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Conservatives Are Winning the Shutdown Fight

Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul
"It's about time that someone in Washington abandons the faulty notion that compromise is the best way to win." Senator Ted Cruz, Richmond, Virginia, October 5, 2013

In the surest signs yet that Democrats are starting to crack under the pressure of the shutdown (actually more of a slimdown) President Obama said again (and again) that he won’t compromise or negotiate with Republicans on the continuing resolution to fund the government or on raising the debt ceiling.

The Senate's Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has departed from the Senate’s normal rules of decorum to accuse Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner of being a “coward.”

And John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, actually proved Harry Reid wrong (at least temporarily) by sticking to conservative principles and rejecting calls from a group of Capitol Hill RINOs for a “compromise” that was nothing but a cave-in to Obama and the Democrats.

Boehner, to his credit, has been working hard to make the point that Obama and the Senate Democrats own the shutdown.

Let's face it, the Speaker’s bully pulpit is not as large as the President's, nor is the establishment media going to give Boehner any approving editorials or op-eds calling for the President to compromise or provide any other positive reinforcement to shore-up the Speaker in his new-found willingness to confront Obama and the Senate Democrats.

However, conservatives have a powerful weapon in this fight – the new and alternative media – and there’s plenty of evidence that it is helping us win this battle.

Before the rise of the new and alternative media Walter Cronkite of CBS and his establishment media colleagues at ABC and NBC would go on air at 6:30 PM and by 7:00 PM America would be told what to think… and it wouldn’t be that lower taxes, less government, and more freedom were good ideas.

Now, establishment Republican Jim Nussle, a former Republican representative and budget director under President George W. Bush, is telling Bloomberg that “…they’re [Republican Members of Congress]worried about primaries at home, and the new media is making it difficult for them to stake out any other position than the extreme position.”

Wanting to get rid of Obamacare and force serious spending and budget reform on Obama and the Democrats are two policy goals Republicans have claimed to be in favor of in every election since Obama was elected, and running on those issues produced a big win for Republicans in the 2010 Tea Party wave election.

We will take Nussle's characterization of actually fighting for those goals as "the extreme position" as proof of just how uninterested establishment Republicans are in actually producing on their campaign promises – absent the pressure they receive from grassroots conservatives and the new media.

This failure to actually fight for their platform or campaign on conservative principles is why millions of core GOP voters stayed home in 2012 and, as our friend Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart observed recently, “looked likely to do so again after the party leadership became consumed by debates over immigration reform. “

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul and millions of grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters – who have been kept informed by the new and alternative media – have changed all of that.

Despite the drumbeat from establishment Republicans and a liberal media that the shutdown is hurting the GOP with independent voters, Senators Lee, Paul and Cruz have, through their principled opposition to funding Obamacare, re-energized millions of grassroots conservative voters who were turned-off by the Republican establishment’s content-free technocratic campaign in 2012. And re-energizing those disaffected conservative voters is the first step in the long road conservatives must take to win the next two election cycles and govern America in 2017.

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winning in 2017

2017 must be the year in which it is finally going to rain beer!

What the Establishment fears

The Establishment Republicans will say they fear that the partial government shutdown will hurt their chances of regaining power, but what they really fear is that it will work, thus showing that we don't really need at least a third of the government. Maybe it's just where I live, but I don't know anyone who's been affected *at all* by the government shutdown, other than a couple of people who went to a state park last weekend instead of a national park.

What I don't understand is why these RINOs think conservatives will vote for them if they are clearly just another branch of the Progressives. Do they even *want* to win?

Obamacare Involves Mathematics and Statistics

Unfortunately, all the cretins who were involved designing this monstrosity were not B students or better in high school math. The numbers don't add up and those who bought into this originally were also ignorant . . . the unions, the statists, and the socialists.

It's the economy, stupid. Fix

It's the economy, stupid.

Fix the liquidity trap. Trade sequestration for reform on entitlements (Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, Social Security)