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You Know the GOP Establishment is Losing When…

Lamar Alexander
You know the Republican Party establishment is losing when they start violating their own Party Rules to get their way. 

They did it repeatedly during the 2012 presidential primary cycle and they doing it again in Tennessee to try to force the renomination of establishment incumbent U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander down the throats of Tennessee’s conservative grassroots Republican voters.

But this time someone has called them out on it.

Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of BEAT LAMAR, called for the resignation of Chris Devaney as Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party for his repeated violation of the party’s by-laws. Specifically, Devaney has voiced his public support and preference for incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), who is in a contested primary to receive the party’s nomination for the United States Senate in the August, 2014 primary.

“The state party’s bylaws are quite specific that no members of the Executive Committee nor any paid staff members are allowed to endorse a candidate in a contested primary," said Leahy. “As at least one press outlet has reported, Article II Section 4 of the Tennessee Republican Party rules is very clear that Devaney’s recent conduct is a violation of those rules,” he added.

Those rules state:

“Neither the Executive Committee as a body, nor the Officers, nor the TRP’s paid staff members, nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee as a body, nor County Republican Party Chairmen shall endorse a Republican candidate in a contested primary election.“

Leahy cited two examples of Devaney’s public violation of those rules. “On July 20—when Lamar Alexander already had one announced candidate, Devaney served as the master of ceremonies for a Lamar Alexander campaign event at the Smyrna Airport. Then, on August 31, by which time Alexander had two announced opponents, Devaney,signed a letter sent out on the letterhead of the Tennessee Republican Party that was, in effect, an outright endorsement of Lamar Alexander. Specifically, Devaney wrote 'With Tennessee's Lamar Alexander on the ballot, we have the chance to help put Republicans in control of that chamber [the Senate], too.' This is, in effect, a public endorsement of Lamar Alexander by Devaney.”

According to Leahy, how the Tennessee Republican Party deals with Chairman Devaney’s blatant disregard for the party’s own rules will be a test of the integrity of the state party leadership. “Rank and file Republicans in Tennessee expect the party’s chairman to live by the same rules they live by. If the Tennessee Republican Party allows Mr. Devaney to remain as chairman, in light of these egregious violations of the rules, it will send a clear signal that they believe rules and laws are just for the little people, not them.”

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RINO party.

I imagine we will still be faced with the 'Good Ole Boys" party. McLain, McConnell, Boehner, etc. Democrats, Republicans - 2 heads on a very ugly beast.