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It’s Time To Fire Amnesty Supporter NC Rep. Renee Ellmers

Renee Ellmers Sell Out

North Carolina’s establishment Republican Representative Renee Ellmers barely squeaked into office in 2010, and surely would have been defeated without the support of the Tea Party movement and other grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives.

Since that time Ellmers has made the fastest about-face in the history of Washington, DC to become one of the most reliable votes for DC insider style big government spending – and most inexplicably – for giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

This isn’t a case where friends are debating the details of how to accomplish some mutually agreed upon goal and Ellmers has taken a position at odds with the Tea Party movement and other limited government constitutional conservatives.

There is almost universal agreement among conservatives that the federal government’s out of control spending and illegal immigration are wrecking the country, and failure to address those issues in a meaningful way is what is at the heart of the grassroots dissatisfaction with the Republican Party’s inside the Beltway leadership.

But instead of lining-up with the limited government constitutional conservatives who made the difference for her in 2010 Renee Ellmers has chosen to not just vote against their wishes, she has chosen to attack limited government constitutional conservatives as ignorant racists.

Ellmer’s outrageous attack on those who support the rule of law with regard to illegal immigration came during what can only be called an epic meltdown on conservative star Laura Ingraham’s radio program if we read our our friend Matthew Boyle's report correctly.

The epic bout began when Ingraham brought up Ellmers’ primary challenger Frank Roche and asked why she supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. While Ellmers initially denied supporting amnesty, she eventually backed legal status and said “We have to deal with those who are here illegally, who are living in the shadows. That's what we have to deal with.”

“What you just said is infuriating to my listeners,” Ingraham responded. “I’m speaking for them right now. Your responsibility, I’d imagine, is to your constituents who are legal residents and American citizens, whose lives are slipping away from them right now.”

(For the latest in our ongoing documentation of just how illegal immigration and the failure to enforce immigration laws affects our public safety and the quality of life of American workers see the accompanying article in today’s CHQ.)

But where it really got nasty according to Breitbart's Matt Boyle, and Renee Ellmers showed her true colors, was when Ingraham called out Ellmers for siding with the hard left advocates of amnesty for illegal aliens.

“The unions are for amnesty. Let me tell you who’s on your side on this: Unions because they want more members, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Menendez, every liberal in the Senate is on your side,” noted Ingraham.

“Why would the Republicans give the Democrats cover?” Ingraham asked. “Is it because of the Chamber of Commerce?”

Ellmers launched another insult at Ingraham in response to that: “No we’re not going to be passing legislation this year. It’s too big of an issue. We’re the party of big ideas. Why would you be small-minded on this?”

“You sound like the party of big business,” Ingraham countered. “The little guy is getting crushed by the Chamber of Commerce of people.”

Towards the end of the 10-minute immigration part of the interview, Ellmers dropped yet another insult on Ingraham. She called the radio host “ignorant” when asked if she agreed with the sentiment from her recent immigration forum that American workers are lazy.

“You realize people at that meeting said Americans are lazy,” Ingraham asked. “Do you agree with those people who showed up at your meeting the transcript of which I have read on the show?”

“I stand by North Carolina farmers who say that this is an issue that needs to be reformed,” Ellmers said, adding, “I’m not going to take an ignorant position as you have on this issue.”

Matt Boyle says Ingraham played the Congresswoman’s insult cool. “So it’s ignorant to follow the rule of law, to believe in an orderly process of immigration, and to have sovereignty?” Ingraham asked in response to be called ignorant.

“That is exactly what we need,” Ellmers responded. “This is not an emotional issue. This is an issue of the economy and national defense, purely. You’re the one who was putting in the emotional side of it. You need to have your facts—“  

“I have my facts straight, Congresswoman,” Ingraham replied. “I’ve actually been working on this issue for about 10 years. The American people are not with you. La Raza and Chuck Schumer are with you.”

New York’s liberal Senator Chuck Shumer and the hard left illegal alien advocacy organization La Raza don’t need another vote in Congress, but the hard-pressed working families and small business people of North Carolina’s Congressional District 2 do. 

And there’s only one way for voters in NC-2 to get a vote in Congress that will end the spending and the vast wave of illegal immigration that are swamping this country and destroying their quality of life, and that is to fire Renee Ellmers and elect Frank Roche to be their next Representative.


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Ellmers can be defeated in upcoming primary

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country. Authentic Conservative and successful businessman Frank Roche is challenging Renee Ellmers in North Carolina's 2nd district primary.
Standing on the sidelines is not an option. Visit the website, volunteer, donate, win!