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Dr. Milton Wolf Challenges Sen. Roberts: Tea Party Challenge To Establishment GOP Senators Growing

Dr. Milton Wolf
Principled limited government constitutional conservatives have slowly, but surely, begun to come forward to challenge establishment Republican Senators in the upcoming 2014 Republican primary elections.

The first was in Tennessee, where the principled limited government constitutional conservative grassroots expressed their displeasure with Senator Lamar Alexander by first forming BEAT LAMAR, and then finding their candidate, state Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas, to take on the establishment GOP Senator in Tennessee’s hotly contested U.S. Senate Republican primary election.

Now Tea Partiers and limited government constitutional conservatives in Kansas have brought forward Dr. Milton Wolf, as their candidate to challenge establishment GOP Senator Pat Roberts. 

Roberts is the longest-serving member of the Kansas delegation, with a congressional career that began in 1981 as representative for the First District of Kansas. He joined the Senate in 1997 according to a profile in The Daily Caller.

Dr. Wolf, who is a distant cousin of President Obama (really) is beginning his campaign by taking-up one of our favorite themes – we are the leaders we have been waiting for.

Wolf told The Daily Caller, “The reality is that the career politicians of both parties have failed us. That much is clear and you look around and you think, ‘Somebody has gotta do something,’ and I keep looking for somebody to do something, and no one is. I realized at one point that I’m somebody. I gotta do something. If I want to call myself an American, if I want to think of myself as a patriot, I have to step up.”

You can watch Dr. Wolf’s announcement video here

We particularly liked what Dr. Wolf said about why he is running in the Republican Primary:

“My first goal is to save the Republican Party from itself,” Wolf told The Daily Caller. “My second goal is to save America from the Democrats. I love my party and have been loyal to it and it’s more difficult when my party is no longer to the ideals it proclaims… I oppose Obamacare not just because it is an economic disaster — it is an economic disaster — I oppose Obamacare because it is immoral. It is immoral for a government to get in between a doctor and a patient. It is immoral for a government to even know about a doctor-patient relationship. It is immoral for a government to decide who shall live and who shall die. And that’s what government health care does.”

Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and state Rep. Joe Carr in Tennessee are just the first of many limited government constitutional conservatives who must be recruited, nominated and elected if we are to, as Dr. Wolf put it, “save the Republican Party from itself” by throwing out the Republicans In Name Only and replacing them with limited government constitutional conservatives who will actually stand and fight for the values and policies the GOP claims to stand for.

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