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Impeach Obama for Squandering America's World Leadership

Putin, Kerry, Obama
There was something beyond craven in Secretary of State John Kerry’s description of the planned American response to Bashar al Assad’s use of chemical weapons against the Syrian rebels trying to topple his dictatorship as an “unbelievably small, limited kind of effort.”

He might better have been describing the leadership of his Boss, President Barack Obama.

Obama’s vacillating “leadership” is showing his “unbelievably small, limited” grasp of how the United States has been the leader in holding in check dictators who think, through the use of weapons of mass destruction, their ambitions of regional or even world domination can be fulfilled.

Obama’s blatant grab for political cover with the planned vote by Congress, make-believe Russian “diplomatic efforts” and his effort to gain votes on the left by insisting on just the most meager of strike options leaves Assad then poised to do it again, claim he stood up to America and survived, and further weakens American will and credibility – and makes the Middle East an even more dangerous place.  

And in that, Obama’s failure of leadership on Syria is far more serious for America's future, and the world's, than the current debate about how many cruise missiles constitute the “limited kind of effort” Obama and Kerry were contemplating.

Obama’s, and America’s credibility, is, if not gone, going fast and opening the door to a total lack of international standards of which Iran, Assad in Syria, and others will immediately start to take advantage.  

Like it or not, American has led and enforced international standards of behavior that have kept dictators in check and kept the lid on wider conflict in the Middle East for sixty years, taking over the role from the British. 

Without America, who? 

And if no one, what is to restrain Iran or dictators in another part of the world, such as North Korea? 

What’s more, Obama’s abandonment of his plan to bring Assad to heel through even an “unbelievably small, limited kind of effort” in favor of a nebulous Russian plan for a “diplomatic solution” leaves Israel with no alternative but to act in its own unrestrained interest against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Barack Obama’s bungling and vacillating approach to Assad’s use of chemical weapons proves that not only is he not a leader or a good President, he is squandering the legacy of sixty years of American leadership bequeathed to him by his predecessors. 

His craven bids for political cover are making the world a more dangerous place for America and ensuring that the United States will be forced back into the Middle East in the future on much more dangerous terms. 

If Barack Obama deserves to be impeached it is not for his imperial view of presidential power. He should be impeached for squandering 60 years of America leadership in the Middle East – and beyond.  

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I assume that you also wish to impeach either posthumously or after the fact Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Bush for allowing OPEC to push us around, for the hostage situation, for cutting and running with our tails between our legs from Lebanon, for waging and losing wars, (according to Von Clausewitz) in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and once again in Iraq.