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Thank You Rush

Rush Limbaugh
CHQ has often decried the establishment Republican Party’s hostility toward the Tea Party movement and the wasted opportunity to defeat Obama in 2012 and rollback the progressive agenda in Congress that has resulted from the arrogance of the national GOP’s leadership. (See The GOP Won’t Win Without The Tea Party for a good example)

As Mr. Viguerie observed in that article, Ronald Reagan had the insight – perhaps genius is a better term – to build his winning political movement on the three-legged stool of economic conservatism, national defense conservatism and social conservatism.

In 2010, a fourth leg was added to the Reagan coalition – the limited government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party Movement. As a result of adding this fourth leg to their coalition, the GOP was swept back into control of the House of Representatives, brought within striking distance of a Senate majority, and a re-energized Republican Party elected thousands of down-ballot candidates.

It has long been our view that, unfortunately for America, unlike the wise Party leaders who built the Reagan coalition -- men such as Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, and Judge William Clark -- instead of solidifying the four legs of the new coalition, in 2012, establishment Republicans did their best to alienate and marginalize the new conservative voting bloc of the Tea Party movement.

To Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, who was handed the Speakers’ gavel through their votes, Tea Partiers are “knuckle-draggers” who should “get their ass in line” and go along with raising the debt ceiling and other policies that violate their small government constitutional conservative principles.

Establishment GOP insiders, such as Karl Rove and the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, pound away with regular criticism of those who subscribe to the limited government constitutional conservatism of the Tea Party Movement and defend the return of the Republican Party to being the Party of “dime store Democrats” and big government, big business, big spending Washington insiders.

Now Rush Limbaugh has waded into the fray on our side in an extensive interview with Fox News's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. (Here’s a link to a transcript or you can read a summary by Breitbart’s Tony Lee here)

Rush set up what we think is the key point in the interview this way:

“Well, that opens up a whole can of worms. That's -- that I think is illustrative of the problem the Republican Party that faces. The people that sat home [in 2012], if you look at the polling data, it was mostly white Republican voters that stayed home, mostly conservative, dissatisfied with the Republican Party's rejection of conservatism, another nominee that they weren't excited about.

And it's amazing. Greta, you look at what happened in 2010, the Republican Party didn't even make an effort to capitalize on that! Here you have a national uprising in opposition to Barack Obama, and the Republicans acted like they didn't want any part of the Tea Party, either!

The consultants and the powers that be did everything they could to diminish the Tea Party. If I were the Republican Party, I would have embraced those people. I would have brought them into the fold and I would have done what I could to keep them as donors, as voters.

But the Republican Party had no desire. So -- and I think 2012 and the campaign -- some of those Republican voters felt that and saw it and said, OK, well, if you're not interested in our assistance and if you're not interested in what we think and our view of the country, we'll sit at home. To heck with it.” (emphasis added by CHQ)

Now here’s what we think is Rush’s key point:

“Greta, There's a really unfortunate thing happening with the Republican Party. And it -- as a conservative, it appears to me the Republican Party is trying to push itself away from its conservative base on a number of issues.

And I -- it's been a very eye-opening thing for me. I always thought that, as Republicans, we oppose Democrats. We wanted to beat them. I don't see that. I don't see any pushback against anything Obama wants to do. The pushback's against the Tea Party. The pushback is against conservatives.”

Despite his political genius, one thing Ronald Reagan never quite accomplished on behalf of the conservative movement was to take control of the lever of power in the Republican Party and the Republican National Committee.

Until the Republican Party at the national level rediscovers its principles, or better yet limited government constitutional conservatives takeover the RNC, nationally the Republican Party will remain what Rush so insightfully pointed out it has become – a second Party of pushback against conservatives – and that’s a dead brand if there ever was one.

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He is the man.

Rush is still right.

You know I am an activist. I love my country and the way it was as I worked my way to the age of 70. I know my two Senators are both O loving liberals and I try to overlook that as I call and make comments to remind them they are not the only ones in this game. I listen to Rush daily and as I tell my son, he is not telling me what to think he is echoing what I already think. I only wish there were more like him, I thank Hannity and Levin and Coulter and Cain and Beck for their voices but Rush has been at it for 25 years now and I think he is the only reason we have stood this strong for this long. If I were able I would go to DC and take Mr. Boehner by the lapels and tell him to "man up" and tell Harry Reid where to get off. I would tell John McCain to go home and listen instead to talk. I would tell the whole congress they should go home and stay there and let real Americans run the country. This whole thing reminds me of Junior High, it is Sophomoric and I only wish they could see how stupid they look with their endless posturing and games. Thank GOD for the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

Goodbye Rush

Now that the GOP admits it's second rate party it's time for Rush to scale back maybe even admit his services are longer needed.
I certainly don't need him I say good riddance Goodbye Rush.

Rush Is Needed

The GOP may be a second rate party, but the Tea Party isn't. We will prevail and get rid of Obummer and the likes of him. We must get rid of the likes of Karl Rove first. Rush will always play a part, and it seems that he has had an epiphany. Go Rush! But not away.

After witnessing the immediate personal attacks on his

challenger in next year's primary election, I wondered why Mitch McConnell didn't express that much venom against his REAL challengers in the Democrat Party. He is every bit as much a Chicago gangsta style politician as are the Democrats! Attack Attack Attack - filthy personal accusations against a FELLOW REPUBLICAN! So much for Reagan's 11th commandment!

It would be nice to hear him speak of his accomplishments rather than lower himself to gutter politics. But I guess those tactics have kept him in office MUCH LONGER THAN HE SHOULD BE IN OFFICE and he wants to continue to wave his magic wand around thinking he is so powerful.

I believe he would have something to speak of positively IF he stood up AGAINST Harry Reid and the liberal/progressive movement and stood up FOR less government and a government that was ACCOUNTABLE to the American people!!!

hooray! ! for you

McConnell is a p---y he is another one that needs elimated, period.


Today Rush is celebrating his 25th year on the golden mic as a voice for conservatism, no one with the exception of RR has done more to clearly state the conservative position and analyze the left in such a way as to connect and convey as has Mr. Limbaugh.....His use of prodding humor and self deprecation is meaningful and appreciated, the left is always looking for chinks in the armor this man wears but since they cannot deal with being exposed rarely if ever actually have even a argument to that stands on it's own.....Congrats to Mr. Limbaugh.

Thank You Rush

I couldn't agree more with Rush on his assessment of what has happened to the GOP. But, as for Ronald Reagan being a genius I'm quite sure that he was not, but what he did have that is missing in most our politicians today is a broad based "Social Science" education and the wisdom to pick people he could trust to run our government. As for the RNC I'm convinced that it is nothing more than a fund raising entity designed to keep people like John McCain, and other RINO's in power. I have asked repeatedly for the Chairman of the RNC to exercise the courage to tell people like McCain and Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell to step aside and let better qualified people run for those jobs. If they refuse, then just curtail their finding for re-election and tell the people why it is being curtailed.

Rush's Ego

Please don't feed his ego any more. His importance on the conservative scene has been minimal and he did it for the money, not for the country. For instance since he began his radio show the country has moved steadily to the left. His influence has been minimal, if at all.

Rush's ego

bibt755907 Dear Bob, It;s your ego, check the mirror.