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Should President Obama be Impeached for Advertising Fraud?

Obamacare Chart
Six Big Lies Obama Told Congress and America to Sell ObamaCare

I’m in the direct marketing business. My letters, ads, and websites have generated nearly $1 BILLION for my clients during my 24 years in the advertising field.

I know that if I make false claims in my ads, there’s a good chance I’ll be imprisoned for deceptive advertising or have to pay a hefty fine, plus restitution — or all of the aforementioned.

One of my favorite direct marketers was Don Lapre.

He pioneered the informercial. This guy was a marketing genius.

You might remember his infomercials which advertised a program to show you how to get rich by running classified ads. When you watch this ad, think of Obama selling ObamaCare.

I bought Lapre’s program because I loved his ads. I was not dissatisfied in the least by what arrived via UPS: a big box full of stuff, including DVDs, books and study guides.

I learned a lot from what he had to say.

I have not put a strict dollar-figure on it. But I estimate I’ve made well over $1,000,000 from the ideas and information I learned from the great Don Lapre.

I don’t feel defrauded by Lapre in the least. Count me as a very satisfied buyer. In fact, I even paid Lapre $2,800 to attend one of his seminars, which was also terrific. This kid knew how to sell.

Lapre was subsequently indicted by the Obama Justice Department on 41 counts of mail fraud, I guess because of the stuff he shipped to customers like me.

He was also indicted on multiple counts of wire fraud — I guess because of what he said on the air or over the phone. (Wire fraud is anything deceptive you say via electronic media: telegraph, phone, TV, radio, fax, Internet, DVD, etc)

In October of 2011, Lapre committed suicide while in prison waiting for trial.

He slashed his own throat with a razor blade.

So the Obama Justice Department was getting set to put Lapre in federal prison for a very long time for selling me products that I willingly purchased . . . and that I liked.

Perhaps among the tens of thousands of words he put out there, some of his claims may have been deceptive, or perhaps not completely true.

Though I could not find any. His ads were certainly full of hype. But I did not detect any clear falsehoods. I loved his ads.

The overall thrust of what Lepre had to say was dead-on accurate.

Plus, these were fantastic infomercials — some of the best infomercials ever created.

Lapre was a marketing genius. He was a Hall of Fame direct marketer. I was very sad to hear of his indictment by the Obama Justice Department, then Lapre’s suicide in prison.

Now compare Lapre’s supposed fraud (for which he was prosecuted and imprisoned by Obama) with how Obama sold ObamaCare to Congress and the American people.

Almost everything Obama told us about ObamaCare was a blatant lie.

ObamaCare passed by one vote in the Senate. ObamaCare never would have passed without all the lies Obama told America about ObamaCare.

Lie #1: Obama promised this: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able tokeep your health care plan, period.”

He repeated this lie over and over again, at least 50 times that I’ve counted.

Watch a partial compilation here.

He did not say: “You can keep your health insurance plan if it’s not a crappy plan.”

He did not say: “You can keep your health insurance plan if it’s a good plan.”

He did not qualify his statements. He said: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.”

He told us this over and over again, ad nauseum. Like a broken record.

What Obama was promising was that ObamaCare would expand our options, not reduce them. That’s the fraud.

But now we know, while Obama was telling this lie, that Health and Human Services projected that 93,000,000 Americans would lose their health coverage because of ObamaCare regulations (June 2010 edition of the Federal Register).

So Obama was not mistaken. He knowingly told a blatant lie to the American people — in order to pass ObamaCare into law.

Lie #2: Obama repeatedly promised we would all be able to keep our own doctor.

Now we know that we can only potentially keep our own doctor on the ObamaCare exchanges if our doctor agrees to be part of the ObamaCare exchange.

So far, only 23 percent say they will be in the ObamaCare exchanges. 44 percent say they are not participating.  The rest say they haven’t decided.

And most doctors refuse to see Medicaid patients because the pay from Medicaid doesn’t cover the cost of the doctors visits and treatments.

Not only will those who enter the ObamaCare exchanges probably not get to keep their own doctor. It’s likely they won’t even be able to keep their own hospital.

Entire hospitals are refusing to enter the ObamaCare exchanges.

Lie #3: President Obama promised to Congress and the American people in a nationally televised address in March of 2010 that ObamaCare would cost $898 billion over ten years.

The CBO now projects the cost of ObamaCare to the federal treasury will be at least $1.6 TRILLION over ten years (view this Heritage Foundation chart).

It should be noted that the initial false estimated cost of ObamaCare by CBO is not CBO’s fault. In estimating the cost, CBO relies on numbers and requirements provided by Obama. It’s garbage in, garbage out.

