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Is Delaying the Individual Mandate a Huge Strategic Mistake for Republicans?

Obamacare Protesters
It would be a huge mistake for Republicans to rescue ObamaCare by agreeing now to delay the Individual Mandate — which many Democrats are now requesting.

I often tell my kids: “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

President Obama and the Democrats got what they wanted. They rammed ObamaCare into law without a single Republican vote.  They own it.

The only way ObamaCare will ever be repealed is if the American people understand just how disastrous this law really is.

Americans voted for this in 2012. The election was not close.

Americans need to feel the pain of what they voted for.

Americans are now experiencing skyrocketing health insurance premiums under ObamaCare — up 62 percent on average for women, up 93 percent on average for men.

Millions of Americans are now being sent notices from their insurance companies canceling their health coverage plans — plans they liked.  And they are being forced into the non-functioning ObamaCare exchanges and being greeted with far more expensive plans with higher deductibles.

In 2014, you will need to prove to the IRS that you have an Obama-approved health insurance plan, or you will need to pay a penalty that amounts to 1 percent of your income in 2014, but going up to 2.5% of your income in 2016.

ObamaCare “Bronze” plan policies purchased through the exchanges are costing as much as $5,000 per person per year, as much as $12,500 per family — and still only cover 60 percent of medical costs. The cost of health insurance though the exchanges is much more than this if you opt for the “Silver,” “Gold,” or “Platinum” plans.

If you purchase a health insurance plan in the private market that covers more than the ObamaCare plans, your plan is then dubbed a “Cadillac” plan and is hit with a  40 percent surtax — 40 percent!

This is yet another example of how ObamaCare and liberalism punish good behavior. Why punish people for getting good health insurance and for being less of a social cost?

Perversely, ObamaCare is most punishing on young and low-income Americans — all of whom are seeing their health insurance costs go up dramatically under ObamaCare (unless you are low-income enough to qualify for Medicaid). A healthy 27-year-old could purchase a perfectly good health insurance plan for $127 per month from Blue Cross Blue Shield. 27 year-olds are now seeing their monthly premium triple.

In all so far, ObamaCare contains some 21 new taxes and tax increases.  A survey by Doctor Patient Medical Association reveals that 83 percent of doctors are thinking about leaving medicine because of ObamaCare. The Association of Medical Colleges now projects that America will have 90,000 fewer doctors than needed by 2016.

Health Care rationing has already started under ObamaCare.

A key feature of ObamaCare is a Health Care Rationing Board called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).  Every country that has government-run health care has a Health Care Rationing Board like this to control costs. The way they control costs is by denying people the medical treatments they need.

ObamaCare’s Health Care Rationing Board (the IPAB) has already mandated that it will pay doctors and hospitals for Medicare patients just 33 percent of what private insurers pay for the same treatments. How do you think this will affect the quality of medical care seniors receive?

Then there’s the wonderful ObamaCare “data hub” — where you must reveal all your personal information, an identity thief’s dream. ObamaCare even demands to know how many different sex partners I’ve had in the last year . . . and whether I own a firearm.

Liberals used to be concerned with protecting privacy.  No more.  Your right to privacy is out the window with ObamaCare.

This 2,700 page ObamaCare law now includes 15,000 pages of regulations.  With regulations included, this law now contains 11,800,00 words — so is 16 times longer than the Bible.

ObamaCare is a paperwork nightmare for businesses and individuals.

It’s still not clear to me how we prove to the IRS we have health insurance that meets ObamaCare requirements — including coverage for maternity care (which I have no interest in as a 55-year-old male with kids who are nearly grown).  Somehow, I must also prove to the IRS my health insurance covers family planning (including the morning after pill, other abortion-inducing drugs, and vasectomies)  . . . plus psychiatric care.

If the IRS is not satisfied with my documentation on all this, I’ll be hit with a penalty amounting to 1% of my income in 2014, 2.5 percent of my income in 2016.  Ouch!

America reelected Barack Obama by 5,600,000 votes in 2012.

Americans deserve to get what they voted for. Elections have consequences. As conservatives, we believe actions should have consequences.

How else will Americans learn that Soviet-style central planning by government doesn’t work?

The federal government can’t even build a functioning website for $634,000,000.  How will it micromanage 18 percent of the U.S. economy?

When ObamaCare implodes (as it surely will) the circular firing squad among Democrats will begin.

Meanwhile, we will constantly remind voters that we told you so.

We told America ObamaCare would never work, can’t work — because it’s built on the same wrong economic principles that collapsed the Soviet Union — bureaucratic centralized government economic planning.

I fully supported Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour speech on the Senate floor on ObamaCare because his speech helped shine a bright spotlight on what a disaster ObamaCare really is for America.

Shutting down the government over ObamaCare was probably a poor strategy because that took the spotlight off ObamaCare — though I was certainly sympathetic to the shutdown strategy at the time.   It turns out shutting down the government was a bridge too far. We lost the American people with that one.  We should not do that again in January.

Instead, we should just hold firm on the sequester, call it a day, and shift the focus back onto the disaster of ObamaCare.

Throughout 2014, we should continue to attack ObamaCare relentlessly, mock ObamaCare, and remind voters over and over again who opposed ObamaCare and who supported ObamaCare.

We should make the 2014 Elections a national referendum on ObamaCare.

Keep our message super simple.

If you like ObamaCare, vote Democrat.  If you oppose ObamaCare, vote Republican.

Even the lowest of ”low information” voters will understand that message.

This is how we win majority control of the U.S. Senate in 2014 and win the Presidency in 2016 . . . so we can fully repeal ObamaCare.

