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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight – Especially In Congress

Federal Budget
When the end of a Session of Congress nears, bad things generally happen and this year some especially bad things are sitting out there waiting for a Midnight vote and passage with no one in Congress having actually read the bill.

The Farm bill is one of the biggest vehicles for pork and special interest giveaways and this year conservatives managed to derail the gravy train – at least temporarily.

Our friend Mike Flynn over at Breitbart reports that “While the Farm Bill has traditionally been chiefly about crop subsidies and other agricultural programs, the bill is overwhelmingly now about food stamps. Over the next five years, the Farm Bill will spend $500 billion, but 80% of that is consumed by the food stamp program. Spending on food stamps is currently the highest in history and cuts to the program are the main stumbling block to a final bill. Senate Democrats are looking for around $4 billion in cuts, out of around $400 billion in spending. House Republicans want $40 billion in cuts.“

In recent days, it has been reported that negotiators were nearing agreement on cuts of around $10 billion – down from the $40 billion the House wanted. If a final deal isn't reached in the next couple days, expect another temporary extension.

Flynn also reminds us that Democrats have made extending long-term unemployment benefits a key demand for any end of the year legislation because on December 31st, 1.3 million unemployed individuals hit the 99-week limit of benefits. Another extension, beyond the existing almost two years of unemployment benefits, would cost an estimated $25 billion.

Mike Flynn also raised another interesting point about which all conservatives should be concerned; judicial and executive branch appointments.

As Flynn pointed out, a couple weeks ago, Senate Democrats exercised the long-threatened "nuclear option," eliminating the filibuster for executive appointments and judicial nominations. These nominations can now pass by a simple majority. A few appointments and nominations to the DC Circuit have been blocked in the Senate. Democrats may push to have these nominees approved before the end of the year, when the controversy over the unprecedented procedure is obscured by the holidays.

Beyond the usual “bridge to nowhere” earmarks and wasteful spending we are concerned that amnesty advocates, such as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, may push through an amnesty proposal or some other immigration bill that will erode the rule of law and open the door to amnesty for young illegal aliens.

As the end of the year approaches there are going to be a whole slew of articles in the establishment media to the effect that this has been an “unproductive” Congress and that there is all kinds of unfinished business that must be rushed through the process before the end of the year.

If you believe, as we do, that the federal government has been overreaching and spending way beyond its means, then call your Congressman and Senators and tell them “no year-end rush, no midnight votes,” particularly on amnesty, judicial nominations and big spending bills like the Farm Bill. 

To read Mike Flynn's article in its entirety click this link

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No end of the yeardeals.Stick to your guns.

We want no deals on any immigration,farm bills, and on more spending.
The house has obamas henchmen where they want them. Now the house can rule and get what they propose.