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Why Dr. Ben Carson Should Be A Republican Candidate For President

Ben Carson
The more Dr. Ben Carson takes himself out of the race for the Republican nomination for President, the more reasons we seem to find to wish he would get in. Among the many reasons why Dr. Ben Carson should be in the race for President one stands out above all others – he is one of the most articulate advocates for the right-to-life in public life today.

Yes, there are other good solid pro-life candidates among those testing the waters for 2016, and former Senator Rick Santorum drew much of his support in 2012 from the right-to-life movement because of his longtime advocacy for their cause.

But no candidates can match Dr. Carson’s firsthand experience of actually walking the walk and saving lives that would have otherwise been discarded in America’s secular liberal culture of death and few have his ability, or the courage, to straightforwardly confront the contradictions and immorality of that culture.

In a Tuesday, January 21, 2014 op-ed in The Washington Times, Ben Carson was at his best in confronting secular liberals and their allies in the media when he wrote:

“Most of us instinctively want to protect helpless creatures and sometimes go to great lengths to do so. The television commercials about abused animals are very poignant and as a society, we sometimes delay or cancel large construction projects to protect an “endangered” insect, amphibian or fish. Yet many of us turn a blind eye to the wanton slaughter of millions of helpless human babies who are much more sophisticated than some of the other creatures, when nothing is at stake other than the convenience of one or both parents. I am not saying that we should abandon our efforts to save baby seals and a host of other animals. Rather I am saying shouldn’t we consider adding human fetuses and babies to the list?”

Dr. Carson went on the make the case that it is important to try to understand the emotional state of young women seeking an abortion, instead of judging and condemning them, we need to provide compassion and support. They need to be provided with easy access to adoption services and information about assistance available to them if they decide to keep the baby. Carson speaks from experience having visited many warm, inviting facilities around the country that exist solely for the purpose of helping these young women.

Equally important Carson says it is time to forget about those politically correct people who say all lifestyles are equal and inform those young women about the true consequences of out-of-wedlock birth for those who are not financially independent. We need to make sure they understand that they can provide a much better life for themselves and their children when they plan ahead and value themselves appropriately.

The courage to confront the politically correct crowd with the truth, compassion and articulately and unabashedly defending the right-to-life, while many public figures we like and respect have some of these attributes it is hard to find a candidate that has all of them, as Dr. Ben Carson does. We know an individual who has never been elected to public office and who does not have great personal wealth will have a hard time being elected President, but Ben Carson would make all Republican candidates better just by being in the game.

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