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Grassroots Rebellions Taking Over Washington This Weekend

Truckers to Shutdown America
Monday’s news reports brought fresh information that America outside-the-Beltway is fed-up with Washington and the permanent political class – and that We the People are ready to do something about it.

On Friday, October 11, truckers plan a protest to slow traffic on the Washington Beltway – the massive highway that circles Washington and symbolically separates the Nation’s Capital from real America. 

Traffic is so bad on the Beltway we’re not sure anyone will notice a slowdown due to hundreds of big rigs going exactly the speed limit – but the thought of a bunch of truckers from what Washington’s elite call “flyover country” forcing the DC entitled class to obey the law and go only 55 miles per hour in their Beemers and Acuras has a certain entertainment value we can’t resist.

Plus, we like the symbolism of truckers forcing Washington to obey the laws, such as the “double nickel” 55 miles per hour speed limit, it has forced on everyone else.

By the way, according to U.S. News & World Report, the truckers circling I-495 will keep the left lane open for emergency vehicles, however, "everybody that doesn't have a supporter sticker on their window, good luck: Nobody in, nobody out," and the trucks will be going the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit, said one of the organizers.

The Friday protest is being organized by “Truckers Ride for the Constitution.” Anyone who wishes to be allowed past the convoy must have "T2SDA" – an acronym for the event's original name, "Truckers to Shut Down America" – written on their vehicle.

Nothing quite illustrates the political cynicism and cruelty of Barack Obama more than the decision to wire a barricade around the World War II Memorial on the National Mall.

On Sunday, October 13, another grassroots protest will take place – this one called the Million Vet March – and it aims to gather protesters at the World War II Memorial at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the Million Vet March website the march is being organized in response to the outrageous closing of the World War II Memorial and other attractions that are normally open 24/7 with no staff.

Saying, “We are outraged that our Vets have had to ‘storm’ their own war memorials - monuments that were already paid for with their blood, sweat and tears” the organizers plan to gather at the World War II Memorial in what would be a major act of civil disobedience if they actually enter the Memorial precincts.

According to reporting by Susan L. Ruth of The Washington Times, “The protest has been organized by individuals with various connections to the military, either as children of veterans, spouses of veterans or those who have served themselves, who are outraged and deeply disappointed that individuals who have served in the military have been blocked from the memorials honoring their service across the country. They are most concerned about blocking access to monuments in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.”

One other interesting nugget also reported by Ms. Ruth is that there are going to be five Honor Flights in Washington D.C. on October 12, 2013. Honor Flights is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing veterans of wars to see their memorials in Washington D.C. at no cost to the service member. According to Ms. Ruth’s reporting, “…these Honor Flights have been granted a ‘first amendment permit’ to access the World War II memorial, but they are still blocked from the Iwo Jima Monument, which is a stop that the Honor Flights almost always make.” The Honor Flight organizers are hoping for a large presence at the Iwo Jima Monument to help them access that memorial as well.

Of course with the federal government “shutdown,” we wonder who granted the Honor Flights their well-deserved “first amendment permit” to access the World War II Memorial and if anyone else wants one, who should they contact? And equally as important, why not provide one for the Iwo Jima Monument, arguably a more open site that has never had any regular Park Service presence (and we should know, one of our team used to live just up the street from the Monument).

So far The Million Vet March’s Facebook event page has over 23,000 “likes” and states that almost 2,000 individuals have committed to attending. This is a far cry from a million, but it is still a substantial and likely to grow number.

We have said from the beginning of the current federal government “slimdown” that this fight isn’t about the budget or spending – it is about Obama’s demand that the rest of us conform to a law that he, the Washington elite and their cronies will never have to follow.

If people start defying the government about something like the closing of an open air monument, such defiance might become catching, and imagine what might happen come January 1, 2014 when all Americans will be required to sign-up for ObamaCare? 

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We must take a stand. Let" FREEDOM " ring

It is about time or are we almost to late?
We AMERICANS must take a stand "NOW"!!!!!!
We don,'nt want Stalinism ,Hitleris. we must act.M1gjS

Obama Apparently Wants Marshall

Truckers beware, Obama has prepared for this contingency by making a law that he can assume absolute power if a civil disruption threatens his administration's rule. This means, if he succeeds, that he will then be a "legitimate dictator," something he has wanted all along by setting the constitution and the law aside. We need to pray for the truckers success because these knuckle heads in Washington DC, don't have our interests at heart when they exempt themselves and their cronies from Obama Care but dictate fines for the rest of us, if we should decide not to sign up.