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Establishment GOP Leaders Take The 30 Pieces Of Silver To Pass Amnesty

Obama and Haley Barbour
Just in case you had any illusions left about whose side the Republican establishment is on in the fight to stop legislation to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, former Mississippi Governor and Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barber is here to straighten you out. 

The Republican establishment is on the side of the cheap labor wing of Big Business and its “buy the Hispanic vote” allies on Capitol Hill.

Barber, the Republican super-lobbyist, who never really hung-up his cleats while he was Governor of Mississippi, is back at his lobbying firm and has signed-on as a co-chairman of the Immigration Task Force at the Bipartisan Policy Center, which supports Gang of Eight–style comprehensive immigration “reform.”

At this point it is not entirely clear who is paying Barbour’s expensive lobbying fees to work the amnesty issue, but according to reporting by National Review Online’s Andrew Stiles, Barbour has been one of the most aggressive behind-the-scenes lobbyists for comprehensive reform, even reaching out to the Gang of Eight’s most ardent opponents.

As Stiles observed, in a January 2, 2014, article, “to those who want the Republican party to adopt a more populist message that distinguishes between pro-business and pro-free-market policies, Barbour is a fitting embodiment of the nexus between big business and K Street — the sort of crony capitalism that the GOP should be working to erode rather than foster.”

And other conservatives, such as The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney, have provided plenty of evidence that Barbour is an advocate of the kind of Big Government Republicanism that got the GOP voted out of power in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

As Carney reported, “Republicans often tout a free, or lightly regulated market as the best method to distribute goods and services, but for Barbour, that principle does not apply to agriculture, which he [Barbour] says needs the government interference to function properly.”

According to Carney and Stiles agriculture isn’t Barbour's only departure from a free market. The much-touted job growth that came to Mississippi under his governing, was in some cases due to “to rank favoritism and special-interest deals more akin to Obama than Reagan,”  for instance, subsidies for a biofuels plant and the veto of eminent domain legislation that was opposed by Toyota, now a Barbour lobbying client by the way.

Alabama’s principled conservative Senator Jeff Sessions got it right when he wrote in a recent column, “prominent amnesty advocates, including Mark Zuckerberg and top Obama administration officials, have argued that amnesty is a civil right. Mr. Zuckerberg’s motivation is not elusive. He heads a lobbying group representing many of his industry’s wealthiest CEOs, and their companies wish to extract generous guest-worker programs from Congress. Similar efforts are underway from other CEOs seeking new workers for everything from manufacturing to construction to restaurant jobs. Presumably, Mr. Zuckerberg believes it is more advantageous to frame the group’s lobbying as a civil-rights crusade than as a corporate crusade for lower-cost foreign labor.” 

“The upside-down conception of rights increasingly articulated by amnesty activists would mean that when an illegal worker seeks a job sought or held by an American worker, the civil-rights equity is on the side of the illegal worker.”

Sessions rightly observed that the Republican Party does little to rebut these immigration fallacies. Although the GOP is the one group standing between the American people and the cultural and political disaster of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens would produce, its formal message has been, according to Sessions, “muddled and uninspired.” 

Rather than clearly opposing the “Gang of Eight” immigration plan and exposing its flaws, the GOP’s response to the cheap labor pressure campaign has been passive, weak-kneed, and lacking in principle. That is to be expected and, unfortunately, is all too typical of a Party whose leading establishment figures, like Haley Barbour, readily take the 30 pieces of silver from Wall Street, rather than fight for American workers, the rule of law and American exceptionalism.

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When it comes to push and shove, congressional rats only care about who is keeping their rice bowls full, their wallets fat, and their time in spin city east comfortable until it is time for these bottom feeding scum suckers to retire on the taxpayers dime and a fat check from their "providers".


I have the utmost sympathy and compassion for all of the poor Hispanic families who, while picnicking in the desert, got lost and wandered inadvertently into the USA. I say let's feed them a good meal, and give them a pocket copy of our Constitution, and bus ticket back to their homes.
Unfortunately, that is not what we are really dealing with though. What we are REALLY dealing with are foreign criminals (aka. illegal aliens, undocumented workers, new Americans). These people are criminals who purposely and intentionally sneak and steal their way across our borders. Once here, the first thing they do is hunker down and hide from the law enforcement officers that we pay to keep them from stealing their way into OUR Country. This costs the American tax payers money, and endangers the lives of our law enforcement, and ourselves. The next thing these foreign criminals do is to scheme to steal entry into OUR Country for their brothers, cousins, gang members and drunk uncle Onyango Bonobo's. Then they give birth to more foreign criminals at OUR hospitals, and steal payment for those births from the tax payers who actually worked for, earned, and deserved those hospital services. These foreign criminals then proceed to steals OUR jobs, OUR benefits, OUR language, OUR culture, and with the help and support of our liberal enemies, they steal OUR elections, OUR country, and OUR future.
I support immediately sealing our southern border, not as much to prevent more foreign criminals from entering, but rather to prevent them from scurrying back across our borders with the money and goods they have stolen while here. Let us intercept and examine all electronic and mail shipments heading south, and confiscate all moneys, and goods being sent out of OUR Country by these foreign criminals. Let this money be applied to OUR national debt. Then let us offer tax breaks for information leading the arrest and conviction of these foreign criminals to boost OUR economy. Then let us deport every one of these foreign criminals to their originating countries, and bill their countries for any and all expenses incurred in the purging of said foreign criminals from OUR Country. I say lets not just turn off the magnet that draws foreign criminals to us as easy prey, but lets turn that magnet around 180 degrees to expel these foreign criminals.
The corrupt and loony libs will contend that these foreign criminals are just, poor, hard working, honest people who want freedom, liberty, and economic opportunities that they can not get in their home countries. If this is true, then there is no better way to get freedom and economic opportunities in their home countries, than to flood their home countries with the tens of millions of such seeking people who are currently in OUR Country illegally.
I know, I know, none of this jives with our Presidents strict policies of affirmative RASCISM, but as far as I am concerned, he can go south and spread his campaign BS to be THEIR Prez.


I could not said it any better./
As for our traitors in the GOP We need to black list them from all amenatives
that loyal AMERICANS enjoy.
In fact they are creating treason. SO! treat them as such.
This may seem a bit harsh but they are betraying all of us AMERICANS.