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Judges Join Hollywood in War on Christians

Duck Dynasty
Conservatives have long decried the corrupting influence of Hollywood and the “entertainment” industry on American culture and values, and for almost as long objected to activist federal judges and “judge-made law” that defies the plain language of the Constitution or creates new law without any constitutional basis.

Now those two corrupting influences have come together in a remarkable confluence that makes clear the goals of the secular elite’s war on traditional religious teachings, and especially their war on traditional Christian teaching.

The secular cultural elite want judges to declare that their belief that Christian teachings on marriage, sexual mores and sin are “irrational” is the law of the land. 

And this past few weeks the secular elite won two remarkable victories in that war.

In his Brown v. Buhman, opinion issued on December 13, 2013, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups struck down Utah’s law making polygamy a crime. Never mind the fact that as a condition for admission to the Union in 1896, Congress required Utah to outlaw polygamy or marriage between three or more persons.

On December 20, 2013, in a 53-page ruling in the matter of Kitchen v. Herbert, U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby struck down Utah’s laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Judge Shelby’s opinion also declared sexual behavior to define a “suspect class” of people, which Ken Klukowski, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, reminds us “means those defined by their sexual activity enjoy protection equal to that which the Constitution secures for matters pertaining to race.”

Now here’s the key point, Judge Shelby additionally held that traditional marriage laws are not at all related to advancing any legitimate public interest and as such are completely irrational.

This language, and the notion that laws defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman are “irrational” mirrors the finding of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its various holdings striking down laws, including the California voter-passed Prop 8 initiative.

Rich Lowry writing for National Review Online pretty well summed-up where this battle is headed back in March of this year.  

As Lowry pointed out, in an amicus brief in the Supreme Court’s review of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty made clear the consequences if traditional marriage is deemed irrational. Religious people and groups objecting to same-sex marriage will “face a wave of private civil litigation under anti-discrimination laws never intended for that purpose,” and they will be “penalized by state and local governments.”

In other words, said Lowry, supporters of the exotic-sounding practice of “opposite-sex marriage” will be marginalized forevermore.

Marginalizing those who practice traditional Christian teachings on marriage, sexual mores and sin has long been the goal of the secular cultural elite. 

We’ve seen this past month in the firing of Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty TV program, the finding by a Colorado administrative law judge that baker Jack Phillips must use his art in the service of same-sex “marriage” celebrations and now in these two rulings from federal courts in Utah a powerful coming together of secular elite allies.

Christian believers must understand that this is no longer a polite political debate, this is war. The forces are gathering on the other side for a final push to declare all expressions of Christian conscience to be “irrational” and to prohibit any overt Christian influence in public policy and in culture. Please forward this article to your friends, family and church members. Tell them that ignoring the battle is no longer an option and that the only way for Christians to win this war is for each of us to get in the fight today.

Time is running out and ignoring the battle is no longer an option. 

Click here to sign our "I Stand with Phil" petition and get in the fight to end Hollywood's discrimination against Christians and preserve one of the few expressions of Christian values in popular culture. 

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Corrupt judges

Easy solution to these morally bankrupt judges that are actively assassinating our culture - track them down and shoot them. Period. Quit screwing around. Just start putting a bullet in their skulls, and this crap will come to a screeching halt. Once they fear for their lives, they will think twice about passing immoral rulings upon the citizenry. It really is time to begin shooting these activist judges and the politicians who put them on the bench.