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In Defense of the TEA Party - Part One

Tea Party Rally
Just a few years ago some American citizens came together to demand change. They were fed up with decades of out of control government growth; confiscation of their hard-earned income through ever-increasing taxes and unending regulations invading every aspect of their lives. Things were racing out of control.

Every aspect of American society was changing and not for the better. Freedoms and rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution – the founding document of our nation and law of the land, were disappearing. Elected representatives turned a deaf ear to concerned citizens. It seemed those in power simply didn’t care. No matter the outcome of elections, nothing changed. There was a sense of hopelessness, helplessness and frustration as concerned citizens saw the America they loved disappearing.  

The answer?

Enter the TEA Party – declaring “Taxed Enough Already.” It was time to make their voice heard. It was time to directly confront the government and demand that it stay within the confines of the Constitution that every single elected official at every level of government pledged to uphold.

They organized. They rallied. They confronted members of Congress at local meetings.  And their voices were heard. The TEA Party movement spread across the nation like wild fire. Many people were excited that finally the national debate was about concerns over the ever-expanding government. Some officials embraced the TEA Party. Some feared it.

Most who participated were political novices, experiencing their first direct activism. Concerned citizens, many were just parents who had spent their time raising the kids, and had been unaware of just how massive the government had gotten. They were about to get the shock of their lives.

The Federal Reserve is a private organization that isn’t officially part of the Federal Government. Yet it controls the money supply and controls interest rates. The TEA Party demanded that it be audited so we could all see its wealth, its holdings, and how it makes its decisions that directly affect our lives. Congress refused to demand such an audit. The TEA Party thought that was wrong and demanded that the Fed be held accountable to the American people. For that action the TEA Party was vilified for rocking the boat.

The TEA Party demanded that out-of-control spending be reined-in, waste stopped and taxes lowered. Supporters of big government raced to the microphones to declare that such demands would hurt the poor and deny them programs that were necessary for them to live. RACIST, came the charge against the TEA Party.

The TEA Party expressed opposition to immigration “reform” laws which would reward those who crossed our borders illegally, resulting in millions flooding into our nation, gaining free hospital care, education and welfare, while denigrating American culture and quality of life. The TEA Party thought that was wrong and simply demanded that Congress enforce the very laws it had created. Again came the charge against the TEA Party of RACISM.

In communities across the nation, TEA Party activists began to oppose regulations designed to damage or even eliminate private property rights, usually under the excuse of protecting the environment. Many such policies are being enforced through the establishment of non-elected boards, regional governments, and local planning councils that deny citizens input. 

When local citizens attend public meetings to express opposition, as is done in representative governments, officials many times simply ignore them, refusing to engage in discussion, accusing them of perpetrating groundless conspiracy theories. Some citizens have even been removed bodily from such meetings simply for expressing opposition. When in frustration of not being heard, TEA Party activists show up in protest, the head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency labeled them, “Jack Booted Thugs.”

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with all of the issues or positions of the TEA Party, it is the one movement today that is protecting the right of opposition and freedom of speech for every American. They have been attacked, called lunatic fringe, racist, and just plain nuts, simply because they believe they have a right, as Americans, to speak out against policies enforced on them by an out of control government. And they don’t buckle in the face of overwhelming opposition  – because to do otherwise means the end of freedom. That is the TEA Party.

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