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Obamacare: The Boehner–Pelosi Axis of Evil

Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner
There’s a rumor starting to firm into truth that the House Republican leadership isn’t going to fulfill its constitutional role to stand and fight to defund Obamacare. 

It now looks like the preferred alternative of the GOP establishment is to look to the Democrats for the votes to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government and avoid any possibility of a government shutdown.

Of course the House Republican leadership denies this.

They claim the leadership is officially undecided. Their spokesmen have been very careful to tell everyone in the conservative media that, “No decisions have been made, or will be made, until House Republican members meet and talk” at their Wednesday House Republican Conference meeting today.

Here’s the scenario as the House leadership wishes it to unfold; the House will soon vote on a continuing resolution that simultaneously funds the federal government and defunds Obamacare. Most likely this will be “The Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution” (H.J.Res. 62) that defunds Obamacare while funding the rest of the government at sequestration levels sponsored by Congressman Tom Graves.

This makes it look like Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor deferred to the wishes of House conservatives and the demands of the conservative grassroots.

This will look like a conservative victory, at least in the sense that conservatives got Boehner to give the defunding effort a straight up or down vote.

But then here’s what happens once the House passes a “defund CR,” and sends it to the Senate to see what Senator Ted Cruz and his allies can do.

It will take every Republican in the Senate to vote for the CR, plus some Democrats, to pass it without Obamacare funding in it.

And many of the Senate’s establishment Republicans have already said they won’t stand and fight for a CR that defunds Obamacare if it risks shutting down the government.

And of course Obama has threatened to veto such a bill if it did pass.

When the “defund CR” fails in the Senate, as it is likely to, is when the real test of Republican mettle in this fight begins – because that’s when the threat of a government shutdown becomes real.

As Robert Costa writing for National Review Online put it, “…if Cruz and company can’t round up the votes, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejects the legislation, the House leadership will likely ask Republicans to turn their focus to the debt limit, avert a shutdown, and pass a revised CR — a stopgap spending bill that doesn’t defund Obamacare.”

Now here’s where the Boehner – Pelosi Axis of Evil comes into play.

We are hearing that most limited government constitutional conservatives and Tea Party backed House members are saying “NO” to voting for any CR that funds Obamacare.

Meaning the only way to pass a bill to fund the government beyond the end of this fiscal year (that ends September 30) is through an unholy alliance of establishment Republicans and Democrats.

And Democrats can hardly wait for Boehner to come hat in hand for their votes.

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I am beginning to really think that a lot of these so-called Republican politicians are really just moles within the GOP for the Democrat Party. What else could explain their behavior?