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The Grassroots Defend Viguerie: Goldberg is Wrong about the GOP Civil War

Jonah Goldberg
In a recent column, Jonah Goldberg attacked Richard Viguerie and the Tea Party, arguing that we conservatives are pushing a senseless war with the Establishment Republicans. Has Goldberg turned to "the dark side?"  This essay would suggest he may well have.

After a long, scathing attack on Richard Viguerie (and here is Viguerie's reply) Goldberg has this to say:

"But the more important distinctions aren't philosophical. Whereas the old game of attacking even very conservative Republicans as sellouts was something of a racket, the new cause is more like a real movement.

And that's why this time the infighting might lead to real war. For starters, the populists are much better funded and organized. Despite liberal doomsaying that Citizens United would give corporations a stranglehold over politics, we've seen the influence of big business decline in the GOP as new populist PACs have declared war on what they believe is the K Street wing of the party.

Also, public sentiment is much more on their side than you might guess from media coverage of the tea parties. As political scientist Larry Bartels recently observed, the public is "more conservative than at any time since 1952." That new progressive era liberals promised in 2008? It never happened. The public has grown more conservative during the Obama presidency. The catch: It's grown less Republican too."

I beg to differ; the distinctions ARE philosophical. They are the differences between "Big Government Republicans" in the George W. Bush mold and actual conservatives. 

What is the difference you ask? 

Big Government Republicans are essentially Republican Progressives who claim to be conservatives. They like big government, but don't want it too intrusive or too active. They sit athwart history and yell "not so fast" as opposed to "stop". 

The Republican Establishment all hold to similar beliefs that fall outside those of limited government constitutional conservatives. They believe in government regulations albeit more limited than the Democrats. 

They believe in big government programs (like Bush's prescription drug boondoggle) but ones they can manage  - and their friends profit from - rather than the Democrats. 

They like tax cuts, but will not support a major change in the way taxes are collected. 

George W. Bush was the standard here. He is painted by the media as a “knuckle dragging” conservative, but what did he actually do as President? 

He created a new entitlement program (prescription drugs);

He brought the federal government closer to nationalizing education with "No Child Left Behind", a usurpation of power on an enormous scale;

He drove the price of both food and fuel through the roof by demanding ethanol be put in our gasoline ostensibly to defund terrorists, but in reality to make environmentalists happy. 

He created the Department of Homeland Security;

He nationalized airport screening, creating the TSA;

He pushed for amnesty for illegal aliens (and almost got it);

Spending went through the roof under Bush; 

So did government regulations, which exploded during his tenure of office;

He also unleashed the NSA on the American People. 

This list barely scratches the surface.

How is a President “conservative” who, well, governs so liberally?  

The difference between Big Government Republicans and Democrats is one of degree and not of kind.

We grassroots conservatives want a reduction in government, and we want a return to the Constitution and to the limits which are clearly stated therein. We are poles apart from Big Government Republicans who claim to be “conservatives.”

We in the grassroots understand that this nation is in dire trouble, and business as usual simply cannot continue. OF COURSE we are ready to fight; the future of our country is at stake. For far too long establishment Republican leaders have compromised; it is death by a thousand paper cuts. There is no more time.

We don't have time to wait for Republicans to win a supermajority in both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. And with their current leadership they never will anyway; the RINO strategy has never been capable of routing the enemy. It is by its very compromising nature a force for peaceful coexistence. It is the penultimate "loyal opposition" strategy, one designed to keep some middling fish in a small pond from being gobbled up. 

The GOP insiders (and unfortunately Goldberg has been tainted by this view) simply do not see the writing on the wall. They are like Romans in the year 450, believing their honored positions are eternal. History overwhelmed Rome, and it is imperiling the United States today. We have to act, and now.

It really has come down to a final showdown; either we fight and win now, or the center caves. The Tea Party understands this. The fight is here and it is now, and the old establishment Republican routine of kicking the can down the road is no longer acceptable. Time is no longer on our side.

Jonah, we love you, and appreciate your rooting for us in the battle that is coming. Please try to root a little more enthusiastically!

Timothy Birdnow is a St. Louis based writer whose work has appeared at American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Conservative HQ, Canada Free Press, and a host of other sites. Read more from Tim and friends at TheAviary.

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Goldberg going to the Dark Side.

Goldberg is no different than Coulter. They know where their Bread is buttered. It is buttered in the Northeast Corridor. They have no influence outside it. They are Conservatives, but they believe Conservatives can't get elected without having a Moderate representing them as the nominee for the GOP.

What every Washington pundit representing the GOP wants to deny is the influence Sarah Palin has on the POLITICAL RIGHT. They refuse to bring her name up, whispering to those like Sean Hannity to forget her. However, Palin separate from the TEA Party has her own following, that wherever she wishes to direct them (3rd Party if necessary), they are on board. They are in fact directing her.

The GOP's treatment of Palin has been their undoing. The entire political RIGHT has witnessed it, and the GOP leaders like to pretend it didn't happen. It is still happening, and the GOP just wants to find a way for her to "Go AWAY!". She is not leaving, thus the GOP as we know it today will no longer exist shortly, and that means we will ALL lose elections we should have won. Sarah will take the blame.

I personally don't care what Goldberg or Coulter have to say. I'm done voting for Republicans.