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Obama Announces Less Immigration Enforcement: GOP Congress Yawns

Obama and ICE Agents

How do you ignore something more? We’re trying to figure out a word combination that explains President Obama’s announcement that he would further reduce the enforcement of our existing immigration laws, but somehow “further reduce” doesn’t quite catch the gravity of the crime or how Obama’s lawless presidency has effectively gutted the rule of law in America, especially with regard to opening our borders to illegal aliens.

Neil Munro, White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller, reports that Obama “has charged his Secretary of Homeland Security… to reduce where they can the levels of deportation,” Janet Murguia, president of the major Latino ethnic lobby group, the National Council of la Raza.

This would be the same National Council of La Raza that would get millions of your federal tax dollars to act as “navigators” for the Rubio – Obama amnesty bill that passed the Senate, were the same bill to pass the House, by the way.

The reduction could be as high as 50 percent, depending on how much Obama is willing to change agency rules, Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, told The Daily Caller.

The government can reduce deportations by allowing illegals to stay even after they’re found guilty of crimes, such as driving without a license, or after they’ve been deported before, Hincapie told The Daily Caller’s Munro.

Immigration law judges should be given the authority to decide if immigrants who break civil or criminal laws should be sent home, she said.

“One of the changes would be to eliminate the illegal re-entry prohibition, which says that if someone left, re-entered the country and gets caught for driving without a license, even if that happened 10 years ago, that they would then be deported,” she said.

Also, illegals found within the United States should be sent home only if they are convicted of “murder, rape, sexual violence, human trafficking, things that are public safety,” she said.

Here’s the problem with Ms. Hincapie’s plan to have only those illegal aliens convicted of “things that are public safety.”

According to reporting by Breitbart’s Brandon Darby, U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) has deported more than 860 sex offenders from the State of Texas this year, according to official agency information. More than 7,000 sex offenders have been deported from Texas alone in the past three years.

The ICE information reveals 27% of the deported 860+ alien sex offenders from the past three months committed sex offenses against children. 

No information is available regarding how many of the 7,000+ deported sex offenders in the past three years have illegally entered or have been deported previously. Some areas of Texas along the U.S./Mexico border have seen a 100% increase in convicted sex offenders being caught crossing the border between 2013 and 2014.

Since 2009, Obama has sharply reduced immigration enforcement. In the 12 months up to October 2013, for example, immigration officers deported less than two percent of the nation’s population of roughly 11.7 million illegal aliens.

After two decades of lax immigration enforcement, roughly 11.7 million illegals are living in the United States, alongside roughly 35 million legal immigrants and roughly 265 million native-born Americans.

Over those two decades, Americans’ wages have dropped, and unemployment has risen.

The number of native-born, working-age Americans who aren’t working rose to roughly 50 million in 2012, up from 36 million in 2000, according to the March 13 report, titled “Still No Evidence of a Labor Shortage.” (The Daily Caller data shows millions of Americans falling out of workforce.) 

Where is the Republican held House of Representatives on Obama’s plan to further ignore, lessen enforcement even more or whatever you call Obama’s willful refusal to uphold his constitutional responsibility to “faithfully execute the laws?”  MIA or in the pocket of the cheap labor wing of the business community that is even now planning to spend $50 million on political campaigns with the intent to intimidate Republican House members into going along with their plan to open America’s borders to hold down wages and in the process allow the wave of criminals entering this county to continue unhindered. 

The articles of Neil Munro and Brandon Darby about Obama’s failure to enforce our immigration laws document such a litany of outrage that we will come back to some of their other material tomorrow. Kudos to Neil Munro and Brandon Darby for their blockbuster reporting.

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