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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Week 18

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2016 presidential election. While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd like to see as the GOP nominee this week.'s Weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll is available exclusively to registered CHQ members. To register, click here. If you are already a member, please log-in by clicking here. You may vote once a week. Review the choices FIRST before adding a write-in candidate as we made additions.

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Why, of course:-- Sarah in 2016

The country hungers for an ordinary American to set an example (lead) us back to constitutional governance: Sarah!

We don’t need another fast-talking hotshot!
We don’t need another Rhodes scholar!
We don’t need another career politician!
We don’t need another 1960’s hippie!
We don’t need another golfer!
We don’t need another Harvard graduate!

We need a straight talker who wears lipstick!
We need a Common Sense thinker!
We need a reluctant volunteer in politics!
We need a traditional student type!
We need a graduate of an unpretentious college!
We need a hunter who can pull a trigger and someone who can put a worm on a hook!

For those who might wonder what all this has to do with having the ability to lead our country -- you’ll never know because you never learned what it means to be an American.

Sarah, Cruz, Christie, Hillary: 2016

The silent majority knows of Christie’s character now that he flatly refused to campaign for Cuccinelli. They also know Hillary as an aging 1960’s hippie liberal radical.

In disgust for the 2008 and 2012 elections the silent majority stayed home on election day because our nominees for president were selected for us... and they’ll stay home again in 2016 unless we nominate someone they trust and just plain like as a person.

While Cruz says all the right things and seems genuine, people believed Rubio, Cantor, and Ryan were “straight arrows” too.

Cruz has a prestigious Harvard education, indicating that he strived for the best perhaps so he could enter politics... while Sarah simply went to the Univ of Idaho to earn a BA degree.

Sarah entered politics in desperation to fix a local situation. She succeeded so well that she rose quickly to become governor of Alaska.

In summation, I believe the silent majority would come out in droves to support such a reluctant candidate as Sarah Palin in 2016 and she’d win over anyone the democrats run.

Sarah vs. Hillary in 2016

If anyone believes Hillary isn't being groomed for 2016, then you are totally lost. Hillary is already collecting campaign money from speeches she gives. She just collected $400,000 for two speeches; everyone should know that her speeches aren't worth $200,000 each.

I believe the silent majority who remained silent in the 2012 election would rally behind Sarah in a landslide -- some if only to see two tenacious females claw at each other in a rip roaring campaign.

Think about it, and then switch your preference to Sarah in Richard's next poll.

I want to see America win... and Sarah is the one to make it happen.

SUPPORT HILLSDALE COLLEGE... and take their courses. You'll love the courses and yourself !

Sarah Palin, who else?

The fact that Sarah continues to have a comfortable lead over Ted Cruz while she is not even in front of a camera daily as Senator Cruz is, should tell everyone something about Sarah and how well she is liked -- she's not even trying.

All you others who have your own favorites should take a close look at Sarah and how she has always conducted herself.

I don't think Sarah really wants to be president... and I don't blame her. But let's all draft her anyway, then defend her with all our hearts. I LIKE Sarah because i trust her -- and I have children older than Sarah.