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Will Arizona Free Its Christian Slaves?

Religious Liberty

Jan Brewer, Arizona’s Republican Governor made a national figure by her willingness to confront President Obama and defend her state’s attempt to repel the tide of illegal aliens swamping its prisons and public services is now facing an even tougher opponent – the radical homosexual lobby.

At issue is SB 1062, legislation passed by Arizona’s state legislature that would allow Christians (and other believers for that matter) to refuse to participate in same sex “marriage” ceremonies or other activities that violate their religious beliefs.

The debate about the need for SB 1062 to protect religious freedom is not an intellectual parlor game. It is a real example of how radical secular liberals use bizarre legal theories and the arrogance of secular liberal judges to bend Christians to their will.

Back in July of 2012 we told you about Jack Phillips, the baker-owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple and now radical homosexuals were pushing a boycott against the Christian business.

The same radical homosexuals that tried to run Jack Phillips out of business also filed a complaint against him with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, where they were represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Administrative law judge Robert N. Spence later found that Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop violated the law when he refused to use his talent and creative energy in the service of homosexuals who wanted him to bake cakes to honor their supposed “marriages.”

Administrative law judge Robert N. Spence’s finding represents a new and frightening chapter in the Left’s war on Christians because there is a fundamental difference between merely selling, cookies, cakes, brownies and other goods, which Phillips was willing to do, and using your creative energies and talent in the service of something that violates your Christian beliefs.

Were Jack Phillips an atheist and member of the creative elite, such as an artist or a writer and had refused to use his creative talent to serve a cause that violated his beliefs, say maybe decorating a church, no doubt the Left would be quick to stand for his First Amendment rights.

However, Jack Phillips is a working guy -- a baker and small business owner -- not an artist or writer or other creative talent recognized by the Leftist elite, so in their eyes he can be forced to use his talent in an activity that violates his Christian beliefs.

To force someone to do labor against their will is the very definition of slavery and that is nothing less than what the radical homosexual lobby and their secular liberal allies have been using courts across America to do.

The Center for Arizona Policy, a social conservative group that opposes abortion and same sex marriage, is the moving force behind SB 1062. The group says the proposal is needed to protect against increasingly activist federal courts and simply clarifies existing state law.

CAP President Cathi Herrod is urging Brewer to sign the legislation and deriding what she called "fear-mongering" from its opponents.

"The attacks on SB 1062 ... represent precisely why so many people are sick of the modern political debate," Herrod wrote in a weekend posting on the group's website. "Instead of having an honest discussion about the true meaning of religious liberty, opponents of the bill have hijacked this discussion through lies, personal attacks, and irresponsible reporting.

"Our elected leaders have a fundamental duty to protect the religious freedom of every Arizonan, and that's what SB 1062 is all about." 

As our friend Gary Bauer once observed, “The gay-rights movement is instinctively totalitarian. It seeks nothing less than the total and complete acceptance of gay marriage and the repudiation of marriage as it has existed through all human history and in the traditions of every major world religion. Until that happens, their immediate goal is to try to marginalize anyone who expresses a dissenting view in public.”

Liberals never seem to grasp that the Framers of the Constitution drafted it to protect the freedoms of speech and of religion for a reason.  They wanted to create a new nation where baker Jack Phillips wouldn’t have to make the choice between closing down his business and closing down his beliefs – where tyrants couldn’t destroy him for his faith – and where he would be free to practice his Christian faith in his everyday life as he sees fit and as the Bible commands.

SB 1062 is Arizona’s Christian Emancipation Proclamation and we urge Governor Brewer to stand with believers and sign it. Brewer has five working days from February 24 to sign or veto the bill. She returns from governors association meetings in Washington on this afternoon. Please call her office at (602) 542-4331 and urge her to sign SB 1062. Sign and share the petition to urge Gov. Brewer to support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB 1062.

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