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Phil Robertson Controversy Reveals The Left’s Kill Switch on Dissent

Phil Robertson Cartoon
Back in the days when three television networks and a handful of elite print newspapers and magazines decided what was “all the news that’s fit to print,” or be broadcast, conservatives were generally marginalized by the national media. 

It was hard, if not impossible, to find the conservative point of view on television.  Walter Cronkite of CBS and his establishment media colleagues at ABC and NBC would go on air at 6:30 PM and by 7:00 PM America would be told what to think… and it wouldn’t be that lower taxes, less government, more freedom and that communism was evil and dangerous were good ideas.

This remained true into the 1970s and 1980s, even as Ronald Reagan rose to national prominence and won two landslide elections.  

If you were a conservative on a college campus or in a suburban neighborhood reading the newspapers and watching TV you were marooned in a world where the elite opinion makers of New York and Washington found your ideas fit to be ignored or attacked, but not printed or aired. 

The one means we conservatives had to get our message out, to share ideas and to bypass the establishment media filter was direct mail – the first and most long-lived form of new and alternative media.

Later talk radio, led by Rush Limbaugh, and FOX News on TV gave conservatives a voice in the public square and the internet and email finally removed the elite media filters from the news and commentary once and for all.

Or did it? 

The firing of Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty," the top-rated entertainment program on cable television, has revealed that the “unfiltered” new and alternative media of the internet isn’t really so unfiltered after all.

It turns out that both Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social media sites on the web, have been interfering with, and in some cases suppressing, communications in support of Robertson or opposing his firing for his Christian witness on Biblical teachings on sexual mores, human behavior and sin.

Our friends over at NewsMax report that attempts to tweet the URL resulted in a message reading "Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content." 

Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer and host of the blocked URL claims that his experience marked the third time a pro-Phil Robertson social media account had been blocked or interfered with.

We found a report that a Facebook account had also been suspended or at least temporarily blocked for having too many “likes” for its pro-Phil Robertson petition. 

As our friends at NewsMax noted, Twitter has held itself out as a bastion of free speech. The Arab Spring protests were largely fueled by Twitter and Twitter has apparently contributed mightily to the ongoing struggle for freedom in Ukraine and other places around the world.

Phil Robertson supporters aren’t asking for Twitter or Facebook to support their views, even though they represent the Biblical teachings on sexual mores, human behavior and sin, they just want the media companies to get out of the way and allow Christians to express their views.

Free speech advocates and civil libertarians have long-feared that the federal government was striving to implement, or already had, a “kill switch” on the internet. Their fears are well founded, but it may not be the government we should be worrying about.

It seems strange that the internet companies oppose or have such a hard time eliminating even the most vile pornography from the web, but manage to quickly stamp out dissent from their own secular liberal views.

We think that there’s a pattern developing here – and the implementation of a “cultural kill switch” through which any opinion outside those of the secular liberal elite is automatically deleted from the supposedly free and unfiltered internet.

We urge you to fight back against this new manifestation of elite control of news and opinion. If you have a problem sending a Tweet or accessing Facebook content in support of Phil Robertson you can email Twitter at press[at]twitter[dot]com or contact Facebook at press[at]fb[dot]com . 

By the way, Chris Stone’s organization, Faith Driven Consumer, puts into effect our frequent observation about the market power of Christians. 

As Stone pointed out on his website, in addition to breaking nearly every cable TV record and bringing in huge dollars for A&E, Duck Dynasty’s product tie-ins are projected to bring in more than $400 million dollars in revenue by the end of 2013. There are more than 75 licensing deals in effect and, if you can find any left in the stores, more than 1,200 Robertson-related products currently available in stores nationwide this Christmas shopping season.

Chris Stone says the 46 million-strong Faith Driven Consumer market segment, spends $1.75 trillion annually, and is rallying in support of Phil Robertson and is closely watching the A&E Network’s response. 

You can fight back, and win, by joining us in supporting Phil Robertson. Click here to sign and share our petition.

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What Kind of Patriots Are You Anyway IF.......

you are not willing to give up cable when these things happen.......

The founders gave up what?

But we can't give up ...... ?cable?

Of course the cable companies (and their agenda) ***win*** in that scenario.....

And the cable companies KNOW it.


The sportscaster was nixed. No one stopped watching sports.

No one that I know of.

No one even suggested it.

Now, we're willing to boycott a *restaurant* who is only indirectly involved.


With cable companies' *buy the whole package and filter out what you don't want approach*, that (almost) EVERYONE FELL FOR, they already won back then.

If you don't demand change now, they still win.

And you loose - and so do I ......... the difference is that I was never, never, never ever suckered into their 'buy the whole package and filter out what you don't want approach.

There were whole channels that were vile and evil in their purpose. I was not about to support them.

It's not a matter of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. - where people decide to support or boycott specific sponsors.


Will this be a wake up call finally?

Or do they still win, and do we still lose?

It's up to you, America.

America's got... _______ (what?).

You fill in the blank.

My answer

I simply stopped watching T.V. after the depression. I started reading again and taught myself to use the computer. I started to do all the things that I planned to do if I ever had the time, because now I did have the time. What is the sense of watching other people doing interesting things on T.V. when you could be doing the same thing in real life? Cooking channel? Buy an interesting cookbook and try making some recipes in your own kitchen. Fishing shows? Get a fishing license! I lost weight and gained muscle. My brain is clearer. I no longer have the addiction of watching the boob tube. Remember though, to kick any addiction you have to have a plan to occupy the space that the addiction filled in your life. Come up with that plan.