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We Agree With Steve Stockman: Defund Obamacare and Give the Clown a Break

Steve Stockman
Our old friend principled limited government constitutional conservative Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas made some news recently when he stepped up to defend the rodeo clown who lampooned President Obama during the Missouri State Fair rodeo and was subsequently banned for life from preforming at the Fair. Stockman invited the rodeo clown to perform in Texas (which probably has a few more rodeos than does Missouri) his office said on Wednesday.

(We will have more on the rodeo clown and Steve Stockman’s spot-on analysis of the incident later.)

Today what we want to bring to your attention is Stockman’s tough words for his squishy establishment Republican House colleagues who have been crawfishing on their campaign promises to stop ObamaCare.

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reports that Stockman has a memo circulating to his House colleagues letting them know that “Less than two weeks into our five week recess, it seems I can’t go anywhere without being asked whether I support leveraging the CR to defund ObamaCare. If your constituents are anything like mine, you too are besieged by folks demanding to know where you stand. At least three Conference Members who oppose the strategy were already confronted at town hall meetings and can now watch clips of themselves on YouTube."

You can see one here where North Carolina Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-9) tried to explain why he does not plan to support Senators Lee, Cruz, and Paul in their effort to defund ObamaCare, and in the process proves the point Steve Stockman makes in his memo to his House GOP colleagues.

Stockman, a member of the House from 1995 to 1997 before losing re-election in a runoff, is technically a freshman member this year. According to Boyle’s report, Stockman’s memo argues that the reason the GOP has a majority in the House is because the American people want them to repeal ObamaCare.

“Americans gave Republicans control of the House in 1994 (including my victory over 42-year incumbent Jack Brooks),” said Stockman, “because Bill Clinton overreached on HillaryCare.”

“Americans gave Republicans control of the House in 2010 because they wanted us to pull the plug on ObamaCare.  Between January 2011 and June 2012, Republicans didn’t utilize a must-pass vehicle to defund ObamaCare because they were assured the Supreme Court would strike it down. Then Republicans were told to wait until after November because we would gain Senate seats and might win the White House,” continued the memo, according to Breitbart’s Boyle.

Stockman went on to argue that the House GOP has used rhetoric against ObamaCare for a long time but has not actually stepped up to fight it. “If we believe ObamaCare is bankrupting our country, killing our constituents’ jobs, and destroying our health care system, then it is good policy and good politics for us to act like it,” Stockman wrote. “That’s why I filed H.Res. 333 the afternoon we adjourned for the August recess.” (You can read H.Res. 333 through this link.)

H. Res. 333 is a House Resolution through which members can declare their support for the strategy to defund ObamaCare from Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA), in the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds government. “If you wish to join Senators Lee, Cruz, Chiesa, Crapo, Enzi, Fischer, Grassley, Inhofe, Paul, Risch, Rubio, Thune, and Vitter, you can make your support of the defund ObamaCare strategy known to your constituents, the Speaker, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama by co-sponsoring H.Res. 333,” Stockman wrote to his colleagues.

As one fearless lady attending Congressman Pittenger’s town hall said, “We need to show the American people we stand for conservative values!”  Steve Stockman has it right, and “We the People” are watching every Republican member of Congress to see if they are willing to show us where they stand during town hall meeting season this August.

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ObamaCare/Obama/Sarah Palin

Right to the point -- and in this order:

1. Trash ObamaCare

2. Trash Obama

3. Tea Party take over Republican Party

4. Draft Sarah Palin for 2016

I agree.

It may more eloquently be said that we should impeach or render helpless to stop us rather than to say "trash" Obama but I get your drift.

Obama has been the worst President ever!

How do we get Republicans in Congress and establishment leaders to stand up for something and to stop nominating moderates or those people who do not stand on conservative principles for President?

Sarah would be the right choice because with Sarah you don't have to guess where she stands. She does emanate our conservative values daily.

I really wonder if we wouldn't do better to get this third party started and soon! The establishment bigwigs do not listen to their base and all they care about is their own power to dictate to us what they want.