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Did IRS' Lois Lerner Collude With Liberal AGs to Silence Conservatives?

Lois Lerner
We recently told you about the Free Speech Coalition's exposure of the unconstitutional acts of liberal California and New York attorneys general against nonprofit organizations. Mark Fitzgibbons today supplements those calls upon Congress to investigate these serious violations. His aim is to encourage lawmakers to expose and stop the states from requiring the filing of names and addresses of donors as a condition for nonprofit organizations to ask for contributions and support.  

Some 42 states require nonprofit organizations to obtain licenses under what are called “charitable solicitations laws” before they may ask for contributions in those states.

Fitzgibbons' letters to the House and Senate committees investigating IRS abuses of advocacy organizations and their donors follow on to the Free Speech Coalition’s July 23 letter explaining that the California and New York Attorneys General are violating federal law about confidentiality of large donors.

CA and NY now tell nonprofits that register to solicit contributions that they must file their Form 990 “Schedule B” showing names and addresses of their largest donors.  The FSC letter asked Congress to investigate and stop this illegal conduct before it spreads to other states.  Government disclosure of tax return information is illegal, even felonious, unless expressly authorized by the Internal Revenue Code.

The August 1 letters by Fitzgibbons add news that broke this week involving Lois Lerner, the “on-leave-with pay” head of IRS Exempt Organizations who hid behind the Fifth Amendment when called before Congress. 

To protect the privacy of their large donors, some advocacy organizations are choosing not to register to solicit contributions in California and New York.   Solicitation letters and emails with information criticizing the Obama administration and providing valuable information are now not reaching Californians and New Yorkers.

The letters explain that asking for contributions is protected by the First Amendment, and effective advocacy depends on it as stated many times by the U.S. Supreme Court.  So, besides the CA and NY AGs openly attacking First Amendment rights, some advocacy organizations are forfeiting revenues.

Advocacy organizations choosing to register have been told by state bureaucrats that their donor information will be kept “confidential.”  But the states are still acting illegally by requiring the names and addresses of donors.

The letters also show just some of the extensive collaboration between the National Association of State Charitable Officials and Lois Lerner.  The unlawful demands for donor information by the CA and NY AGs seem to smack of Lois Lerner’s approach.  It was reported this week that Ms. Lerner may have broken the law by disclosing confidential tax information in an FEC matter involving the American Future Fund. 

Both the IRS and states have disclosed confidential tax information, not just about opponents of the Obama administration, but even about everyday Americans such as Martha Boneta (read our story about Boneta here).  Martha is the “Pitchfork Protest” Virginia farmer who took on her corrupt county government and a local environmental group (on whose board sits Hillary Clinton’s close friend, former IRS Commissioner Peggy Richardson).  Martha was then audited by the IRS, but a county official knew about the audit before Martha did.  That is probable cause of illegal conduct.

Brave people across the country are now exposing and fighting the atmosphere of fear and intimidation caused by unlawful government conduct.

Please write to Congress and forward this information to your media contacts.

If you have information that can help, send it to FSC’s Dick Dingman at freespeech [at] mindspring [dot] com, (703) 356-6912, or Mark Fitzgibbons at mfitzgibbons [at] americantarget [dot] com, (703) 392-7676.  You can keep the information and source confidential if you wish.

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Lois (the Enforcer) Lerner

I'm not certain I can go back and find it, but a few weeks ago, I received information that Lerner was involved in essentially blackmailing a conservative candidate into getting out of a race against Dick Durbin. This was while she was at the FEC. He also was told to NEVER run again.

Don't mean to start rumors, but this was really serious. Now we're also hearing that there was FEC/IRS connection.

Was Durbin one of the senators that urged the scrutiny on the 501(c)(4)'s?