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The Democrats Fear and Loathe Fox News

Fox News' Megyn Kelly
We’ve often remarked at how establishment Republicans are the Party of Stupid for the way they regularly hand-over the power to set the agenda in their own primary elections to their liberal opponents in the national media by inviting the liberals in the media to sit on the panels that ask the questions during the debates.

The national leadership of the Democratic Party has no interest in joining the Republican establishment in the folly of handing the power to frame the public narrative on important issues over to their conservative opponents and they routinely refuse to engage with conservative journalists.

The most recent example of the Democratic Party’s freeze-out of conservative journalists came in the wake of the House passage of the Ryan – Murray spending deal.

After the House Republican leadership jammed the spending bill through the House over the objections of conservatives by joining Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in her call to “embrace the suck,” and garnering enough Democratic votes to easily assure passage of the spending increase, you’d have thought that Democrats would have been happy to go before any TV camera to tout the new bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.

And they were as long as that camera was not run by FOX News.

Democratic Senator Patty Murray did a joint interview Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan for NBC’s Meet the Press and of course she also stood beaming with Ryan to announce the budget deal they cut together to raise current spending in exchange for spending reductions some time during Hillary Clinton’s second term as President. 

But appear with Ryan on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace – No way, said Murray.

Wallace said at the top of his segment with Ryan that Murray had turned down the interview, which he later confirmed was for “reasons other than appearing alongside Ryan,” according to our friends at Breitbart.

Senator Murray stiffing FOX while accepting NBC reminds us of how pressure from liberal organizations scuttled a FOX sponsored debate between the 2008 Democratic presidential candidates in the key primary state of Nevada. 

When the FOX debate was announced liberal blogs and groups, as well as some Nevada Democrats, had demanded that Fox be removed as a sponsor, arguing that its coverage was slanted toward Republicans.

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of Daily Kos, one of the most biggest liberal blogs, began polling the Democratic 2008 presidential field to see who would attend the debate, and of course to intimidate them into not attending. And liberal activist group collected more than 250,000 signatures, demanding that Fox be dropped as a sponsor. 

According to The New York Times, “In response to the query from Mr. Moulitsas, John Edwards said he would not participate. His campaign cited Fox as a factor, as well as a heavy schedule.” Moulitsas later reported that Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who first had said he would attend, had decided against it. Nevada Democratic leaders, attempting to salvage what they had hoped would be a good opportunity to reach a new group of voters went so far as to offer a compromise in which an affiliate of liberal (and now defunct) radio network Air America would also broadcast the debate, and promised a “progressive” voice would be added to the panel of moderators.

All to no avail, the pressure from the liberal activists was too strong and the debate was cancelled.

Imagine a Democratic presidential debate or interview with one of the Democratic Party’s Capitol Hill leaders conducted by Megyn Kelly, George F. Will, Brit Hume and Michael Barone or Chris Wallace. It’ll never happen because, unlike establishment Republicans who never seem to learn, Democrats are way too smart to hand-over the power to set the national conversation on their issues to the conservative journalists of FOX News.

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they're leftists, not "liberal"

Mark R. Levin is liberal. Rush and David Limbaugh are liberal. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin are liberal. Sean Hannity is a mushy always-11-year-old-boy liberal. Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and JamesMadison were liberal. There's nothing at all wrong with liberality.

John Adams and George Washington were more centrists -- though each sometimes leaned to the authoritarian and sometimes to the liberal.

The people at the WaComPo, Kos, NYTimes, Boston Globe, MoveBackToTheDarkAges, SFChron, Cincinnati Enquirer/Post/Times/Star, NBC, SacBee, Youngstown Vindicator, and San Jose Murk are dyed-in-the-wool authoritarian collectivist leftists.

Democrats fear and loathe THE TRUTH

I agree with everything the first poster here commented on. Fox News is without a doubt the best of the major television news stations, but is far from being fully truthful, Conservative, or even "to the right". Fox News is just not as "politically correct" as the other TV "news" sources so they have to be despised by Democrats and "the left". I am sure most of you reading this know that "political correctness" is in essence a tactic used primarily by, and intentionally by, liars, con-men, and politicians, for the sole purpose of avoiding the truth. As such it has become the blessed gospel, and holy scripture of Liberalism.


We have all heard the old saying that " the truth will set you free", but that is not quite accurate, and assumes too much. A more accurate saying would be "the truth will set a virtuous and honest man free, and will condemn a corrupt and dishonest man".

Fox shows how far Left the GOP/the nation has gone

Fox is not conservative.

Is it to the right of the Democrat party?


But that does not make it constitutional or conservative.

The fact that the Dems don't want to appear on the slightly right of center Fox News shows JUST HOW FAR the GOP has ALLOWED the country to move to the left by NOT being an actual OPPOSITION party. Case in point: The Out-Of-Control Spending of the DC GOP from 2000 to 2006.

Fox News is Exhibit A of the uneducated, low-informed shift to the Progressive left of BOTH parties in the country.

Exhibit B is Fox's reigning king, Charles Krauthammer, who left his practice in the 70s to work for Carter and was also a Mondale employee. The fact that Krauthammer is now considered a paragaon of so-called conservatism at Fox News shows just how Progressive Establishment that network is.

Exhibit C is Brit Hume's declaring just yesterday that "Boehner is now strong enough to take on the tea party." Hume's words just continue his pattern of Establishment Progressive standard-bearing dating back to at least the 2012 primary in which he had an on-air meltdown the night that Gingrich won the South Carolina primary over the GOP Progressive Establishment Favored One, Romney.

Is Fox better than the rest of the media? Yes.

But it is still part of the problem rather than part of the cure.

Fear and Loathing (on the campaign trail in 1972)

I suspect the title of this article stems from Hunter S. Thompson's very insightful book about the 1972 unsuccessful McGovern campaign.

There is certainly sufficient "loathing" of Fox by the Progressives, but please add the required final "e" to "loath" in the title of this article.

The Democrats (and I) do judge you when you use "bad grammar." ;)