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Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock

Karl Rove
Earlier this year we brought CHQ readers news of establishment Republican election guru Karl Rove’s plan to take unto himself the decision about which candidates in Republican primaries were “electable” and which were not.

The enforcement mechanism Rove intended use in this effort was to be the millions of dollars in “Super PAC” money he was expected to raise from the multimillionaire donors who funded his outrageously expensive and largely unsuccessful efforts in the 2012 election cycle.

Except the millions of dollars Rove and company were expected to raise haven’t shown up yet.

What’s more, as Michael Patrick Leahy noted in an incisive article for Breitbart, the two major Tea Party oriented Super PACs – the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund super PAC and the PAC raised more than Rove’s three PACs combined.

According to POLITICO, the three Super PACs affiliated with Rove, and his fellow establishment Republican power broker Ed Gillespie, including “American Crossroads, Crossroads GPS and the Conservative Victory Project jointly posted a $3.37 million fundraising haul the first half of 2013.”

In contrast, Leahy reported, “the two leading Tea Party political action committees--the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund super PAC and the PAC--took in more than $4.1 million combined during the same period. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund raised $2 million and the PAC raised $2.1 million. Both groups also had plenty of cash on hand as of June 30, 2013, the end of the reporting period. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund had over $600,000 in cash, and the PAC had over $800,000 in cash.”

More importantly, while POLITICO reported that $1 million of the $3.3 million raised by Rove's groups came "from a single corporate donor," (Texan Harold Simmons' Contran Corporation) most of the donations to the Tea Party PACs came from unitemized donations of less than $200.

Indeed, Leahy noted that USA Today reports "more than $8 out of every $10 collected by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund came in chunks of $200 or less, according to the group's first fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission."

Why is Rove apparently faltering, while the allegedly unsophisticated amateurs of the Tea Party building on their grassroots base to raise a national war chest?

It could be that Rove’s donors, even the big government corporate welfare lovers that fund so many of the establishment GOP campaigns, did the numbers and decided investing in Rove sponsored candidates and campaign advertising had a very, very poor return.

As First Lady of the conservative movement Phyllis Schlafly was quick to point out in announcing her opposition to Rove’s self-appointment to the role of arbiter of who wins and who loses in GOP primaries, “Of the 31 races in which Rove aired TV ads, Republicans won only 9, so his donors got little return on their investment… Rove’s Establishment losers included Rick Berg who lost in North Dakota and Denny Rehberg who lost in Montana, even while Romney was carrying both those states. Other Establishment losers were George Allen in Virginia, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Connie Mack in Florida and Heather Wilson in New Mexico.”

Mrs. Schlafly also made the point that, “There are two reasons why Rove and his rich donors don’t like grass-roots Republicans and tea partiers. The Establishment can’t order them how to vote, and the Establishment wants candidates to talk only about economic issues, never about social, moral, or national-security issues.”

Let’s hope these results indicate Rove’s “Svengali-like power” over donors was broken by his catastrophic failures in 2012, and that donors are now demanding to know what the candidates stand for before they contribute.

Once Rove’s donors start doing that, they will quickly see that the limited government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party stand for free markets and an end to the regulatory cronyism that is killing American business and jobs. When donors look at where to invest on that basis we are confident they will invest in principled conservatives like Sam Brownback, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, rather than another round of content-free vessels into which Rove, Gillespie and company will pour more “me-too” establishment Republicanism.

For more on this issue check Michael Patrick Leahy’s “TEA PARTY PACS HAVE RAISED MORE MONEY THAN KARL ROVE IN 2013” and CHQ’s “Phyllis Schlafly And Other Conservative Leaders Weigh-In Against Rove

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Karl Rove

I find it hard to believe that anyone would have anything to do With Karl Rove after that fiasco of his in 2012,evidently there are a large number of suckers out there that don't mind being led around like lemmings by the likes of Karl Rove......Oh Well!!!