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Battle Against "Common Core" Heats Up in Florida

Common Core Protesters
The battle to stop “Common Core” education corruption, protect local control of tests, textbooks, and curriculum and return schools to teaching to traditional academic standards is heating up in Florida.

Florida State Representative Debbie Mayfield (District 54) of Vero Beach has filed legislation to stop Common Core in Florida. Mayfield’s bill (HB 25) would force the Florida’s State Board of Education to meet “certain requirements” before it could move forward with the planned math and English portions of the Common Core standards. (hat tip to JAVIER MANJARRES of the Shark Tank blog for alerting us to Rep. Mayfield's bill)

This is important because one of the biggest, most high-profile advocates of “Common Core” is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a rejection of “Common Core” in Bush’s home state would embolden parents, students and taxpayers across the country to take back their schools from this corrupt, secret top-down “progressive” education program.

The “Common Core Standards” for public education are supposed to be implemented in Florida next school year, but grassroots activists and parents are organizing to stop the dilution of academic standards and loss of local control statewide implementation of “Common Core” would entail.

Mayfield’s bill also would require the state to pull out of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, which is developing tests, lined up with Common Core, and says the board “may not enter into or renew an agreement that cedes to an outside entity control over curricular standards or assessments.”

According to James Call’s reporting in the Florida Current, part of the problem is what educators want to place in front of children to study and think about. 

The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition points to a proposed list of texts for high school students that includes works by Julie Alvarez -- “heavy on feminism,” and Toni Morrison -- “pornographic and pedophilic,” said Dr. Karen Effrem, a Minnesota pediatrician.

Call notes Floridians Against Common Core Education takes a graphic approach. Its website against the Core comes with an advisory about the sex education material posted. Under a Planned Parenthood tab is a book jacket for My First Abortion. It features a prepubescent-looking child and the subhead “Her teacher gave the very best ‘sex education.'”

Other opponents work to build political pressure against the Core, said Call’s article. Florida Parents Against Common Core has a 12-step program. It includes contacting every elected official from the governor down to the local county Republican state committee member and every member of the Senate and House education committees. Step 9 is withdrawing from the Florida PTA and instead of paying dues, forwarding the money to a teacher instead.

Teachers are also organizing against Common Core. While the Bad Ass Teachers Association is heavy on teachers’ union goals, such as increasing funding, even for failing schools, the organization’s website states it "is for every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality and refuses to accept assessments, tests, and evaluations imposed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning."

We agree with Dr. Karen Effrem; these standards and assessments and data collection are going to fundamentally transform education and not in a good way. It is not the role of the federal government or state government to impose these kinds of things.

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