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Eric Cantor Earns an Opponent - Dave Brat

Dave Brat and Eric Cantor
Once thought of as a possibly more conservative alternative to establishment Republican Speaker John Boehner, establishment Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA-7) long ago proved he is fully invested in Boehner’s lobbyist-driven legislative agenda. 

The Murray-Ryan budget and Amnesty for illegal aliens are just the latest in a long list of betrayals conservatives have suffered at the hands of Eric Cantor.

From breaking the spending caps in the sequester, to voting for the Wall Street bailout through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), when faced with a choice between business -as -usual and fighting for limited- government constitutional conservative principles, Cantor always sides with Big Business, Big Government and the Capitol Hill establishment.  

Due to the fact Cantor occupies the number two leadership position in the House Republican Conference and can use that position to use the legal extortion Capitol Hill politics have become to raise a vast campaign war chest, it has been long-assumed (especially by the Republican elite) that his position is unassailable.

Enter Dave Brat, chairman of the department of economics and business at Randolph-Macon College, whom Amanda Chase, Cantor’s former political director, told National Review Online “is probably the first time that Eric has had a credible opponent with a comparable education and background”.

“He had two CRs at the end, one in favor of the shutdown and one opposed to the shutdown at the same time,” Brat told National Review Online’s Betsy Woodruff. “And that’s fairly symbolic of unprincipled leadership. I mean, that’s not a leadership position, where you’re on Side A and Side B at the same time and you’ve got your finger up in the air, checking which way the wind is blowing.”

In addition to chairing the college’s economics department Brat also heads Randolph-Macon’s BB&T Moral Foundations of Capitalism program. The funding for the program came from John Allison, the former CEO of BB&T (a financial-services company) who now heads the Cato Institute. 

According to reporting by Woodruff, Brat and Allison share an affinity for Ayn Rand: Allison is a major supporter of the Ayn Rand Institute, and Brat co-authored a paper titled “An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand.” Brat says that while he isn’t a Randian, he has been influenced by Atlas Shrugged and appreciates Rand’s case for human freedom and free markets.

While we like Dave Brat’s intellectual background (got a business degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, then went to Princeton seminary) and especially the way his religious background informs his views on economics: “I’ve always found it amazing how we have the grand swath of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and we lost moral arguments on (fiscal-policy issues) the major issue of our day,” he told NRO’s Woodruff, Dave Brat isn’t some egghead professor – he’s the candidate of the grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives and Tea Party movement activists.

“It’s a big decision to fire your congressman and replace him with somebody else,” Larry Nordvig, head of the Richmond Tea Party told NRO, “but I think people are tired of hearing the rhetoric and seeing the opposite of what they’re looking for in a conservative leader.”

We couldn’t have put it better Larry. 

As we keep reminding ourselves and our friends and readers: It's the Primaries, stupid!

Eric Cantor long ago abandoned whatever principles he may have had when first elected and, we should emphasize, any pretense of serving in Congress to advance conservative governance. Eric Cantor is all about maintaining the power of the Republican establishment and that is indeed the opposite of what we are looking for in a conservative leader.

The Virginia Republican primary election is June 10, 2014. To learn more about Dave Brat or volunteer or contribute to his campaign go to <> or contact:

Friends of Dave Brat
P.O. Box 5094
Glen Allen, VA 23058-5094
Phone: 804-496-8214
Email: [email protected] 

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Brat vs Cantor

Sitting this out is not an option for conservatives in Virginia 7thdistrict. Nor for conservatives across Virginia and the entire country. Removing Eric Cantor from Congress is a national priority. He is already a menace as House Leader. Imagine the power he will wield as Speaker, the position he lusts and for which he is being groomed by his establishment bosses. Cantor has never served the people of his district or of his country. He is a creature molded and owned by the crony capitalists whose interests he serves. The June 10 primary is the best and perhaps the only opportunity to thwart his rise to more power, since the 7th district is safely Republican. If you love liberty, respect the rule of law and want to see an authentic Conservative replace Eric Cantor, it's time to get involved in this race.