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Taking the Senate Isn’t About Politics, It’s About People

Our friends at Americans for Prosperity, are, according to media reports, putting more than half a million dollars behind an ad campaign attacking Arkansas liberal Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the upcoming midterm elections.

Pryor’s Republican opponent is Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, a conservative boat-rocker we endorsed in the crowded 2012 GOP primary for the open Arkansas District 4 seat.

You can view the ad here and it makes the great point that the fight over Obamacare isn’t about politics, it’s about people.

The people part of the equation is generally lost in establishment Republican content-free campaigns and if our friends at APF were only running their $606,000 ad campaign against Pryor we’d be concerned.

But Americans for Prosperity is one of the few national policy organizations that gets that “politics is about people” and it doesn’t see that phrase as just a catchy ad slogan.

“This is I think the first of many fronts that we’re going to approach Sen. Pryor on,” AFP’s Arkansas State Director Jason Cline told The Daily Caller. Cline says that the group will also have a “very aggressive” ground game — knocking on doors and running phone banks — to tell voters “how bad it’s going to be for families and businesses” under Obamacare, and that Pryor was one of the people who voted to enact the law.

“It’s a full assault,” Cline told the DC.

Over the next several months APF is going to host a number of “people oriented” events and actions in Arkansas and other states to educate citizens about economic policy and mobilize those citizens as advocates in the public policy process.

In addition to hosting the “Arkansas Conservative Luncheon” February 11 in Little Rock, over the course of the next few months APF has half a dozen appearances at small town festivals and other places where actual Arkansas voters will be and where conservative policy on cutting taxes and government spending, removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and opportunity and restoring fairness to our judicial system can be promoted face to face with actual voters.

Americans for Prosperity is showing the way in Arkansas. If we conservatives want to elect a conservative, or at least a more conservative, Senate following the typical establishment Republican formula of running a bunch of negative ads against the opponent isn’t going to get the job done. As Ted Cruz proved in Texas in 2012, you’ve got to start with a boat-rocking conservative in the Republican primary, build your ground game and grassroots donor base and win the election by selling conservative policy solutions to one voter at a time. To see what Americans for Prosperity is doing in your state click this link.

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