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The Obscene Hypocrisy of Obamacare’s Congressional Waiver

Rand Paul and David Vitter
What Senator Rand Paul called the “despicable” waivers President Obama, members of Congress, their staff and other high government officials enjoy is even worse – it is downright obscene – when one considers that in a few short years there will be a 40 percent tax for the rest of us on the kind of health care plans they are trying to give themselves.

That’s right – starting in 2018 there’s a 40 percent tax on so-called "Cadillac Health Care Plans," which are those plans where the employer pays for all or most of a comprehensive healthcare plan.

The delayed 2018 start date is said to have been a gift to unions, which often have comprehensive plans, but even they are now squawking now that they’ve figured out that the law they supported and pushed for so hard is actually going to be applied to them.

But Democrats in Congress – and some establishment Republicans – are doing their best to make sure Congress and its staff is insulated from this provision of Obamacare.

Senator David Vitter of Louisiana may have made one of the political understatements of the year when he said Americans are “incensed,” as over the exemptions and special carve-outs granted to government employees by Obama.

Many Americans aren’t just incensed – they are white hot with rage over the creation of a special class of government workers who are trying to exempt themselves from the burdens of a law they rammed-down the throats of the rest of America.

This rage is so palpable that even the generally thickheaded Republican leadership on Capitol Hill is starting to get it.

Speaker Boehner was tough and direct in saying “No more mandate that members of Congress get some so-called exemption.”

Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, was even better, saying the fight was about “carving out special treatment for special interests. It’s about telling this Administration and this President that there should be no special treatment for members of Congress - there should be no special treatment for big business. We all live under the same laws.”

This is an issue worth fighting as well, not only because it is an equality under law issue, it is also an issue that polls something like 92 percent in Republicans’ favor.

Republican leaders often have a tough time articulating conservative principles and arguing that they are fulfilling their constitutional responsibility to rein-in the executive branch by defunding Obamacare. However, they are finally starting to at least become good politicians and put Obama and the Senate Democrats on the wrong side of an issue that has 92 percent approval by insisting on a “no Congressional exemption” provision in the continuing resolution. 

If Republicans will just put the issue of Congressional waivers and ending special exemptions for Washington insiders front and center in everything they do and say about Obamacare they can harness the rage people out in real America are feeling into an irresistible political force that will sweep all before it. 

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