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Join Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz – Stand With Phil Robertson

Palin, Robertson, and Cruz
While most politicians run for cover when anything that remotely offends the politically correct thought police makes its way into the headlines, Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal may have had the best line of any politician commenting on the firing of "Duck Dynasty"’s Phil Robertson when he said, “It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

However, Senator Ted Cruz really nailed the fundamental issue at stake in the A&E network’s firing of Robertson: 

“If you believe in free speech or religious liberty, you should be deeply dismayed over the treatment of Phil Robertson. Phil expressed his personal views and his own religious faith; for that, he was suspended from his job. In a free society, anyone is free to disagree with him--but the mainstream media should not behave as the thought police censoring the views with which they disagree,” said Cruz in a statement posted on his campaign website.

Cruz’s strong statement in favor of free speech and religious liberty was echoed by how many other Republican Senators?

None, as far as we could tell, unless their comments were buried someplace past page five of our Google search. 

Aside from Ted Cruz, it appears the only other national Republican political figures to defend freedom of speech and religious liberty in this controversy were Bobby Jindal and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin quickly went on Facebook to voice her support for Phil Robertson’s right to freedom of speech saying:

“Free speech is an endangered species,” Palin posted with a photo of herself and the "Duck Dynasty" family. “Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.”

Palin later appeared on FOX News’ Sean Hannity program and said if Americans feel like A&E is marginalizing and stifling someone "who is filled with faith and gospel," they will be "smart enough to understand what's going on here," and, as a result, "A&E's going to feel it."

Our friend Tony Lee over at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood was watching Hannity and Palin and noted Governor Palin echo our own position on where this is headed for A&E.

Palin said A&E "really screwed up" in getting rid "of the most popular patriarch on television today." Tony reported that she said other networks, including the Sportsman Channel on which she will have her own reality show in the spring of 2014, would "nab these guys up in a heartbeat."

As Ted Cruz said, “The reason that so many Americans love 'Duck Dynasty' is because it represents the America usually ignored or mocked by liberal elites: a family that loves and cares for each other, believes in God, and speaks openly about their faith.”

Please join Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal by signing our petition demanding A&E reinstate Phil Robertson and end the censoring of his Christian witness.

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Fence Straddlers

The Christian good folks of the media punditry world of Fox News were in rather a quandary about the choice of words that Phil Robertson used as descriptive of homosexual behavior. There was, of course no first amendment issue at all.
Evidently word choice in order to be acceptable for conservative usage has to conform to certain criteria. Phil used a linkage to homosexual behavior or sodomy to a similarity to bestiality as does Webster's dictionary and Biblical definition. Webster's says that "sexual contact between males "or" sexual contact between human beings and animals defines the word sodomy. Political correctness wants you to believe that sodomy is not applicable to the homosexual lifestyle choice.
As a person who believes that natural law and biblical correctness that defines Constitutional cultural norms trumps political correctness both as a lifestyle and word choices, Phil Robertson was precisely correct in word choice and in correct definition of the homosexual lifestyle.

The Anti-Religious Agenda Of A&E

It is pretty clear, if one examines the facts that A&E's decision to 'indefinitely suspend' Phil Robertson was motivated by anti-religious bias.Fight Back Against The Anti-Religious Bias Of A&E

What we can do to support Phil & DD!

There is a disturbing trend in America to punish those who have traditional views.
People have been fired or suspended and photographers, bakeries, etc. have been fined for thought crimes.

These people are not advocating hate, angst, or any kind of political statement but they simply have traditional stances. People should be allowed to practice their faith and/or free speech rights as long as it doesn't hurt anyone's person or property.

This is still America, we still have the spirit of the Bill of Rights, let's keep it. This may be our last major chance to right these wrongs as Phil Robertson is the latest victim of committing a thought crime & being fired from the most popular show ever, Duck Dynasty. We have to take a stand before people go back to sleep and liberties keep getting lost.

Some examples:
Craig James was fired from Fox Sports Southwest because of remarks made concerning gays in his unsuccessful 2012 senate run:

Dr. Angela McCaskill, Gallaudet University’s chief diversity officer, was suspended after signing a petition that allowed a traditional marriage law to be placed on the ballot.

Jack Phillip is a baker who declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couples because his Christian beliefs. A Colorado judge has ordered him to make cakes for same-sex couples.

What can be done regarding Phil, Duck Dynasty, & values:
Sign a letter of support to Phil:

Sign petitions in support of Phil:

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A& E contacts:
[email protected]
Call A&E at 212-210-1400

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