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Barack Obama is the Richard Nixon of the 21st Century

Nixon and Obama
American voters, especially America’s conservative voters, hate lying politicians. They may forgive a lot of other things, especially if your name is Kennedy, but a pattern of lying and deceit will drive your poll numbers down toward zero, and keep them there.

The liberals in the establishment media have long-claimed that there is some form of irrational “Obama derangement syndrome” among conservatives (that must be based on racism) that has driven conservative opposition to President Obama and his policies.

The conservative opposition to Obama is looking quite rational now that it has been revealed that the President’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, was sold on the blatant lies that “if you like your current health plan you can keep it” and that “if you like your doctor you can keep him.”

Obama’s poll numbers have dropped like a stone as Americans across the political spectrum have watched the President compound the lie by claiming that he didn’t say “if you like your current health plan you can keep it” and add to the damage with more lies about what he knew and when he knew it in regard to the troubled website, the ObamaCare enrollment numbers and other matters related to the ObamaCare rollout disaster.

The President’s sinking poll numbers, and continued pattern of lying and deceit, have put Congressional Democrats in a panic because they remember what Richard Nixon’s lies did to Republicans in the 1974 election.

As Watergate broke, and the reality of Nixon’s lies became inescapable, Republicans were hammered in the 1974 mid-term elections.

The political imperative to defend their party’s president had made many Republicans vulnerable and as the pressure mounted it also provided Republicans with many opportunities to put their foot in their mouth.

Indiana Congressman Earl Landgrebe’s “Don’t confuse me with the facts” comment during the Watergate hearings entered the political and cultural lexicon, led to Landgrebe’s defeat, and became media and comic fodder for a generation.

Democrats won 49 seats in the House of Representatives, gaining better than a two-thirds majority (291 to 144) and were also successful in the Senate, ultimately gaining four seats and, along with one Independent who caucused with them, claiming 61 of the Senate’s 100 seats.

The 1974 election brought Democrats Gary Hart and Patrick Leahy to the United States Senate, and Leahy, one of the Senate’s most liberal members, is still there.

Two of the few bright spots for Republicans in the 1974 congressional elections were the defeat of an Arkansas Democrat named Bill Clinton by Republican John Paul Hammerschmidt and the election of a principled limited government constitutional conservative named Paul Laxalt to the United States Senate. Laxalt defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Alan Bible in a close campaign and helped prove that running on conservative principles was a winning formula for Republicans.

Along with creating a culture of deceit, one of Nixon’s other great failures was a peculiar form of arrogance that also infects Barack Obama. 

That arrogance allowed Nixon to say, and believe that, "Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal," and it is that kind arrogance that Obama has regularly displayed in bypassing Congress and the rule of law in pursuit of his political agenda and personal legacy.

Today’s Republican establishment leaders also remember the effect Nixon’s lies had on the 1974 election, and they are already counting the seats that they will pick-up in 2014 as Democrats are brought down by the public’s displeasure with the failure of ObamaCare and the arrogance, lies and deceit in which Obama and the Democrats engaged to sell it.

With the heavy burden of Obama’s lies, and the public’s growing perception that Obama is Nixonian in his arrogance and penchant for deceit, Democrats may very well get hammered in the 2014 mid-term election.

As Republicans look forward to 2014 it is also worth recalling that Richard Nixon was no conservative. 

In 1971 twelve leaders of the Right, with William F. Buckley Jr. at the top of the list, announced that they were suspending “our support of the Administration” due not to Watergate, but to Nixon’s liberal policies. 

In the early 1972 Republican presidential primaries Congressman John Ashbrook, one of the leading conservatives on Capitol Hill, actually ran against the incumbent Republican President, criticizing Nixon for “the presentation of liberal policies in the verbal trappings of conservatism.” Ashbrook especially opposed the Nixon’s budget deficits, wage and price controls, and the funding of New Deal policies, that he claimed, “have not been changed, but extended and refined” during the Nixon presidency.

Barack Obama's arrogance, lies and deceit may bring down a lot of Democrats in 2014, but conservatives must recognize that “it’s the primaries, stupid” and that things won’t change much in Washington if an arrogant, deceitful big government, big spending Democrat like Barack Obama is replaced with an arrogant, deceitful big government, big spending Republican like Richard Nixon.

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Nixon vs BO

Richard I have to add this, all of my blogging conservative friends who keep me informed fail to mention that this boy in the WH is neither openly credentialed nor is qualified to be in the Oval Office since he has not presented a valid BC to anyone to verify. It angers me that he is not being hounded as he was to cough it up and take the legal restraints from his credentials so WTP can know who and what he is.....Thanks for your work.

Richard Nixon comparison

It is grossly unfair to Nixon to even mention him in the same sentence as Barack Obama.

Nixon may have been less than generous-spirited, but he was not in any snes a criminal like Obama.

Nixon's fault lay in reposing too much trust in subordinates, specifically John Dean, who was the sole initiator of the Watergate Plumbing episode.

Dean was trying to cover up his use of a Washington Madam (whom he later married to keep her hushed up) in order for her to pass on useful information from her Democratic Polical clients.

Obama vs. Nixon

I suppose the title of the article may be a rhetorical flourish or poetic license ("Barack Obama is the Richard Nixon of the 21st Century"), but I would suggest that Obama is sui generis.  And not because he is (allegedly) black.

Obama v Nixon

I am in wholehearted agreement, That is the main reason I should like to see a couple of 'Qualified' females be the conservative nominees for President and Vice-President in 2016. In my humble opinion, there are at least a dozen or more females who fill the bill. Michele Bachmann for President and Sarah Palin as her running mate. Their ages are a perfect match. Both are personable, charming, above reproach character wise, very knowledgeable and definitely conservative Christian and Constitutionally aware. There are many others that immediately come to mind; Cynthia Lummis, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Martha McSally, Shelley Moore Capito, Penny Nance, Nikki Haley, Krisri Noem, Mary Fallin and Sabrina Schaeffer just to name a few.