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Asking the GOP Establishment the Obvious Question About ObamaCare

Cruz, Cantor, McCarthy
This week’s much anticipated grilling of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and various other Obama administration officials about the disastrous rollout of the ObamaCare website will provide Republicans with all kinds of opportunities to thump their chests about how bad ObamaCare is and how much they oppose it.

But we don’t expect anyone in the establishment media to ask the chest thumpers the obvious question.

If you oppose ObamaCare why would you fund it?

While the establishment GOP’s opposition to the efforts of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to defund ObamaCare really goes to the heart of why limited government constitutional conservatives have had their fill of the Republican establishment – and its Capitol Hill leadership – the question applies to a host of other issues as well.

There’s nothing Obama does that the Republican establishment won’t inveigh against – but nothing they will actually do to defeat or better yet rollback Obama’s policies.

The constitutional power of the purse is the one tool that the Republican House majority has to fight President Obama and his policies.

We have yet to hear Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy or any of the other establishment Republican leaders stand up and say “There’s nothing in the Constitution that requires us to fund programs with which we disagree. In fact the Framers gave us the power of the purse because they wanted Congress to act as a check on an overambitious President.”

And giving the power of the purse to the House in particular to rein-in an overambitious executive branch was not an accident of history – it was intended by the Framers of the Constitution as an essential part of the system of checks and balances they designed in anticipation of the election of a power hungry President like Barack Obama. 

At the beginning of the fight to defund ObamaCare we thought the problem was that the House GOP leaders were so unfamiliar with arguing their position from the limited government constitutional conservative perspective that they didn’t think to make the argument that they are doing the job the Framers of the Constitution envisioned for the House by refusing to fund programs with which they disagree.

Now we’re not so sure.

As they caved-in on defunding ObamaCare the Republican establishment quickly fell back to making a process argument that Obamacare isn’t ready to go and thus its implementation should be postponed for a year.

That tells us that they are happy to give Obama time to fix ObamaCare, but opposed to actually doing the one thing that would stop ObamaCare before it becomes another welfare addiction – defunding it.

The Republican establishment can’t have it both ways. Either you are for ObamaCare and its implementation, or you are against it and are willing stand on principle and use every opportunity available to fight it until you win.

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defund obamacare perlod

I'm all for defunding obamacare, no waffling period.
I'm also for if the HOUSE puts their tail between their legs and let's obamacate becomr law they better
get the h--l out of town, because they siigned away their loyality and don't deserve to represent the american people anymore.
I am telling every one that I come in contact with about their treasonest actions.

defund obamacare perlod

You stated you are telling everyone about the treasonist actions of the house, what do you call it when the president lies to us ALL? I say FIRE the management.

Obvious from the Beginning...the Alternative Solution

Since prior to the passage of ACA, I have been stating that the GOP (or anyone) needed to come up with the Alternative. Americans enjoy choice. The perception was that the ACA was the ONLY product on the shelf.

The GOP offered a few good ideas, but spent more time debunking ACA than properly packaging the Alt free market that improved the quality of care, expanded access and included a process for cost reduction.

And OMG! Our nation is the best on such innovative approaches to solving problems. The ACA is an expansion of decades old approaches to health care. It doesn't include anything NEW. Yet NEW is available.

Sure the GOP offered "across state lines" and other such bits. Good. But not contemporary.

What about telemedicine delivering PERSONALIZED ON DEMAND HEALTHCARE? Many elements of this service is available now...reducing cost and increasing access.

What about an IPHONE APP to give instant health data? That's partly hear for select metrics.

What if a visionary and real people designed an alternative? What if an 8 year old created a vision to deliver healthcare?

How did we get to the moon? We had a vision.

To me, neither the GOP or the present administration have a vision that is worthy of the American People, and our proven history in making the world a better place.

Those are the obvious questions that have not been asked.

Those are the obvious questions our group is now assembling. As they say, when govt can't....only the American people can.

obamacare delay

Defund it, BUT DO NOT DELAY IMPLEMENTATION. A one year delay would put the pain BEYOND the 2014 elections making it almost impossible for repubs to gain control of the senate or keep control of the house.