But even these escalating costs CBO is forecasting are not nearly the true costsof ObamaCare because most of the costs of ObamaCare are passed onto the states, as well as individuals and businesses in the form of mandates.

When you add in all these costs, the price tag on ObamaCare goes up to more like $10 TRILLION over ten years. And I’ve probably underestimated the true cost by a factor of two or three.

Lie #4: President Obama promised the yearly premium for the average American household would drop by $2,500 per year.

Here was that promise, made by Obama over and over (click here for the video).

In some of these clips, Obama adds qualifiers to his promises — like “as much as.”

But in many of these statements, Obama promised flatly that the average American family will save $2,500 per year on their health insurance premiums if ObamaCare is passed into law — with no qualifier. These statements are lies.

The truth is ObamaCare is now increasing the cost of health coverage for 27 year olds by 97 percent for men and 55 percent for women on average, according to a study by the Manhattan Institute.

It gets worse for 40 year-olds. Insurance rates on the ObamaCare exchanges goes up 99 percent for men, 62 percent for women on average.

Progressives will argue that these are underlying rate increases and don’t take into account subsidies for low-income people.  But very few people are qualifying for subsides.

Here’s a chart that shows where the median household breaks even with the ObamaCare subsidy.

But the subsidy is irrelevant when computing the cost of health coverage because middle class households who receive no subsidy are getting hit with a double-whammy. They are paying both the massively increased premiums . . . plus taxes to pay for the subsidy.Remember, Obama promised ObamaCare would drive down the overall cost of health care, not nearly double the cost of health care for families.

Progressives will say that I’m only talking here about the 5 percent of individuals who are forced into the ObamaCare exchanges because they don’t have health insurance.  90 percent of Americans receive their health coverage through their employer.

The ObamaCare employer mandates have been delayed for a year.

So we don’t have data in yet on ObamaCare’s impact on people who receive their health insurance through their employer.

But remember, ObamaCare’s own regulations project that, once the employer mandates fully kick in on January 1, 2015, 93,000,000 Americans will lose their health insurance and be forced onto the exchanges — where they will be greeted by the same staggering premium increases.

That’s mainly because many small businesses with less than 50 employees will cancel health insurance coverage for their employees due to the massively increased cost of health insurance.

The primary reason for the skyrocketing cost of health insurance is all the ObamaCare mandates on the type of health coverage we must now have.As a 55 year-old male with kids out of the home, I must now pay for health coverage that includes maternity care, contraception coverage, abortion, vasectomies, psychiatric care, substance abuse treatments — when what I really want is catastrophic coverage, which is cheap.

I want insurance for extended hospitalization in the event of debilitating accident, for cancer, for heart disease, and other horrendous illnesses.

I want insurance that carries a $5,000 deductible. I’m then perfectly happy to pay for my routine doctor visits, check-ups, and prescriptions out of pocket.By the way, I find that if I tell the doctor that I can pay with cash, I typically get a 30-50% price break.

I suddenly become that doctor’s favorite patient.

Doctors hate all the paperwork that comes with insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

If you pay with cash, you can find wonderful doctors who will cut their bill in half.

If we actually allowed the free-market to work in health care (as we allow the market to work for computers, mobile devices, flat-screen TVs, and microwave ovens) we’d be amazed at how cheap health care coverage would become.  Cell phones and flat-screen TVs used to be prohibitively expensive for most people.

Today, almost everyone can afford them — because of market competition for customers.

But ObamaCare’s one-size-fits-all mandates require me to pay triple what I really need for perfectly good health insurance.Plus, costs always and inevitably increase when government gets involved and doesn’t allow markets to operate freely.

Can you imagine the kinds of computers and smart phones we would have today if government bureaucracy was issuing the mandates?

Well, we wouldn’t have laptops, or tablets, or smart phones at all.  We’d still be stuck back in the 1950s.

Government has trouble even building a functioning website for $634,000,000 — the cost of the turkey known as

Lie #5: The whole point of  ObamaCare is to cover uninsured Americans.

Isn’t this the only reason to have a national health insurance program — to make sure everyone has health insurance?

That’s certainly a big part of how Obama sold the program.

But now we learn ObamaCare will leave at least 30,000,000 Americans without health coverage, once the law is in full effect. This according to an analysis in the Journal of Health Affairs.

It could well be more than this as young and low-income Americans opt to pay the $90 tax penalty rather than the exhorbitantly expensive “Bronze Plan” on the ObamaCare exchanges and as businesses also opt to pay the tax penalty and throw their employees into the unaffordable ObamaCare exchanges.

