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This is the Future of the Republican Party

Million Vet March
On Sunday, October 13, 2013, the future of the Republican Party came to Washington, DC – and it wasn’t wearing the golf clothes and Gucci loafers of the Republican establishment – it was wearing the jeans, windbreakers and work clothes of the grassroots army that came to DC to take back their World War II Memorial and the other open air monuments closed by President Obama and his thugs from the National Park Service.

We particularly liked the fact that the vets and supporters at the World War II Memorial took-up the challenge we offered in a recent headline chanting "Tear down these walls," as they took down the barriers surrounding the memorial plaza.

Some protesters carried the barricades (that look like bicycle racks) more than a mile to the White House where they were confronted by an armored vehicle and police in riot gear. Some protesters carried signs reading “Impeach Obama.”

Police moved the protesters back to set up barricades between the crowd and the White House gate. Some demonstrators chanted “shame on you” at the officers. Others chanted “You work for us,” according to All-News 99.1 reporter Heather Curtis.

Now, what the establishment media won’t tell you about the Million Vet March is that similar, smaller events took place spontaneously around the country in Jacksonville, Florida, Dubuque, Iowa, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and other locations.

The “Million Vet March” to take back the World War II Memorial and the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution" both may have fallen short of their ambitious goals of turning-out a million vets or shutting down the Washington Beltway, but they were great successes in building the limited government constitutional conservative movement.

And that’s what separates these grassroots patriots from Washington’s establishment – even those that tend to share the same broad policy goals.

While the Republican establishment, and even some of the leaders of the old line conservative organizations are obsessed with “the optics” of how things look to the establishment media and their big business patrons, these new grassroots participants are interested in connecting with like-minded voters and building a political movement to take back their country.

This is a proven strategy that has worked before, although the establishment Republican Party is loath to admit it.

In the mid to late 1970s the activists and organizers of the “New Right” conducted a similar effort. 

They built the coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and ushered-in the Reagan Revolution by bringing together economic conservatives, national defense conservatives and social conservatives using the tools of the new and alternative media – at that time primarily direct mail – to bypass the establishment and communicate directly with and organize grassroots conservative voters.

Governor Sarah Palin understands this dynamic, so do Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Congressman Steve Stockman and the other principled limited government constitutional conservatives in the House understand it too.

They understand that they are building a movement, and that means that success or failure as measured by the establishment news media’s news cycle is subordinate to the longer-term goal of engaging and connecting with other limited government constitutional conservatives to build this new national movement.

And if they only have a small chance of actually turning-out a million vets at the WWII Memorial or shutting down the Beltway, every e-mail address they get, every new connection to a blogger or local talk show host they make, builds the movement and is a victory in the fight.

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When does this website discuss real political strategy?

What's the plan to beat the Establishment Republicans in 2014?

I thought that's what this site was dedicated to.

And yet, articles like this are what shows up here.

I see no real plan to beat the GOP Establishment whatsoever. Just a lot of talk and even more lack of focus.

Protesting the World War 2 Memorial being closed down due to government shutdown of national parks is not an issue of any great importance whatsoever. It is purely symbolic. Political theater, little more. Million Vet March? It wasn't even a thousand.

You lost to the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans last year. You are well on your way to losing to them again next year. And if that keeps happening, the Republican party has no future.

Don't get me wrong

This is an excellent website and I respect your passions over the WW2 Memorial, but I do have real concerns over the Establishment GOP winning in 2014. This whole government shutdown/slimdown has thrown a huge wrench in the works and I am merely trying to be vigilant against distraction from the overall goal of restoring the Republican party to actual conservatives. I haven't lost sight of the fact that Richard Viguerie and the ConservativeHQ staff are fighting the good fight.

million vet march

We are being "sold down the river" by the "commie" democrats and cowardly "rino's" It's time to stand up for the American way of life and get rid of this regime. It is already purging the military of any Admiral's and General's with any backbone. The regime is getting rid of any military personal who will NOT turn and fire upon patriotic Americans. Thank God for Palin,Rand and Cruz.


I always thought Joe McCarthy died in the 50's?