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The Capitol Hill GOP Leaders Are Frauds

House GOP Leadership
For decades CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has been hammering away on the Republican establishment on Capitol Hill for trying to dupe limited government constitutional conservative voters by campaigning on conservative policy, but then betraying conservative principles and advancing Big Government and the growth of spending just like the Democrats.

Now a new generation of conservatives is joining Viguerie in calling out the Republican congressional “leaders” as frauds.

In a hard hitting op-ed in National Review Online the Club for Growth’s Chris Chocola said what Mr. Viguerie has been saying for a long time: The Ryan-Murray budget deal that conservatives opposed was a “function of the fact that many Republicans in the House simply never wanted to cut spending or limit the size of government.”

Speaker Boehner called that “deficit reduction.” Chris Chocola wrote: “I call that a fraud and everyone with any common sense would agree with me. What kind of message does it send to voters when Republican leadership is claiming that you can offset increases in spending today with cuts in spending a decade from now?”

Chocola went on to describe in excruciating detail the fraud Boehner, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and the rest of the House GOP “leaders” perpetrated on their House Republican Conference and the conservative voters who gave the GOP back the majority in the 2010 Tea Party wave election.

What does this tell grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters Chris Chocola asked? Chocola says it tells them the Republican Party, by and large, doesn’t really believe in much of anything other than maintaining its tenuous grip on power. 

How else do you explain voting to raise the debt ceiling by billions of dollars this week when Speaker John Boehner had literally called it the “Boehner Principle” that “any debt limit increase must be accompanied by spending cuts and reforms of a greater amount”? This was after they tried to combine the debt-limit vote with the elimination of one of the only true spending reforms in the Ryan–Murray budget — nearly forcing fiscal conservatives to vote to add trillions to our debt or oppose benefits for our military (they got rid of this reform in a separate vote). What kind of message would that have sent?

Here’s Chocola’s review of the trajectory of the House GOP leadership’s betrayal of conservative principles on spending: The Republicans voted for the sequester. Then they spent two years talking about how they didn’t want the sequester. Then, they got rid of it, and replaced it with the Ryan–Murray budget. Then, they got rid of some of the cuts from the Ryan–Murray budget. At the same time, they went from wanting a constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment in exchange for raising the debt limit, to “dollar-for-dollar” cuts, to nothing.

And, says Chocola, their rationale for this essentially boils down to “we have to take the Senate,” never mind the fact that regardless of the caucus counts, the Senate (and the House) will still be populated by a bunch of RINOs who apparently have no real interest in saving America from fiscal ruin.

So the Republican leadership says the Club for Growth, Tea Party Patriots and all the other grassroots organizations that demand Republicans in Congress actually produce on their campaign promises have been “misleading their followers” and has “lost credibility”? That’s a bit ironic, says Chris Chocola, coming from a big-spending, debt-increasing, farm-subsidy enabling, entitlement-expanding party leadership that has abandoned its principles . . . all in the name of retaining their own power. 

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