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The Establishment Plays for Keeps, We Should Too

Reince Priebus and Don't Tread on Me Flag
The revelation that Virginia’s alleged libertarian candidate for Governor Robert Sarvis’s petition drive was funded by a billionaire Texas Democratic “bundler” for Obama is simply one more example of the hardball politics liberals played to defeat principled limited government constitutional conservative Ken Cuccinelli and control the key swing state of Virginia in advance of the 2016 presidential election.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe outspent Cuccinelli by at least $15 million dollars, but unless you were really paying attention to the Virginia Governor’s race you wouldn’t know that Terry McAuliffe also received enormous help from national unions, abortion interests, and a California billionaire environmentalist who began his involvement in Virginia politics by spending $400,000 per week on T.V. ads on climate change to try and defeat Cuccinelli and put McAuliffe in a position to impose intensive environmental regulations that will all but destroy the Virginia coal industry.  

Where were the Virginia coal industry and other business interests while their sworn enemies were putting millions behind the one candidate in the race that had made it clear he wanted to put them out of business?

Largely MIA, that’s where.

And McAuliffe’s $15 million didn’t just go to help Terry McAuliffe.

In an article that confounds McAuliffe’s image as an egotistical “me first” kind of guy, Breitbart News has confirmed that much of the credit for Terry McAuliffe’s narrow 47.9 percent to 45.5 percent victory over Republican Ken Cuccinelli in Tuesday’s election is attributable to a $4 million donation the McAuliffe campaign gave to the Democratic Party of Virginia, which used those funds to run a highly effective ground game for the party’s full slate of candidates.

It seems McAuliffe, or whoever is pulling his strings, is committed to building the liberal vote in Virginia in advance of the 2014 and 2016 elections.

One would think that holding Virginia state government for the Republican Party would be a top priority for national Republicans in light of Barack Obama’s two victories in the state.

However, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the national organizations associated with it, such as the Republican Governors’ Association – were also largely MIA in the Cuccinelli – McAuliffe faceoff.

The RNC apparently gave Cuccinelli one third or less of the $9 million they put into the Virginia governor’s race four years ago.

That national liberal interest groups would go all in for McAuliffe was a given, and to be expected.

That the Republican establishment and the nominal Republican allies in the Virginia business community would sit out the Virginia Governor’s race, or even support the Democrat over a principled limited government constitutional conservative, should convince grassroots conservatives that they are on their own as long as the present Republican leadership is in power.

Politics in Virginia – and nationally – is now long past the ideas stage and become an all or nothing battle between principled limited government constitutional conservatives and establishment interests bent on retaining power.

Every day there are millions of races between foxes and rabbits – sometimes a fox will win, otherwise there would be no foxes, but most of the time the rabbit wins because while the fox is running for his dinner the rabbit is running for his life.  

The Democrats and establishment Republican interests in Virginia understood that if a principled limited government constitutional conservative like Ken Cuccinelli won they were lunch. To put Terry McAuliffe in the Governor’s mansion and retain power in Richmond they had to run like rabbits to defeat Cuccinelli, and they did. 

Conservatives have to stop acting like foxes loping along for lunch when it is the rabbits who are winning the race. The Virginia campaign proved that the struggle between limited government constitutional conservatives and the establishment has become a life or death struggle. Unless and until we conservatives gain the same desperate will to win that the McAuliffe campaign and its allies showed in Virginia we are going to be starved for victory.

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They went for any gain because they are scum. That does not mean we have to stoop to their level, even though I often joke about that. Environmentalism is not such a tricky subject as abortion, for someone who knows the many issues presented in each state. It seems to me that these are stumbling blocks for these candidates, even if they have declared their views. Better to shut your mouth, and answer as late as possible with a well educated reply that pleases most everyone. Coal is not the answer for the future. Even the coal companies know this. Old news. I could spin that conversation into real hope with just ordinary words while keeping the mine open, but these candidates are relying on old standards in theatrical politics, and failing miserably. I would love to have a Karl Rove type of job for a heck of a lot less money. Seriously every candidate like Cuccinelli needs someone to follow him around just to say,"No, don't go down that path. It leads to future destruction".

Teaneck versus TEA Party

Beware the Chris Christie wing of the Republican party. He's already made his bed with the GOP Establishment (he's their choice for 2016) and he wants the TEA Party out of his way by the time 2016 rolls around. He will gladly take you out like he took out the Romney campaign right before Election Day last year. Such is the way of the ruthlessly ambitious.

By the way, the reason Chris Christie was so chummy with the Obama campaign and able to do such a well-timed, well-executed photo op with the President is because he is on friendly terms with David Plouffe and Joe Biden. They all hail from the University Of Delaware's political science program, as does Republican strategist Steve Schmidt. The 2008 Presidential election had Schmidt running the McCain campaign, Plouffe running the Obama campaign, and Biden running for Vice Presidency. You TEA Partiers may have never heard of this University of Delaware group before, but you can be sure their models and their metrics are going to be used against the TEA Party in 2014. Because Christie wants you gone.

Secure the future for principled conservatism

I for one think you should welcome this fight as an opportunity to purge the Republican party of those who call themselves conservative yet lack conservative principles. The Establishment GOP is bringing this fight to you anyway (The NRSC declared open warfare on the TEA party today), so you might as well bring the fight to them and then some.

What good has the current Establishment GOP leadership brought to the Republican party? What election victories were they able to have WITHOUT the Tea Party in the era of Obama? They ruined the GOP brand. They handed the government over to the liberals. And they have now deemed principled conservative value voters to be their enemy, a threat to their power.

Thing is, you are a threat to their power, and its about high time they started tasting that. You can beat them in the primaries. They know this. So start beating them in the primaries. Start running as many candidates as you can who can beat the Establishment Republicans in the primary fights of 2014.

You won the 2010 election for the GOP. The Establishment Republicans didn't. They represent the failed past of the the big government Bush conservatives who lost 2006, who lost 2008, who lost 2012. That same group would have lost 2010 too if it wasn't for the Tea Party.

The majority of conservative voters are going to side with you grassroots value voters. They have always done so since the conservative movement began. You bring your bold conservatism to the primaries and the 'go along to get along' GOP pols will lose to you. Doesn't matter if they have more money than you do. You have more conservatism than they do. You have the edge in the primaries. So edge them out. The TEA Party will win 2014 just as they did 2010. The Establishment Republicans will continue to lose until the party is once again yours and you have secured the future for principled conservatism in America.

Don't forget you're fighting the good fight. As dark as the political environment may be, as frustrating as it may be to have to take on such a corrupt group of politicians, you are doing what is right and what is best for your country. Yours is a noble cause worth fighting for. Have fun.