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Mitch McConnell – Destined to Lose?

Mitch McConnell
Our friend Tony Lee over at Breitbart has a great report on the Kentucky Republican Senate primary between incumbent establishment Senator Mitch McConnell and Tea Party backed conservative Matt Bevin that gives some important evidence to support what CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has been saying for years – Republicans never win big elections unless they draw a sharp distinction between the conservative world view and the liberal world view.

Mr. Viguerie regularly tells audiences for his speeches and in his CHQ columns that to win Republicans must frame the campaign as a fight for traditional values, lower taxes, smaller, less intrusive government and respect for the individual and constitutional liberty. Nationalizing the election isn’t an automatic guarantee of victory, but the “stand for nothing” strategy usually adopted by establishment Republicans IS a guarantee of defeat.

Tony Lee reports that Matt Walsh, who has a conservative talk show on radio station WLAP and blogs at has much the same analysis of the Bevin vs. McConnell primary.

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 with host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Walsh noted that a female Democrat like the Democrats’ Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes can win when establishment Republicans do not fight back on the false "war on women" rhetoric, and he feared McConnell would not fight back against Grimes while Bevin would.

Walsh also said Democrat Grimes "shrinks away" from issues, and even though she "might bring Hollywood money" to Kentucky, she still has to connect with voters in the arena, which Grimes has not shown the ability to do yet.” 

Shrinking away from the issues makes Grimes the perfect empty vessel into which the national Democrats can pour the despicable rhetoric of their “war on women” campaign. 

Walsh also said all Grimes really has going for her is that she is a "woman, kind of attractive, [and] young." 

"She doesn't have ideas as far as I can tell," he said, noting that Grimes hides out on Obamacare and all the other big issues. 

We would tend to offer the same analysis of Mitch McConnell’s record – he brings a lot of inside-the-Beltway special interest money to the campaign and a reputation for bringing a lot of pork to Kentucky. 

McConnell's favorability ratings in Kentucky have been extremely low, thus making him vulnerable in a general election. Even though McConnell is adept at maneuvering pork back home to Kentucky he’s never going to outbid the Democrats for the votes of the clients of big government or defeat the Democrats’ war on women campaign with another dam on the Ohio River.

Beyond pork, on the big issues that nationalize a campaign and draw a sharp distinction between the conservative world view and the liberal world view Mitch McConnell is in trouble because -- let’s face it – McConnell is not a conservative. 

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McConnell must go

There is no doubt the primary battle between the establishment Republican: Mitch McConnell and the Tea Party backed conservative: Matt Bevin, transcends the Senate race itself, with implications for the 2016 presidential race. This is why, Mich McConnell must go, and go out with cymbals crashing, drums drumming, and horns blowing. Even if Matt Bevin is the most villainous, two-timing carpetbagger that ever left yankeeland to set foot on warm, southern soil, if he is supported by the Tea Party, it will be their voices heard in Washington without the need of a hearing aid of a primary challenger Mich McConnell is now having to wear to hear the voices of his own constituents back home over the voices of Washington's special interests.

The real strength of the Tea Party isn't in its candidates -- that's old school. What is new-school is the creation of an effective "after-the-election" voice stepping into the arena hitherto occupied only by the moneyed interests in Washington who can promise the new public officeholder re-election votes at election.

As one Republican Tea Party supporter to another, if you want your voice to speak louder in Washington after the 2014 elections, please support Matt Bevin.

ex animo

Bevin is not pro-life

Bevin is not pro-life. He says that he is on his website, but months ago he asked for feedback. I offered support if he is pro-life. He never replied. Please stop promoting him. Mitch McConnell has been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life. Failure to support Mitch McConnell is failure to support the pro-life movement.

-- Lisa Graas

Not Pro Life Not Everything

There is a lot more at stake than ending abortion here. What good is a life if it feels like it isn't worth living. It is more important to stop the advancement of Marxism and stateism so that all our lives will be worth living. Mitch McConnel has failed to stand up to the Obama administration and he needs to be removed from the senate. Remember, that if Bevins wins, that doesn't make him the leader of the senate, it just makes him a freshman senator. A freshman senator by himself is not going to be able to affect abortion one way or another, and Mc Connel could still be replaced by someone with the same view as McConnel on life. But as long as Roe VS Wade stands, it will probably require a Constitutional amendment to get rid of abortion, so the point is moot. Support Bevins.

Please research Bevin

Will a reporter at ConservativeHQ please research Matt Bevin? I've heard he's a carpetbagger without much of a Kentucky footprint?

More to the point, I've heard he's had dealings, business and political, with Connecticut's Dick Blumenthal.

As a CT resident, anyone who's associated with Blumenthal is S.U.S.P.E.C.T.! Blumenthal is a Dem partisan par excellence, Chris Dodd clone.

I would really like to know the truth about Bevin.

Bevin is from Connecticut and

Bevin is from Connecticut and the only people promoting him before Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed him were members of the DSCC. My view is that the only reason Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed him is revenge against Mitch McConnell for some personal issue because Bevin himself has only ever donated to Democrats, was promoted by the DSCC, announced his candidacy immediately after Grimes announced hers, and for a long time was only endorsed by one Tea Party person in Kentucky and she is a registered Democrat. Bevin has "stalking horse" written all over him.


I agree, we do not need any more democrats sneaking in under a false flag.