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“No Waiver” America Wants Republicans to Defund ObamaCare

Defund Obamacare Rally
Our friend Representative Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) illustrated well what drives the limited government constitutional conservatives in the Republican Party to back fighting the fight to defund ObamaCare to the point that it has caused partial shutdown (actually more of a slimdown) of the federal government.

In an interview with NewsMax Huelskamp noted that, "I'm from a district that pretty much ignores Washington. If you say government is going to shut down, they say, 'OK, which part can we shut down?'"

In other words Huelskamp represents “no waiver” America.

That’s the vast majority of Americans outside the Washington Beltway who work in or own small businesses, family farms and other enterprises that don’t enjoy a privileged status in Washington – they have to abide by the rules Congress passes with no waivers or free passes from President Obama.

Huelskamp has also been at the forefront of another ObamaCare fight – the battle to protect religious liberty from the encroachments of ObamaCare.

One of the underreported stories of the fight over the various iterations of the continuing resolution to fund the government is that the House included conscience protection language in the resolution it passed on September 29.

As Congressman Huleskamp noted, “This provision is a victory for our religious liberty as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Unfortunately, under the guise of ObamaCare, the Obama Administration has consistently trampled on this fundamental constitutional right.  With the HHS Mandate to provide abortion drugs, contraceptives and sterilization, millions of Americans – from Hobby Lobby to the Little Sisters of the Poor – are currently being forced to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.”

Of course standing and fighting for these First Amendment principles makes the Republican establishment as uncomfortable as drunks on Carrie Nation’s birthday.

But standing and fighting for limited government constitutional conservative principles is exactly what Huelskamp and other Tea Party backed Members of Congress were sent to Washington to do.

As a conservative author and strategist for the Madison Project Daniel Horowitz told POLITICO, tea party candidates made an “inviolable promise” to constituents not to allow entitlements to take root.

And it is this commitment to actually fulfill their campaign promises that keeps these limited government constitutional conservatives in the fight. According to Horowitz, “They have no allegiance to K Street and Wall Street. They were elected by passionate heartland conservatives of modest means,” Horowitz told POLITICO. “While money is still important, [to their campaigns] the advent of social media has allowed these people to connect directly with their constituents and largely bypass the old power brokers.”

As President Ronald Reagan said “We need new leaders unfettered by old ties, old relationships” and Tim Huleskamp, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the other Republicans in Congress who have committed to defunding ObamaCare, and bucking the Washington and Republican Party establishment elite in the process, are exactly that kind of leaders.

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Bam care

I have heard some of these Government employees whine already. Oh I don't know what I will do now, without my steady income ... well, we can't go to the theater on fridays, and go out to dinner like we normally do. This years vacation is a wash unless a miracle happens. We just moved into a $350,000 house and the mortgage payments are too much right now. We may have to sell the house, and this is causing our entire family a lot of stress. I am going to have to see about getting me a cushy job like that. What problems they have ... HEH! The sad part is that the ones they lay off are probably the ones that actually do something, and the ones they keep are the Schutzstaffel.

Affordable Care Act Is For Everyone

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)is for everyone. Members of Congress and their staffs are Americans just as the remainder of the Country's Americans are. Special exemptions tend to separate the population into different classes. This is counterproductive to think of one's self as "different" then the rest of the population, The AffordableCare Act is for all Americans and should be impartially applied to all of America's citizens, no matter what their status.

All exemptions to the Affordable Care Act should be cancelled and/or rescinded.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp is

Congressman Tim Huelskamp is correct--Obamacare needs to be defunded. I sincerely hope the Republican members of Congress will stand firm against the tyranny of Harry & Barry.


Like will Rodgers, "all I know is what I read in the papers." As such, given the fact that the polls show that 70+% want an end to the shutdown and almost 60% (and apparently growing) either like or are curious about "Obamacare," then you must be talking about (amazing coincidence) an American constituency on Mars!

one word

Division. Divide and conquer. They teach this at West point, except it is supposed to be used against enemies, not us.

Nice try

Now let me correct a few items:

1. If you're speaking of Will Rogers, please spell his name correctly.

2. If you're going to throw #s around, please quote and link your sources.

3. If you're trying to make a logical point in a debate, please refrain from mocking. If you were in an actual debate club, you would lose points for leaving facts to turn to smears.


Try again if you'd like to participate under the conditions of common courtesy and factual debate.