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Is It Time To Drop Chris Christie From Our Presidential Poll?

Chris Christie
New Jersey establishment Republican Governor Chris Christie’s involvement in the Big Government bullying associated with the monumental traffic jam created by the politically motivated closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge at Fort Lee may or may not have damaged Christie’s prospects in the 2016 Republican primaries.

Polls show little damage to Christie’s reputation in New Jersey – perhaps because Garden State voters already knew they were getting a Big Government bully when they reelected him by a record margin last November.

Christie’s prospects nationally remain mixed.

When “Bridge-Gate” broke establishment Republicans quickly demanded that conservatives close ranks behind the embattled establishment favorite.

Conservative commentators, such as the staff of CHQ, pointed out that Christie’s behavior is all too reminiscent of the kind of bullying one might expect from Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder or HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius, not a conservative whose view of government is one of constitutional limits on the personal power of public officials.

Christie, while never number one in our CHQ 2016 Republican Presidential Straw Poll, has always been one of the top, if not the top, establishment Republican pick.

However, with Christie’s reputation now seriously damaged by “Bridge-Gate” we here at CHQ are wondering if his problems haven’t cleared a path for another of the Republican establishment’s perennial favorites: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Please let us know what you think by voting in our daily debate poll and by voting in this week’s CHQ 2016 Republican Presidential Straw Poll.

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He was never on my list!

This liberal, Obama lover should never be on anyone's list for any position - president, governor, dog catcher!

Drop him or keep him... doesn't matter

He's damaged goods in the eyes of the elders among the Establishment Republicans. He's always kowtowed to them, not the conservative base. He's certainly no grassroots conservative.


Hey, Jeb Bush would be my pick but I certainly could live with Christie as opposed to Obama!!

Chris Christie

Yes, he should joint the Demorat Party. He fits better there.

Leave him in

I don't support Chris Christie, but it is way too early to count him out. I think he should stay in the poll as an indicator of what support for a feisty RINO is. I plan to support a real conservative, but I think Christie still has a chance to win the nomination (and Jeb Bush would be even worse), so he should stay in the poll to give us a chance to vote against him.

Christie in polls

If Chris Christie runs high in public opinion polls we can not ignore him as a vote getter. McCain and Rudy Giuliani ran high in polls but Rudy fell in 2008 when voters saw his personal history in the news. Chris can win the nomination only one way. If conservatives stay divided and he gets a lot of swing voters.
He must not be our nominee. And he will get not one conservative vote imo CC does not see us as part of his team and distrusts conservatives as much as we do him.

Giuliani lost in 2008 because

Giuliani lost in 2008 because he devalued too many early primaries (SC, Iowa, NH) taking him out of the news cycle. He had lost momentum by Florida, and his large war chest dried up. A focus on the big states rather than early primaries was a strategy never attempted before, and with good reason.

The successful Presidential finds traction in Iowa and/or New Hampshire

The GOP needs to chose a Libertarian

Drop Christie

What took you so long to ask? Flush that double-talking walrus!

Christie should be out for 2016

The recent scandal is the strae to break the camel's back because Christie is a DNC clone RINO. We need a true and proven conservative running for the Presidency on the Republican ticket for 2016 for which my vote goes to Senator Ted Cruz for President!

Dropping names from the presidential poll

YES - drop RINO Christie - but while you are at it please drop Cruz, Santorum, Rubio, and Jindal.

None of these guys are "natural born citizens" as required by the Constitution. Cruz was born outside the U.S. of a non-citizen father, and the parents of the others were not U.S. citizens at the time of their respective births. Including ineligible candidates distorts the polling results and diminishes its significance.

Drop Christie

Heck no!! Get all the facts before throwing him under the bus!!


First of all the TEA PARTY needs to get it's act together. The petty name throwing at Republicans is hurting the party and giving the lame stream media ammunition to constantly portray the party in turmoil. Get off the defund Obama Care baloney. It will never happen with a Democratic senate and President. So provide alternatives or how to fix it.
Secondly conservatives need to look for a governor for President. Take one from a State that is successful. Don't ever dismiss a candidate. Don't jump for one yet. Hell its 3 years out.
Find winning candidates to run for the senate and keep the house. Provide and support candidates that will win. If the intent is to reach across the isle then pull them to our side not move to theirs.
Attempt to use the Reagan example which is to provide acceptable programs and solutions to help this nation. Energy is a way to promote jobs and the economy. Less regulations and a smaller government.
Winning conservative governor's is what we need for President candidates. For now lets work on conservative senate candidates.

Christie & CHQ Prez Poll

Using political reality as a comparison standard, I think Gov. Christie should be kept on the CHQ Prez Poll as a contrary indicator.


There are many in NJ willing to give their Guv another chance provided hard evidence does not crop up in the long run to tie him to this bridge scandal, that is fine for the "NJ ites" for conservatives such as myself, Christie has already compromised the party platform and done as all RINO's do, crossed the aisle to give the left a hand up, worst thing he could do to prove party sincerity to a Conservative....