terry first ... a common theme for you," Cuccinelli said. Later, he provoked laughter and a smattering of applause when he turned to McAuliffe and said, "OK, so you picked Mississippi. Go run for governor of Mississippi."

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