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ObamaCare: Community Organizing the Train Wreck

obamacare train wreck
The news that some 1 million Californians will lose their health insurance due to ObamaCare seemed to come as a shock to Senator Diane Feinstein, one of the state’s two liberal Democratic Senators. Apparently, Feinstein was so poorly briefed – or is so dumb – that she actually believed President Obama when he said if you like your current health insurance you can keep it.

According to Forbes, more than 4.8 million Americans have received notices that their preexisting plans are soon to be illegal, and will be cancelled. Many more cancellation notices are imminent.

The Democrats’ answer to this devastating news for American families is familiar – throw money at it in the form of further subsidies and enticements to younger people to sign-up to make the economics of ObamaCare slightly less burdensome and scramble to hide from the political backlash.

And the political backlash against the Democrats is beginning to gather momentum.

North Carolina’s Democratic Senator Kay Hagan may be the first Senate Democrat victim of the ObamaCare disaster. According to Politico, “Against state House Speaker Thom Tillis, Hagan leads by only 2 points, 44 percent to 42 percent, according to the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling. She leads the Rev. Mark Harris by 2 points as well, 43 percent to 41 percent, and nurse Heather Grant by 3 points, 43 percent to 40 percent.”

Politico noted “that’s a huge difference from PPP’s September poll, which gave Hagan leads of anywhere from 12 points to 17 points against all possible GOP challengers.”

While the national Republican establishment apparently assumes that the ObamaCare train wreck will simply hand votes to establishment Republican candidates, on the ground things are playing out differently.

Conservatives have figured out that “it’s the primaries stupid” and there’s a real fight going on to make sure principled limited government constitutional conservatives come out on top.

And, there’s not a whole lot of good news in the PPP poll for the Republican establishment.

Note that Hagan still leads the Republican state house Speaker by 2 points.

Who is the one Republican candidate in the race who actually leads Hagan? 

Greg Brannon, the Rand Paul-endorsed candidate in the race, who leads Hagan by 1 point: 44 percent to 43 percent.

In Louisiana’s sprawling 5th Congressional District principled limited government constitutional conservative state Senator Neil Riser is duking it out with moderate establishment Republican businessman Vance McAllister, who has taken a soft stand on ObamaCare in an overt attempt to garner Democratic votes in Louisiana’s unique open election system.

Riser has come out strongly opposed to ObamaCare, against the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare and he opposes a plank of the law that bars insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

While McAllister may look like the outsider and gain a little street cred from not being an incumbent elected official, he favors expanding Medicaid and says insurance companies should have to enroll customers regardless of their health history. In short his positions are those of a typical go-along, get-along business community Republican.

Riser came in first in the open primary with 32 percent followed by McAllister with 17.8 percent. Whoever wins the special election this coming Saturday will succeed former GOP Rep. Rodney Alexander, who resigned in August to take a job in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration.

The 2014 and 2016 elections are still a long way off. And the underlying premise of Democratic support for ObamaCare – that you can buy votes by expanding middle class welfare and subsidies for the poor – still holds.

The question for Democrats is not about the underlying premise of ObamaCare, it is merely how to organize ObamaCare to make its delivery no worse or more burdensome than signing-up other federal welfare programs, such as food stamps.

Grassroots conservatives voting in Republican primaries have a different problem between now and 2016; how to winnow principled limited government constitutional conservative candidates who will fight ObamaCare, and all its works, from the chaff of those who accept the premises of ObamaCare’s middle class welfare state.

Democrats may be scrambling to avoid getting caught in the ObamaCare rollout train wreck, but as the Riser – McAllister contest shows, the election of just any Republican doesn’t automatically ensure that effective opposition to the ObamaCare law will result.

To learn how you can help Neil Riser, click this link or go to

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Joseph, you are RIGHT ON! There are many things to like about the Libertarian Party. But have you ever heard of the CONSTITUTION PARTY OF THE U. S.?
There is EVERYTHING to like about the Constitution Party - it is the coming THIRD PARTY THAT WE NEED! Dems and Reps are one and the same: sheep (sheeples!)in wolves clothing, and all sold out to the Neo-Cons. Congress has lost their moral base. They are all about greed and saving themselves. How surprised they will be when they find out that things won't be so good for them down the road when they've finally sold out the Constitution and its citizens. I can't understand such traitors. They just stymie me! But DO check out the CONSTITUTION PARTY! It's filled with patriots and Constitution-believing men and women who would get our country back if we can only get the word out to the regular, non-involved, ignorant citizens in this country who keep their heads in the sand. You, happily, are not one of those! Put the CONSTITUTION PARTY in your address search line and see what comes up.

Blessings - Marilyn

The neo-con republican party

The neo-con republican party does not listen to conservative grassroot constitutionalists. They haven't for a minimum of decades. I gave up on the progressive, interventionist, big government party many years ago and registered Libertarian. I am at odds with many in my party about their (libertarian) stance on open borders, but find libertarianism is an ideology that is most agreeable. The neo-cons have been selling the country down the World Government river and are not going to change. The present two-party (really one party) system will not stop until the New World Order world government is in place.