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Call to Action: Oppose Big Business Fly-in for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

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Lawbreaking by President Barack Obama and his administration has become so commonplace that to some it may seem to hardly merit comment anymore. However, standing for the rule of law used to be a fundamental precept that distinguished the Republican Party from “the (liberal) ends justify the means” Democrats.

How far establishment Republicans have fallen in this regard is so obvious that it hurts as the push for amnesty for illegal aliens heats up – again. 

Despite the fact that illegal aliens have become so brazen as to chain themselves to busses headed to deportation hearings and to the gates of detention facilities you’d be hard-pressed to find one of the Republican Party’s “leaders” on Capitol Hill standing for the rule of law or demanding that the Obama administration fulfill its constitutional duty to enforce the laws Congress passes.

Indeed, illegal aliens have become so brazen as to start giving interviews to the media demanding that they be granted amnesty and citizenship. 

“I’m doing this to show my brother and all the other people inside that we support them and we will do what it takes to get them out," said a 16-year-old quoted by Fox News at a protest in front of an Arizona detention facility.

Dean Santos, who grew up in the U.S. without legal status and was almost deported himself in 2011, according to Southern California Public Radio. Despite the fact that he was granted a reprieve, he showed-up at a protest to demand amnesty for himself and other illegal aliens.

The response from Capitol Hill’s establishment Republican “leaders?”


Of course this silence may have something to do with the fact that the cheap labor wing of the business community is flexing its muscles and is solidly behind the push for amnesty.

According to Bloomberg News, big business and big agricultural interests have organized a “conservative fly-in” this week that will involve about 600 people and include personal meetings with at least 80 Republican members of Congress. The event is being organized by the Soros-backed Astroturf organization the National Immigration Forum. 

Other funders of the so-called “conservative fly-in” include the Partnership for a New American Economy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and, a technology group formed by Facebook Inc. (FB) Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.

The Partnership for a New American Economy is an association of mayors and business leaders formed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – hardly a pillar of the conservative movement.

The conservative bona fides of these amnesty advocacy organizations elude us, but according to the First Amendment anyone can call themselves a “conservative” if they want to.

Our take on the conservative credentials and motives of this week’s cheap labor fly-in is similar to that of Chris Crane, President of the ICE Council, the union that represents immigration enforcement officers, who wrote in an open letter to Congress:

“If these groups were concerned about public safety, national security and the rule of law they would be joining our call for an investigation of the Department of Homeland Security. In fact, we are urging all lawmakers to demand an investigation of DHS before moving immigration bills. ICE officers are being ordered by DHS political appointees to ignore the law. Violent criminal aliens are released every day from jails back into American communities. ICE Officers face disciplinary action for engaging in routine law enforcement actions. We are barred from enforcing large sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act, even when public safety is at risk. Officer morale is devastated. Our agency‘s managers answer to special interests and not to Congress. No reform can succeed as long as this or any other administration can choose to ignore Congress and violate the law with impunity.”

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Big Business fly-in re. amnesty

We DO NOT want amnesty. Illegals should NOT be rewarded for breaking our laws, PERIOD! They need to be "encouraged" to self deport. No driver's licenses, no welfare, no healthcare, no Social Security, no food stamps. If employers knowingly employ an illegal, significant fines. If a landlord knowingly rents to an illegal, significant fines. Then, watch the rats leave the sinking ship!


This meeting is a culmination of cronyism, it is a travesty of capitalism and the free market by which this country was founded and and has prospered to become a nation of the 1st order, with our Constitution and work ethic this nation has forged a place in world history unequaled heretofore..I happen to be a citizen of the US and I like my country and what it stands for, I want it to go on into eternity and have all nations mimic the success this country has created and the urge to express how freedom can work for the common man.

What we have now is another chance to sell the failure of communism and we need to put an end to this farce. WTP are saddled by a bunch of C- academic parasites, they tend to get things wrong and blame anyone and every thing but themselves and plead to let them try to fail again. I would guess since the MSM leader NBC has begun to discover they just might have saddled the wrong horse, the BO Unaffordable HC Scam has finally hit the low infos in the butt where they keep their pocket book and they are screaming like burning banshees, what a way to meet reality.
This is a learning experience that if properly used can be a model for why stupidity and lethargy does not work, why WTP need to be taught to reorganize, repair and maintain this government to preserve those inalienable rights we revere and were trusted to maintain by our founders....or we can let the boat sink and be run by the UN....

Modern Say Slave Traders

They need the cheap slave labor so they can start paying taxes so the 60,000,000 plus free loaders can get their EBT cards uploaded every month.