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CHQ Poll: 98 Percent Say NO to War in Syria

No War in Syria Obama
CHQ readers have spoken on war in Syria and they said not just NO, but “Hell NO” to another American war of choice in the Middle East. (Click HERE to sign our petition to Congress to stop the folly of President Obama’s war in Syria.)

These results are even more striking than the latest Gallup poll that showed that just 36 percent of Americans support President Barack Obama's call for air strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad, who the U.S. claims used chemical weapons to kill about 1,400 Syrians. 

The Gallup results are a little better for Obama than the  Pew Research Center poll released last week that found just 29 percent of Americans supported air strikes "in response to reports that the Syrian government used chemical weapons." A Washington Post/ABC poll out the same day had 36 percent of Americans in favor of air strikes, exactly the same as Gallup.

The Gallup results, by the way, show support for U.S. military strikes in Syria is lower than any other U.S. military intervention in the last 20 years.

Congressman John Culberson (TX-7) told the Huffington Post that opinion in his conservative Houston district seems to reflect the results of the CHQ poll. "My phone calls, emails, and faxes are running 96 percent no," he said. "I've never even encountered an issue where you had 96 percent agreement … our [phones] are ringing off the wall."

Culberson, who said he has consistently opposed military intervention in Syria, told reporters he's received more responses on the issue than on any other in his 12 years in Congress.

Our friend Representative Tim Huelskamp’s  (KS-1) was even more emphatic about where his constituents stand, saying last week, “In recent days I have hosted 14 town halls, and the unanimous opinion of Kansans has been clear: Stay out of this quagmire,” said Huelskamp. “I have seen no evidence of an American national interest in this Syrian civil war.”

The results of the CHQ poll and the phone calls, faxes and email coming in to the Capitol should serve as a caution to Republicans who are thinking of supporting Obama now that he said he would seek congressional approval before moving ahead with the intervention.

Americans – especially those who are the kind of principled limited government constitutional conservatives who make up the vast majority of CHQ’s readership – don’t want another American war of choice in the Middle East.

However, just because the polls say Americans don’t want another Middle East military adventure doesn’t mean Congress and President Obama are going to read the polls and vote their constituents’ wishes.

Only a great outpouring of grassroots energy is going to move those “lean no” votes firmly into the NO column and keep wavering Representatives and Senators from going along with Obama and his neo con Republican allies to embark on another Middle East adventure. 

With important votes on military intervention in Syria looming, if you want your Congressman and Senators to vote against military intervention in Syria you have to let them know where you stand. We urge you to sign our petition to members of the Senate and the House opposing American military involvement in Syria.

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