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What A&E Doesn’t Get About Phil Robertson And Duck Dynasty’s Success

Duck Dynasty
The firing of Phil Robertson, founder of the Duck Commander business and patriarch of the Robertson family of cable TV’s number one hit “Duck Dynasty,” made starkly clear the anti-Christian, totalitarian instincts of the politically correct Left and their radical homosexual allies.

Apparently lost in A&E’s prompt cave-in to the pressure from the homosexual thought police was any introspection as to why “Duck Dynasty” was such a roaring success – at least until now.

We would like to suggest that the reason "Duck Dynasty" was succeeding in large measure because it is the one place on entertainment television where church and Christian teachings aren’t just something you do only on Sundays. Where you can hear about the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and actually see a family talking about their Christian values and living them in their daily lives. 

"Duck Dynasty" shows us about having fun hunting and fishing, playing practical jokes, making a lot of money – and giving Christ the glory for your success.

There may be some small percentage of "Duck Dynasty"’s 9 million viewers who watch the show for the same reasons people go to the zoo: to see the exotic creatures that you don’t see wandering around the liberal enclaves of Hollywood and Manhattan’s tonier zip codes.

But based on our anecdotal research, the (now former) "Duck Dynasty" fans we’ve talked to like and watch the show because they saw it as a show about them – about us – the Americans in the southern end of “flyover country” who are largely ignored by the media elite.

In “Duck Dynasty” A&E had all four of “Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing” sewn-up tight. 

They had filled a unique “hole in the marketplace” with the only program on TV about a successful family business out in real America where hunting and fishing are part of everyday life for millions of potential customers for their advertisers.

They had differentiated their program from the rest of entertainment TV programming by making it family friendly and overtly Christian in its content.

The benefit to A&E’s advertisers was the opportunity to communicate with, and sell products to, a huge and largely ignored demographic.

The "Duck Dynasty" brand (really a combination of the other three "horsemen") was this: it's fun and cool to hunt, fish, play practical jokes – and be a practicing Christian.

By firing Phil Robertson for his Christian witness, all of that -- and the millions of dollars A&E could have made for its shareholders -- is now probably out the window.

The fact that A&E fired Robertson for witnessing for Christian teachings on sin, sex and human behavior is somewhat unremarkable in the sense that it happens to Christians regularly.

The efforts of the Left to drive any public expression of Christian values and teachings from the public square has become so common that, if it didn’t affect cable TV’s number one show, most of the media would have ignored it.

What A&E and the rest of Hollywood’s politically correct elite don’t seem to understand is that there aren’t just three national TV networks any more. The new and alternative media has broken the urban elites’ lock on mass communication. There are hundreds of channels on cable TV and nearly unlimited opportunities online. 

Someone, somewhere, sometime soon will fill the hole in the marketplace A&E has just abandoned, either by moving “Duck Dynasty” to a more Christian-friendly cable channel or by following Glenn Beck’s lead and going online. Hollywood can make it tougher to get the message out, but they can no longer impose their values on the rest of America by censoring Christians like Phil Robertson.

Please sign our petition to A&E demanding that Phil Robertson be reinstated to his role in "Duck Dynasty" and that the network stop censoring Christian content from the program.

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Phil Robertson is shining a

Phil Robertson is shining a light into all our eyes . Teaches us whats important in this world. Teaches us important values in life. He also teaches us Christains to become better Christians. In my eyes Phil Robertson is a servant of God. And what he said about gays , he spoke of GOD'S WORDS. All I can say is we all will face God on judement day. And it's bad when gays have more rights than us having religious rights. We the people as Christians are God's children.

What we can do to support Phil & DD!

There is a disturbing trend in America to punish those who have traditional views.
People have been fired or suspended and photographers, bakeries, etc. have been fined for thought crimes.

These people are not advocating hate, angst, or any kind of political statement but they simply have traditional stances. People should be allowed to practice their faith and/or free speech rights as long as it doesn't hurt anyone's person or property.

This is still America, we still have the spirit of the Bill of Rights, let's keep it. This may be our last major chance to right these wrongs as Phil Robertson is the latest victim of committing a thought crime & being fired from the most popular show ever, Duck Dynasty. We have to take a stand before people go back to sleep and liberties keep getting lost.

Some examples:
Craig James was fired from Fox Sports Southwest because of remarks made concerning gays in his unsuccessful 2012 senate run:

Dr. Angela McCaskill, Gallaudet University’s chief diversity officer, was suspended after signing a petition that allowed a traditional marriage law to be placed on the ballot.

Jack Phillip is a baker who declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couples because his Christian beliefs. A Colorado judge has ordered him to make cakes for same-sex couples.

What can be done regarding Phil, Duck Dynasty, & values:
Sign a letter of support to Phil:

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A& E contacts:
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Call A&E at 212-210-1400

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