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Thad Cochran’s Groundhog Day Problem

Thad Cochran and Groundhog Day

Mississippi’s establishment Republican Senator Thad Cochran says he doesn't know much about the Tea Party movement or his Tea-Party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel.

Senator Cochran has been in the Senate since 1978, but his comment “The Tea Party, you know, is something I don't really know a lot about,” makes us wonder if he has been stuck in a time warp in the U.S. Capitol for the past five years.

Did he miss Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster against Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that the Obama administration could use drones to kill Americans on American soil?

Where was Senator Cochran during the whole Cut, Cap and Balance debate in 2011, where Tea Party-backed Members of Congress fought to impose some sort of fiscal discipline on the federal government’s out-of-control spending?

How about the multitude of debates over repealing Obamacare or the Tea Party opposition to the Ryan – Murray budget’s demolition of the spending caps in the Budget Control Act of 2011?

Apparently Thad Cochran missed all of this because he’s not really interested in those issues that the patriots of the Tea Party movement care about, he’s only interested in one thing; pork.

Cochran, one of the Senate’s least distinguished members, has spent a thirty-six year career in the Senate grasping for pork- barrel projects and feeding at the taxpayer-funded trough instead of fighting for conservative principles. 

In 2010, while the Tea Party was campaigning and winning elections on the idea that Republicans should stand for limited government constitutional principles – starting with spending restraint – Citizens Against Government Waste named Cochran the leading pork-seeker in the Senate because he had his name on 240 earmarked projects worth $490.2 million of your hard-earned dollars.

In Bill Murray’s classic movie comedy “Groundhog Day” Murray becomes stuck in a time warp because of his selfish and self-centered ways. 

With Thad Cochran as their Senator, Mississippi’s Republican voters are stuck in a similar time warp. Until they get rid of Thad Cochran and his pork-barreling ways they, and the rest of America, are doomed to repeat the cycle of spending, deficit, and debt that has grown past $17 trillion on Cochran’s watch and shows no sign of abating as long as selfish and out of touch politicians like Thad Cochran hold the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Cochran faces state Rep. Chris McDaniel in a June 3 GOP primary. CHQ, The Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks among others have endorsed McDaniel, who is running as a Tea Party candidate. Cochran is one of the GOP’s vulnerable incumbents facing a primary this year. To learn more about Chris McDaniel and how you can help his campaign click this link

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What's the DIFF?

REALLY? What difference does it make if Cochran knows about the TP or not? I have begun to laugh at the sensationalism with which most of the 50 political emails I receive a day are written. Yea, I know, the belief is that they must be entertaining or people won't read them, or the sky 'must be falling' or people won't donate.

It is all beginning to feel plastic, disingenuous, and contrived. Just like the Dems constant carping when anything doesn't go their way and they then MUST blame the Republicans.

Instead of sensationalism (which has garnered a 10% or less approval rating for Republicans,) I would prefer articles would state, as dispassionately as possible, facts and unadulterated truth, and then appeal to the reader's OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening in this country. Appeal to their common sense (?;) their sense of pride; loyalty; citizenship; patriotism, community. What is happening in this country today is not because of Cockran, or Boehner, McCain, McConnell, P.King, Ryan, etc., it's because of the AMERICAN PUBLIC that elects and reelects these career politicians, who in turn sells that same AMERICAN PUBLIC down the debt, amnesty, unconstitutional, freedom striping, socialistic river!

It's WE THE PEOPLES' disregard, selfishness, sense of entitlement, lack of involvement, lethargy, and lack of ownership and indifference to the consequences that splays us open for obama and his radical agendy to 'walk right in, and sit right down.' And insult to injury, we reelect the troglodytes, like McCain who are all to happy to 'do what they have been doing for 50 years!'

Why, in a civil society, is it OK for corporate America, so obsessed with FLAT OUT GREED, that they gouge their neighbors until they bleed? And as long as we call this 'CAPITALISM' it's ok, accepted. I love capitalism. I do not for a second question that it is the best economic system in the world, but too much of anything is not good. I love food, but I don't want to eat myself to death.

My point is that, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! We sink or swim, not because of our bought-off politicians, but because of those of us who put them there! Government get in the middle because we
cannot control ourselves. We are no longer taught that in this country.

Conservatives (not Republicans) are positioned to make a significant advance this November, IF AND ONLY IF, they can logically, reasonably, dispassionately, enter the American Voters (all races, genders, ages, creeds) psyche and convince them of their ownership and responsibility as to what does or doesn't happen in this country, good or bad. Simply ask them, 'what kind of America do you want to live and work in? your children to live and work in? And here is the most important part .... drum roll please..... List in real, family terms (again, from lower economic to upper economic levels) MICRO economics (meaning, how it affects THEIR lives, family, and budget, day-by-day. Don't talk about TRILLIONS.) Try and make them understand, it;s their future they are voting into office.

No one but a dyed in the wool socialist, or lazy entitlement seeker, once presented with the comparison between the two ideologies would choose the left. And those that would are unreachable!

This must be done by outsiders. Politicians, no matter how well intended are immediately suspect and labeled as partisan. That is why I have been lobbying that this vital task be dumped into Dr. Ben Carson's lap, and others like him. Maybe Condi Rice. People who don't carry the 'politician' stigmata. Presented in clear, simple, family type vignettes and terminology, hopefully they can get through to enough caring Americans to make a difference. They aren't there to sell candidates but ideology! Of course, Conservative ideology disfavors 'establishment' Republicans.

I'm not trying to proffer Carson for President, although I certainly wouldn't mind that, but he has proven on numerous occasions that he has the: guts to tell it like it is; the savvy to do it in a non-condemning/partisan way; mastery of the English language; been there done that life experience; and most importantly, the power of persuasion. Will he appeal and reach everyone. Of course not. But he is our best hope (IMHO.) I believe 'things happen for a reason, and as such, God/Mother Nature/ Carma (take your pick) has put Carson on the scene for a reason. ASK HIM!

Of course you will have to get this past Rove. No doubt he will think it folly since he, his deep money pockets and their establishment stable-boys will be negatively affected.