Lie #6: Obama promised that not one penny of ObamaCare money would ever be used to pay for abortions — directly or indirectly.You probably remember the hapless Congressman Bart Stupak.

What an idiot! . . . because he actually believed Obama’s promise to him.Stupak was the leader of a caucus of approximately 21 pro-life, mostly Catholic Democrats.

These pro-life Democrats were not going to vote for ObamaCare unless they could be assured that not one penny of ObamaCare money would be used for abortion — either directly or indirectly.

To assure these pro-life, mostly Catholic Democrats, President Obama issued an executive order that no funds from ObamaCare could be used for abortion, either directly or indirectly.

The Stupak Democrats bought the lie. And almost all of them voted to pass ObamaCare.

Stupak (the dope that he is) then lost his seat in the 2010 mid-term elections because of his vote for ObamaCare — as did other members of this caucus of pro-life Democrats.

ObamaCare passed by just seven votes in the House 219-212, and by just one vote in the Senate.

ObamaCare would not have passed the House without these pro-life Democrats — who were lied to by Obama, who were assured that not one penny of ObamaCare funds would be used to pay for abortions, either directly or indirectly.Not only has this not happened.

But all Americans (including pro-life Americans) are required by regulations issued by HHS to have health coverage that includes coverage for the “morning after pill” — an abortion-inducing drug.

And a big reason so many hospitals and doctors are opting out of ObamaCare is because of the HHS requirement that they perform abortions if they want to be part of the ObamaCare exchange.

These are the six big lies Obama told to pass ObamaCare into law.

Obama’s Lies Are Far Worse than Bernie Madoff’s.

ObamaCare passed into law because of fraud — exactly what many marketers (like Don Lapre) went to prison for.

But at least I wasn’t required by law to purchase Lapre’s product — which I actually loved.

What a great product that was! I spent something like $97 on a product that helped me make more than $1,000,000.

So Lapre’s product was valuable.  Obama’s is not.

Obama sold America a product that actually hurts most Americans — hurts Americans badly.

These lies Obama told to pass ObamaCare into law are just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama told scores of lies to sell ObamaCare to Congress and the American people.

Health care costs are skyrocketting more than ever for most Americans — because of all the ObamaCare mandates.Obama promised ObamaCare would help shrink the federal budget deficit.

ObamaCare is adding enormously to the deficit.No President has ever told more brazen lies to the American people. Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe Lincoln by comparison.

Don Lapre and many markers have been prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department for making false advertising claims to sell their products.But these marketers have not caused nearly the damage to the American people that President Obama has caused with his lies.

Bernie Madoff hurt some people very badly with his lies, no doubt about it.  He bankrupted dozens of investors. He was a fraud who deserves prison.

But Obama has caused so much more damage with his fraud.

No President in American history has told as many provable lies to sell his program as Barack Obama. Almost nothing Obama told us about his program is true.

Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe Lincoln by comparison.

If Don Lapre can be prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department for making exaggerated claims about a program that was pretty decent and that we were not required by law to buy, how much more serious is President Obama’s avalanche of lies to sell a program that we would be required by law to buy?

At least Don Lapre offered a money-back guarantee if we were not satisfied with his program. To my knowledge, Don Lapre honored this guarantee.

I even received a phone call from Don Lapre’s organization asking if I was happy with his product. I answered that I was. But he was prosecuted for fraud by Obama — America’s Fraudster-in-Chief.

Why isn’t Obama being prosecuted by his own Justice Department for fraud?

Of course, we know the answer.

This fraud against the American people is 1,000-times worse than anything Bill Clinton did. And Clinton was impeached!

Here’s something else.

The ObamaCare exchanges are not strictly government. They are a commercial marketplace for private companies to sell their insurance coverage.  Barack Obama is the chief spokesman (huckster) for this commercial product.

Obama should be subject to the same laws against advertising fraud for which the Obama Justice Department prosecuted Don Lapre.

At least Don Lapre was selling a pretty decent product.

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Do NOT Impeach him--VET him!

If we impeach Obama, we will still have all of his damage to deal with: laws, appointments, executive orders, etc. Then who becomes president in his place? The highly incompetent VP he selected!

If the House of Representatives will only vet Obama, weigh the evidence he provides or refuses to provide, and then swear in John McCain as president, EVERYTHING that bears Obama's signature made while usurping the Oval Office will become null and void! Then when McCain steps across the constitutional line, impeach HIM! Then we will have a successful Alaskan governor as our Chief Executive!


Let's get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can we get the people organized and AND GET THE BALL moving in that direction.
One suggestion***************** SARAH PALIN------YES------YES------YES

No, you don't impeach him

You keep him in office and let him damage his party's brand further.