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They rammed ObamaCare into law without a single Republican vote.

"They rammed ObamaCare into law without a single Republican vote. They own it."

You are factually wrong. While Obamacare was a product of the Democrats they don't own it. They sold it to the Republicans and the GOP bought it or hadn't you heard about the CR vote?

No matter how bad a Lemon is you can't blame the salesman if you buy know the POS is a lemon and buy it anyway.

Gop bought it, that means they own it. Boehner/Cantor Care- they voted to use the Public Credit Card and signed the receipt.

obamacare delay

Delaying this thing for a year would roll it right PAST the 2014 election. This would be the worst strategy the Repubs could employ!!! Why? Very obvious!!

obamacare and 2014

I couldn't agree more! SPOT ON, with one small caveat. I would broaden the message to include:

1) If, as an American, you are comfortable with the president and his administration's perjury or refusing to answer 'accountability' questions regarding: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA spying on every innocent American, and now the mis-truths about obamacare..... VOTE Democratic

2) If you are willing to stand by and accept 'your' total forfeiture of privacy at the hands of this administration's and NSA's wonton total disregard for our rule of law, while the head of a ally nation DEMANDS accountability for the monitoring and intercepting of their private communications..... VOTE Democratic

3) If you believed that you could keep your own doctor and now find out that you can't, and you don't care.... VOTE Democratic

4) If you believed that you could keep your current health insurance policy and now find out that you can't, and you don't care... VOTE Democrat

5) If you believed that your premiums would go down and find out now that they will increase, significantly, and you don't care......VOTE Democratic

6) If it is OK with you that the head of the State Department could think of, let alone say at a government hearing, 'what difference does it make now!' regarding the loss of four heroic Americans whose safety was left in HER hands....Vote Democratic

7) If it's OK with you that this countries, and it's future generations, debt is nearing 17 TRILLION dollars, with no end in sight....VOTE Democratic

8) If it's OK with you that the sum total of your tax dollars used for GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENTS' is greater than the German AND French budget....... VOTE Democratic

9) If it is OK with you that as many as 30 million illegal aliens will be given a free pass into this country, at the delight of the unions, not only to take YOUR jobs, but will force your taxes to be raised to pay for THEIR food, housing, healthcare, education, etc.,.......VOTE Democratic

10) If you approve of the mockery, disrespect, and abuse made of our Congressional judicial process with a comment like, 'this is a monkey court,' and questions like, 'can you fly?' 'are you a witch?' do you wish ill harm to the American people?"..........VOTE Democratic

11) (Last but not least) If you get a tingly down your leg with a president who 'never seems to know anything,' never seems to have been informed of anything,' never seems to have been briefed before or after a debacle,' is ALWAYS insulated from how or why something went wrong, or worse yet, doesn't care, just throw more more at it to fix it....VOTE Democratic (Doesn't much matter. The House 'establishment' will merely give him a blank check to raise the debt ceiling and spend whatever he wants, just as long as whatever they do defeats those nasty CONSERVATIVES.)

Bad Strategy: Let People Suffer until 2014

A message to the NAYSAYER RINO on "What was the Cruz and Lee end game" if Reid and Obama would simply reject it:

Ted Cruz's and Mike Lee's "end game" was to DEFUND AHA and/or highlight Reid and Obama as the cause of any government shutdown. Even the stupidest of RINOs, and there are many, know this. For the RINO to pretend that they don't know is disingenuous to say the least.

Defunding could have been achieved if not for RINO lack of principle, to do what they promised to do to get elected:

Firstly, as the RINOs may or may not know, the House "Controls the purse", i.e., they are responsible for the bills that allocate funding, either in whole or in parts.

Secondly, which type of opponent loses every time? Answer, the one that does not engage in the arena.

More specifically, there indeed was a way Republicans could have spared the mass suffering of the people and put the pressure and responsibility on the President and Reid for continuing the suffering. Put simply, we needed 41 Republicans in the Senate or 218 Republicans in the House of "Representatives", which required full Republican support, including RINO support, and grass roots participation.

So you GET IN THE ARENA AND YOU FIGHT. You stick to your principles, you sway your colleagues, you generate a ground-swell of grass roots support and you ATTEMPT TO WIN.

The RINO strategy, the Karl Rove strategy, is to sit back and LET THE PEOPLE SUFFER. To ELECT MORE MODERATE REPUBLICANS and throw the Conservative base to the wolves.

You see, RINO's WILL LOSE EVERY TIME, while WE FIGHT for what we believe in. WE ARE IN THE GAME, we have some hope, however low it starts out, but the RINOs have ZERO HOPE.

So now all you RINOs ANSWER ME; if you ignore and insult your base, and you don't fight for what we sent you to office for, then why in the world are you there? Why would you have any hope of success when you are AFRAID TO ENGAGE.

This is NOT JUST POLITICS. This is human suffering, this is not a game. While politicians continue down a losing path, real consequences that are ruining people's lives, ruining families, are occurring right before your eyes. You know they are there, but you, like Rove, choose to ignore them.

Stop and think about what is happening to those families affected by reduced work hours, dropped health plans, being laid off entirely, or having to suddenly pay very large percentage increases in premiums. That is real human suffering that could have been avoided if only the RINO had done what they had promised to do during their election campaigns. If they had supported Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, if they had gotten into the arena to FIGHT, then maybe, just maybe, we could have put the pressure on Reid and Obama and we could gave created such a popular groundswell that we could have won.

Instead, the RINOs gave up, the RINOs gave up, and did not even fight. What a shame. We ARE NOT PREPARED to SUFFER the impacts of AHA until 2014 and you should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting it.