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Obamacare Exchanges: Not Open for Business

Obamacare Exchange Website Screenshot

What I encountered when I tried to check out what my ObamaCare “Exchange” had to offer on Opening Day 

Above is the screenshot of what I was greeted with yesterday when I tried to find out what the ObamaCare health care “exchange” in Illinois had to offer. 

I tried all day. And this was the message that kept coming up. I had this screen open for six hours. The message never changed. I then refreshed the screen. Same message. Can you say “train wreck”?

This is way worse than the Post Office. The Post Office is a model of service compared to this.

I’ve never gotten a message like this when visiting the Apple site, the Microsoft site, the Dell site, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yahoo!, or the site of any major private sector corporation.

ObamaCare has had three years to set this up, and this is what we get. The federal government has almost unlimited money to spend, a bottomless pit . . . because if it runs out of money, it just prints more.

This is health care in America now — Soviet-style.

This is what happens when the government takes over an industry. You get the Yugo

You also get the service of the Department of Motor Vehicles combined with the compassion of the IRS.

North Korea also has universal health care.

Everyone is covered! The North Korean health care system has even been praised by prominent liberals because, well, everyone is covered.

The problem is the North Korean government can only afford to spend $1 per year per citizen on health care.  So you have to perform your own amputations.

This really is true. See my video report on that here

This is what happens when the government takes over what can be better provided by the private sector.

Don’t worry. ObamaCare will just continue to get worse and more dysfunctional from here, as all government programs do.

Take a look at NASA. When started in 1958, it was equipped with all the latest technology (all provided by the private sector, of course, because government bureaucracies can’t make or create anything).

Today, NASA is an antiquated joke.

NASA today could not make a toaster work properly.  This is what happens with government programs.  They are run by bureaucrats incapable of any kind of innovation.  All they can do is manage resources, spread money around — mostly to political cronies.

That’s why, in North Korea, . . . you have to perform your own amputations.

Here’s What Health Care in North Korea Looks Like.

And Here’s Health Care in Cuba — A Country Celebrated by Beyonce and Many Liberals . . .

It probably won’t get this bad under ObamaCare because we are a democracy and voters won’t stand for it.  But voters (without much imagination for how much better life could be if government would mostly get out of the way) will put up with a lot. Witness the fact that we put up with the Post Office, the DMV, and the IRS.

We get used to the dysfunction, the lack of service, and often outright thuggery of these government entities.

You can get used to almost anything. We would get used to being governed by the Mafia if we had no choice. We can get used to prison if we have to.

This is what Obama is counting on — us getting used to his “new normal.” We’re just going to have to make do with less. Why?

Well, because Obama says so.

Most likely, we will end up with health care that approximates the level of service we get from the Post Office.

So here’s what your health care future is likely to look like soon under ObamaCare . . .

Can you say Triage?

This article first appeared on on Oct. 1, 2013.

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