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Giving Thanks for Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Cruz and Palin
CHQ readers may have already heard the news that the Conservative Campaign Committee is running a “Thank you Ted Cruz” ad during multiple National Football League games this Thanksgiving holiday. 

The Conservative Campaign Committee created the ads to thank Texas Senator Cruz for his attempts to defund ObamaCare, and of course to remind viewers that, unlike the Republican establishment, a few conservatives actually fought the Democrats’ disastrous nationalization of our health care system.  

We understand the ads are only running in Texas markets, but you can watch one online courtesy of our friends at Breitbart by clicking this link.

Running a “thank you” ad like this during a football game is an interesting idea. No doubt it will get some media attention and help push the conservative message on ObamaCare to those football fans that don’t hit “mute” and run to the refrigerator for a turkey sandwich and a beer.

But even if the “Thank you Ted Cruz” ads aren’t terribly effective at moving numbers in polls, or whatever other metrics admen may apply to their work, we like the idea of a public thank you to – and for – leaders who actually stand up and lead on conservative principles.

The phrase “ever watchful providence of Almighty God,” was used by President Abraham Lincoln in his 1863 proclamation setting the last Thursday of November as a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise," from which our national Thanksgiving Day holiday derives.

At this time of year Americans traditionally gather with family and friends to count their blessings, however great or meager they might seem, and give thanks for them to the “ever watchful providence of Almighty God,” we encourage you to include giving thanks for the blessing of principled conservative leaders in those prayers of thanksgiving. For our own part this Thanksgiving Day we intend to include Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and the selfless patriots of the Tea Party movement in our prayers of thanksgiving. 

In an era when politics has all too often become a big business run by soulless consultants who are in it just for the money, the notion that the divine hand is at work when leaders arise to help save a nation’s greatness is pretty much out of style. We take that as evidence that America needs the “ever watchful providence of Almighty God” upon our leaders now more than ever.

As you gather around your table with your family this Thanksgiving Day we encourage you to include the blessing of principled conservative leaders in your list of the blessings you have received this year, and in the list those you hope for in the future, and when you do, to then open your heart to the possibility that YOU or someone at your table might very well be one of those principled conservative leaders you have been praying for. 

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Ted Cruz for President in 2016

It seems to me a 2016 Republican ticket for the Presidency of either Cruz/Pence or Cruz/West would be absolutely great for the future of America. Ted Cruz has revealed himself to be a proven conservative who we can depend upon to stand strongly for our values against Obama-non-care and every other threat to the survival of the republic. He would easily sweep up the Hispanic vote nationwide along with the conservative base of our party and surely a good deal of the Independents as well. His candidacy to become the first American President of Hispanic descent would be the greatest antidote imaginable to the Hillarious Clinton opposition being touted so far to date by the DNC. I would be delighted to see him stand up to Castro instead of (as we have seen in the case of Obama and his despotic imposition to this point of socialized medicine upon the unwilling nation) being a recipient of compliments from that notoriously depraved despot. Run, Ted, Run!