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Obama’s War Against The Citizenry

President Obama
Our friends over at The Weekly Standard, great writers that they are, came up with an outstanding line to describe what the National Park Service has been up to during the current federal government “slimdown.”

They wrote in an editorial excoriating the National Park Service that, “It’s one thing for politicians to play shutdown theater. It’s another thing entirely for a civil bureaucracy entrusted with the privilege of caring for our national heritage to wage war against the citizenry on behalf of a political party.”

That is a memorable quote, however, we must take issue with limiting Obama’s war against the citizenry to the National Park Service only – in looking at Obama’s actions from that limited perspective our friends at The Weekly Standard don’t do the concept of Obama’s war against the citizenry the justice its concise eloquence deserves.

The actions of the National Park Service are a mere skirmish in Obama’s war against the citizenry – a war we might add that has been fought across the entire landscape of the federal bureaucracy.

What better way to express the actions of the IRS in targeting and discriminating against Tea Party and conservative organizations seeking not-for-profit status than “waging war against the citizenry?”

It certainly wasn’t “public service” or evenhanded enforcement of the law of the land – it was, and perhaps still is, a civil bureaucracy waging war against the citizenry on behalf of a political party.

The same goes for Attorney General Eric Holder’s unrelenting opposition to state voter identification laws. This isn’t about equal protection under the law – it is about destroying the value and responsibilities of citizenship itself in the name of partisan political advantage.

When viewed in the context of “waging war against the citizenry” the logic of Obama’s relentless demand that those opposed to paying for abortions through Obamacare must pay or suffer the consequences suddenly becomes clear. 

It isn’t about providing health care to women – it is about destroying the enemy – which in this case is the millions of Americans who practice traditional Christianity and hold deeply a belief in the sanctity of life and the individual human being as a creation in God’s image.

We said yesterday that in the thuggery of the National Park Service the American people are finally getting a taste of what Obama and Obamacare are really all about – fear, feds with guns and most of all control.

The sad fact is that Obama’s war against the citizenry hasn’t been limited to the National Park Service, the Attorney General’s battle against voter ID laws, or even Obamcare – although that is certainly the great battle that may decide the outcome of the larger war.

Obama’s war against the citizenry is nothing less than a war over who controls the most intimate decisions in the lives of individual Americans – from the value of your vote, to your health care right down to what you can look at as you drive along a public highway. 

Up until now those who wish to hand that responsibility over to a government run by a self-appointed elite appeared to be winning the war, but the growing civil disobedience to the outrageous actions of the President and his National Park Service thugs give us hope that come January 1, 2014, when Obamacare takes full effect, millions more Americans will be ready to fight back.

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Obama's war on AMERICA'S VALUES:

I have information that J.A.G. Officers in D.C are getting "I.O.U'S"in lieu of paychecks!!!!!
If Our military is undermined by this Petulant Punk in Chief, who's going to protect Us?
(I'm prepared to protect my loved ones and myself, but what about Our infrastructure?)
Does Obama care?

National Parks, Rangers, and Park Police

I have worked as a US Park Service Ranger; I have worked with mounted park police. Nearly all are good folks, but the Superintendents are dictators, and have way too much power. They, and their minions, are the best example I can site to personify the worst of the absolute Bureaucracy that rules the United States.
They control land that a Federal Bureaucracy has no business owning.
The Interior Department has usurped State authority to serve the DC behemoth.
20% of the US is under the control of this authority.
Yet another example of how we were screwed by Woodrow Wilson and the Democrat Party